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Safety arrangements Staff with line management responsibility are responsible for assessing the risks under their control. The assessment will: • Identify any hazards • Identify who might be harmed by the hazards • Assess the level of risk • Evaluate the effectiveness of any existing control measures • Identify any further control measures considered necessary to make the risk acceptable • Record the significant findings of the risk assessment • Bring the significant findings to the attention of all staff (and others) affected by them. • Ensure staff are trained on procedures or working practices introduced as a consequence of the risk assessment • Review and update the risk assessment regularly (annually or when working procedures alter significantly) Heads of School and Service Directors are responsible for coordinating the risk assessment process and ensuring that adequate resources are provided to carry out the assessments effectively and introduce any necessary control measures. OR&ES provide information, regular training events and support for staff undertaking risk assessment. OR&ES has produced a range of basic risk assessment templates that can be used to complete risk assessment for a range of activities. These can be found by visiting


Safety Policy & Procedures  
Safety Policy & Procedures  

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