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Safety Policy


The Management of Safety

The elements of safety management are: • Having a clear Health and Safety Policy; • Having clear responsibilities and accountabilities; • Having a communication and training infrastructure that supports the policy; • Providing a systematic approach that embeds Health and Safety management into the general management processes; • Providing sufficient resources for the effective implementation of the plans; • Having a coherent set of safety performance measures; • A review of the effectiveness of the system. The University has an established Safety Management system called Health and Safety Management Profile - HASMAP (based on the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (guidance L21), the Health and Safety Guide HSG 65, and the UCEA University Health and Safety Management code of best practice, and is designed to be used by Schools and Service Areas to assist in the completion of health and safety responsibilities. The system is designed to progressively develop important health and safety information and records in the department. Regular review by the School or Service Area of the implementation of the safety management system is essential to keep the information up to date and to ensure that the arrangements for safe working are implemented and are effective. Operational Risk and Environmental Sustainability (OR&ES) undertake audits of Schools or Service Areas using HASMAP. Detailed guidance on HASMAP can be found by visiting


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