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Safety arrangements


Manual Handling

The University has arrangements in place to ensure that it meets the requirements under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. Managers are required to carry out risk assessment of the work activities for which they supervise and to identify which of these involve significant risk of injury through carrying out manual handling activities e.g. lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling.

(source HSE)

Managers are required to implement control measures to reduce the risk of injury from Manual Handling activities which may include avoiding the task, providing mechanical assistance, redesigning the work activity, training, changing the load size or shape etc. As an easy guide, working within the weight guidelines below will help to reduce the risk from manual handling activities. Staff involved with Manual Handling activities are required to follow the arrangements put in place to reduce the risk from these activities and to report any hazards or injuries resulting from Manual Handling activities.

(source HSE)


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