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ORPHAN 12/6/12 2:20 PM Introduction Hi! My name is Abby Williams. I am thirteen years old and I have a great family of 4. And I go to the best school! I am totally kidding. I wish all of the things I just said were true. And the real me is horrible. I go to a orphanage school in some place that no one knows and my parents--well I have no parents. They had a car accident and just as I turned 6, they had passed away. I can’t remember a lot about my parents but something I remember for sure was the last word my mother said to me… “I can never trust you again.” Chapter 1-The visitor I sat on my bed, a plain old dirty bed listening to the footsteps coming toward my room. I can hear it coming closer and closer. I waited patiently until they stopped in front of my door. I blinked fast and looked up. Creek! The door opened slowly. The bright light from the hallway filled my room. I squinted my eyes. “Abby you have visitors.” I looked up and there were two adults standing in front of my bed. “Do I know you?” I asked my voice fading at the end . “I am Bridgett Smith and he is my husband Robert.” Bridgett explained. “And?” I raised my eyebrows. “We are your new foster parents.” Robert said exchanging a glance at Bridgett. Chapter 2-Maid talk “Here is all her stuff.” The guy at the door said handing my clothes to Robert. “We will take good care of her.” Robert finished. We got out of the building and I inhaled then exhaled. I haven’t been outside in the sun for almost 7 years. I smelt the blooming flowers and felt the cool air blowing in my face. “Get in the car.” Robert said gripping the back of my neck, pushing me to the door. I opened the car and slammed it as I got in. The car was black and it had dents and scratches on the side. We took off from the parking lot. “So, where are we heading?” I asked. “Keep your little mouth shut. And from now on you will do exactly as I say,” Robert demanded. “Do you remember when you said you were going to take good care of me, and so are you going to keep your word?” I asked.

“Child, I told you to keep your mouth shut didn’t I? Now just sit there and don’t say a word until we get to our house. And just to keep your hopes up, you are going to be working for my daughter who is very unhappy.” Robert explained. “Excuse me? Did I just hear that I was going to be some stupid slave for your daughter?” I screamed if Robert’s words were not true and some joke. “Yes.” “I am not a puppet alright? You cant just throw me around. I am a human. And…” “You should be so graceful that we are staying with us. You should be happy to stay at our house and not some orphan school. You will become a free woman once I know you are ready for this. But if I see you whining and complaining about everything I tell you to do, you will be our maid forever… Do you understand?” Bridgett said. “I understand…” I finished. Chapter 3-Mary The car pulled over to the driveway in front of the house. I looked up and my chin dropped. It was so huge I think it was about 7 floors high. The house was narrow and it looked like no one was living there. There were spider webs on the lamp. I just have 3 words to describe this house. It looked haunted. “C’mon Abby! Get in the house before the spiders crawl inside!” Bridgett yelled. I rushed over inside the house and shut the door behind me. “Mary!!!” Robert called out. A girl about my age came running down the hall way. She was very tall with her golden blond hair on the side and she looked like she was unhappy. “Abby, meet my daughter Mary. Mary meet Your maid Abby. Now we will leave the room so you guys can talk. Mary, don’t be afraid to tell her what to do,” Bridgett said then my new foster parents left the room. “So what do you want me to do ma’am?” I asked with a sigh. “Listen I don’t want a slave or a made or anybody to work for me. My mother and father said that I would be happy if I got a maid but that is wrong so I don’t need you to work for me.” She explained. I nodded and I understood that. “Anyways it is really late. You should probably go to bed. I will show you to your room.” She yawned that took my hand and headed toward my room. Chapter 4-deep asleep Creek! I slowly opened the door in the attic. This was my room. It was even worse than the room I had back in the orphanage school. There was a tiny broken desk with a bed so thin and ripped. There was a glass window and a closet. I was very, very, very tired so I went straight to the bed. I put my head on the pillow and just as I closed my eyes, I fell deep asleep

Chapter 5-The dream

“Abby! Abby! You have to do me a huge favor. Me and daddy are going to go out on a date and I need you to look out for your little sister, Charlie. Ok?” Mom put her hands on my shoulder. “Mom she’s four she can take care of herself.” I reply glancing over to Charlie. “PLEASE!!”She begged. IO sighed than nodded. Mom and dad kissed Charlie and I on the forehead and left the house. Now I was alone with my little sister. “Charlie.” I called out. She looked up at me with her huge blue eyes. “I am going to take a nap. You can bring your dolls in my room but please don’t make sounds ok?” I said. She smiled and I took her hand and went to my room.

Chapter 7-gone

“Charlie! Charlie!” I yelled throwing my covers on the ground and got out of my bed. “Where are you!” I called. But there were no reply. Then I noticed that my door was wide open. And I remembered that I closed my door shut. I ran downstairs to Charlie’s room, my parent’s room, to the bathrooms and the living room. I ran outside to the garden and I couldn’t believe this was happening. I almost ran out of air and my heart was beating very hard. I got out my cellphone and dialed my mom’s number. Beep. Beep. Beep. “Hello? Mom!” I paused. I couldn’t dare to tell her that Charlie disappeared. My throat felt like it was bursting inside. I was speechless. “Charlie… Charlie… She’s gone.” I whispered my eyes filling up with tears. “WHAT!!” My mom yelled. Then the word she told at the end were, “I can never trust you again.” •


“ Aaaaaaah!” I screamed as I opened my eyes. I looked around and I was still in the old attic. I thought back to my dream and I noticed…

I can never trust you again… The last words… Charlie… Mom, dad! What? Then I noticed that my dream was what had happened in the past. I tried to sleep again but I couldn’t stop thinking about that nightmare. I looked at my watch. 1:45 am. I closed my eyes and thought about my mother’s sweet flowery smell than went back to sleep. Chapter9-Work

Beep. Beep. Beep. My alarm went off. I remembered to wake up extra early before my new “family” did. I got out my toothbrush from my bag and brushed my teeth. I slowly creped downstairs to get something to eat. I was so hungry and I didn’t have anything to eat. Just as I opened the fridge, I heard a voice from the back.

“You hungry?” I looked back and noticed that Bridgett was standing there. “Uh huh. I’m starved.” I responded. “Well, my rules in the house. Make breakfast for us first and you.. can have all the left overs. K?” She said pushing me to the stove. “Now COOK!” I started my day getting yelled at. I had the left overs Mary had. It barely filled up my empty stomach. After that I was told by Robert to clean his room. Mary didn’t say anything much but hello and thank you. From my point of view, she was very shy. I was told to clean the toilet, wipe the windows, scrub the floor and other things anyone would HATE to do. My life was changing every minute of the time I spent in the house. By the time I finished my work, my legs were shaking and my hands were full with blisters from holding the broom and vacuum cleaner for an incredibly long time. My first day was horrible and I predict that the rest of the time I well be here will be horrible. Chapeter10-A New Friend I was in my room, looking at myself in the mirror when Mary came in. “Hey.” Mary paused, “am I disturbing you?” She asked. I shook my head. She sat on my bed. Then said something I would have never imagined she would say. “Do you want to be free?” I was shocked that she said that. I wasn’t sure if she was kidding or not. “What?” I asked. “Do you want to run away?” She repeated. Her face said that she wasn’t kidding at all. She had her usual serious face. “Well, yeah!” I beamed. “Are you going to… help me?” I asked. “Of course! We are in this together.” Chapter 11-The Plan “Ok, so here are the extra keys you will need to get away. Now, this house has 4 doors that lead you outside. There is on the second floor, third floor, the basement and the first floor. I was thinking you could go from the basement. My parents barely go in the basement. So it will be perfect!” She explained. I got out my sketchbook and drew the inside of the house. “Now you will need a flashlight in the basement because there’s no light or anything else.” She whispered. “Mary, Why… Why are you doing this for me?” I asked sitting up straight. “It’s because I don’t want to have a young girl like you to be a maid. I never did. All I needed was a friend, someone who will listen to me. Just like you.” She said stroking her blond hair. I grinned. Then ended up with a thank you. Chapter12-The last night

It was the morning before the night I was planning to run away with the help from Mary. I did my usual work, cleaning around the house, making food for the Smith family. But today I was feeling awesome! My heart was bursting with excitement. I turned dark outside and the lights from my room were attracting bugs. I watched the moths hit the window then fall down. Hit the window, than fall down. I waited and waited until Mary came to knock my door. “Come in.” I said. “Ok, So my parents are asleep now. The cost is clear.” Mary said picking up my bag. “You ready?” She asked. “Absolutely.” I replied. We got out in the dim hallway and tip toed down the stairs into the basement. I never actually been in here but I would never come down here again for sure. The room was very dark you can barely see anything but the flashlight. “Ok here is the door.” Mary pointed at the narrow door. I opened the door slowly and there was a staircase leading to the driveway. “Here… take it.” Mary said getting out a bag. “What is this?” I asked her opening the bag. “It’s money.” She smiled. “But,” I paused. “It was always yours. The deal was that my parents would pay you because you are working for us. But they tricked you into working full time. So here is the money you were suppose to get.” She explained with a quiet voice. I opened the bag and my mouth dropped. I had never seen so much money. “Thank you for the money… And for helping me be free.” I said. “No, I should be thanking you. You `made me smile. I had not smile for a really long time.” She said leaning over to me to give me a hug. I squeezed her tight. “Good bye.” I said wiping off my tears on my cheek. She put her hand up and waved. I walked towards the stairs… The first steps to freedom.

12/6/12 2:20 PM


12/6/12 2:20 PM

12/6/12 2:20 PM


This is about a girl named Abby who gets adopted from dispicable family. She has to find the way out to become free.

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