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Wei-Peng Kuo / Chia-Hsiang Lee / Jian-Wun Jhemg Pey-Chwen Lin 郭為芃 / 李家祥 / 鄭建文 / 林珮淳 Computer, Interactive Software, EEG Device, Digital Sound 電腦主機、互動程式、腦波儀、數位聲響 Sympathist, is an interactive installation that utilizes an electroencephalogram for its interactive interface, illusory images to its right and left sides, and three projections constructed from an EEG chart in the middle. When two participants wear the electroencephalogram at the same time, their brain waves are translated into various illusory imagery via a visual program, realtimely rendering an EEG chart. 《共感者》以腦波儀互動界面、左右兩側之幻景影像以 及中間腦波線圖建構出三面投影之互動裝置,當兩位參 與者同時帶上腦波儀時,腦波訊號經由視覺程式轉譯後 推動各自幻景影像,並即時呈現腦波線圖,線圖中顯現 參與者當下之腦波數值。


Sympathist, Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan


This chart reveals data values about both participant’s brain-waves at the moment, while the illusions to the right and left transition between clear and blurred in real time along with changes in sounds. In this bizarre illusion creating installation, the unique data and variables of a person's’ brain waves cause changes in the illusion, taking the manifested representations of brain activity and turning them into an abstract scenery which exists in the cyberspace. Participants are also able to discover the peculiarity of the ripples of their brainwaves. If the brainwave values of both participants are similar to one another, there will be a shared response, such as the chart lines intertwining to produce intense and turbulent high-frequency sounds. This work demonstrates the state of communication between people in a technological society, as well as a sympathetic phenomenon produced through a technological exchange of brainwaves. 左右兩邊幻景也即時呈現時而清晰時而模糊之影像,聲 響也隨之改變,藉由腦波獨特的數據與變數驅動幻景的 變化,使腦部活動的具像化,成為賽博空間的抽象風景, 同時也發現腦波奇特的波紋。當兩位觀眾彼此腦波數值 相近時,便會產生共感反應,如線圖相互交織產生之劇 烈震盪與高頻聲響。藉此作品表現科技社會下人與人之 溝通狀態,以及以腦波科技交流所產生之共感現象。


Sympathist, Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan


There are many studies that discuss the convenience of network communication, and how it affects interpersonal interaction. Network communication transforms actual physical contact into digital text messaging. Relationships with friends are constructed on cold digital data. It’s very interesting. This means that we can get to know a person using digital methods. If we digitalize the data of a human brain, would it provide us with a deeper understanding of a person’s thoughts? In fact, brainwaves are digitalized information of the brain. Of course, on a medical level, the brainwave frequencies only serve as an indicator. There are also no absolute correlations. This is because the brain is an organ that is very vulnerable to stimulation. The interference is more obvious in non-invasive brainwave instruments, which are relatively easier to obtain. 有許多的研究談到關於網路溝通的方便性,影響人與人












Sympathist, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan


Nonetheless, brain provide huge amount of data is for visualization. It doesn’t matter what alpha or beta represents. If we convert them into hue, saturation, lightness, blurriness, or speed; what would happen? If you observe carefully, you will find that people have brainwaves with different attributes. The brainwaves are also affected by emotions, time, and other such conditions. Of course, this also varies from person to person. Valuable is that the images prompted by brainwaves, to some extent, reflect the brain's operational status. In the future, hope that this can be of help to the medical community, and we can find some possibilities within. 雖然如此,大腦仍然提供了大量的數據可以供視覺化使 用,不知道 alpha、beta 代表什麼不重要,如果我們把 他轉換成色相、彩度、明度、模糊、速度會變成怎樣 ? 如果你細細的觀察就會發現,其實人的腦波在不同人身 上是有一些特徵的,而且還會因不同的情緒、時間等等 狀態都是不太一樣的,當然這也是因人而異。可貴的地 方在於這是用腦波所推動影像,某種程度上還是能反應 出腦的運作狀況,希望未來有機會能真的可以跟醫學掛 上鉤,從中找到一些可能性。


Sympathist, FZ Fifteen Animation & Story Gallery,New Taipei City, Taiwan



Sympathist, TEDxRosario, El CĂ­rculo Theater, Argentina Performer: Gina Valenti, Ximena Di Marco


Symphathist Brainwave Installation  

共感者腦波互動裝置 Symphathist Brainwave Installation

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