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Safety Policy


Organisation for Safety

The University, as employer and land owner, bears the primary responsibility for ensuring health and safety at work of staff, students and all those using its buildings and grounds. The University Principal has overall responsibility for the executive management of the University including the implementation of the safety policy. The Senior Deputy Principal and the University Secretary have responsibility for the overall provision of a safe and healthy environment in the workplace for staff and others. In general, this will entail ensuring that adequate policies and procedures are in place and that these are being adhered to. Heads of School and Service Directors have responsibility for safety management within their areas and report to the Senior Deputy Principal or University Secretary respectively. Heads of School and Service Directors and other responsible officers within Schools and Service Areas have day to day responsibility for the safe operation of University activities. This entails ensuring that University policies and procedures are followed, records are kept, risk assessments are made and acted upon, and that supervision and monitoring arrangements are in place to ensure that all of this is being done effectively. Operational Risk and Environmental Sustainability (OR&ES) are responsible for providing competent safety advice and guidance; for establishing the corporate sustainability policy and objectives; and for directing the University’s business continuity planning and response processes.

Safety Policy & Procedures  
Safety Policy & Procedures  

Health and Safety Handbook