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How to Survive A freshman’s must-have guide to Moeller | 3

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Celebrating 50 years of publication


CELEBRATING This issue comemmorates the fiftieth anniversary of The Crusader. Remarks, complaints, and catering can be directed to room 335. Check out our group snapshot on page 3. REPEATING This past summer the Crusaders reminded Cincinnati who’s the state’s best baseball team is. Look for the papers hanging on the bulletin boards by the main staircase.

Veteran, foreign language teacher, video expert join faculty By Joe Pappalardo ‘14 Crusader Managing Editor

shocked Ohio golf this past summer with his underdog victories in the North and South Amateur and the Ohio Amateur. He went on to tie for 125th out of 312 players at the U.S. Amateur.

Pieping Chief Pieper is on duty all day just inside the main entrance. Besides looking for elusive parking passes and directing traffic, he spends his time guarding the lobby from the unsuspecting stranger. He also has candy. PROCREATing Mr. Clayton Graham, Pillar House Dean, now has an addition to his family, in the form of a baby girl. Be sure to congratulate him as it’s been a project nine months in the making.


Guns, German, and cinematography

The help desk seems empty without Mr. Charlie Lytle, the phantom ghoster replaced by Mr. Gavin Gray. Meanwhile in room 206, the German students are introduced to Mrs. Linda Zins-Adams, as upperclassmen look up at their new math teacher, Army veteran Mr. Jason Crockett. Guns, German, and cinematography SUPPORTING – these things have nothing in common, but this year they are recognized as the Moeller’s hockey team plans to backgrounds of Moeller faculty’s newest attend a game from every sport. additions. Possessing talents and skills obBe on the lookout for the RV tained from global experiences, Mr. Gray, and free food. Maybe, in return, Mrs. Zins-Adams, and Mr. Crockett are attendance will finally increase at invaluable assets to Moeller High School. hockey games this winter. Mr. Gavin Gray is new to his job, but not the environment. He spent four years SAILING teaching Moeller’s video production class Mr. Mike Ward, famed genius of before switching to the help desk. While the ocean blue, made yet another last year Mr. Gray had kids making voyage this summer in Europe. short films and animations, he Having no injuries or serious now deals with senior laptop storms to speak of, he has quietly screens and students searching for their hard drives. returned to Moeller to toil on It’s a “new experience” from land. a technical standpoint, according to Mr. Gray. Although he DORNING has taken the reins from Mr. Andrew Dorn ‘11 recently Lytle and now bears the

Varnishing Moeller’s auditorium received yet another upgrade. Those rusty metal doors got a wooden facelift over the summer. First a gym, then a dungeon, and now a playhouse. Cushioned movie theater seats would be a nice addition too.


Mr. Crockett rocking his Cross Country shirt

weight of organizing the maintenance and service of over 900 computers, he enjoys working with students. “I always like solving problems,” he says. Good humor and a knack for fixing things will be greatly appreciated at Moeller’s technology center. Mrs. Linda Zins-Adams is a successful German teacher residing in Montgomery, Ohio. After attending Northwest High School, she went on to the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, and the University of Regensburg, in Germany. Consider her well-prepared. Mrs. Zins-Adams has been responsible for getting many students free trips to study in Germany, as well as 100 percent pass rates for her AP classes at her previous school in Kentucky, where she was named World Language Teacher of the Year. She is now in her twenty-first year of teaching, and came to Moeller because of its academic reputation. Po-

Mr. Gray demonstrates his computer handling skills at the help desk.

liteness, respect, community – these three values drew Mrs. Zins-Adams. She sums up German in one phrase – “Die grenzen meiner sprache bedeuten die grenzen meiner welt.” – “The borders of my language mean the borders of my world.” Mr. Jason Crockett would like to dispel the rumors about his military past. The math teacher grew up in Indiana, attending Brownstown Central High School, the University of Indianapolis, and Xavier University. He then served in the military for seven-and-a-half years, starting out as an active duty soldier, before becoming a medic, and then transferring to the National Guard. Mr. Crockett is humble about his career. “I haven’t killed seventy-two people,” he says, wishing his seniors would calm down and focus on math. He loves working with numbers, not only teaching upperclassmen CP1 and CP1-Level 1, but also coaching Cross-Country and leading Track and Field. The soldierturned-citizen has his hands full keeping both his mind and body sharp while developing his students’ as well. Mr. Crockett may have traded his weapon for a pencil, but he still lives to serve others.

Renowned teacher Frau Zins-Adams

Meet Schu-Daddy: Tyler Schumacher By Kyle Zimmerman ‘14 Crusader Editor-in-Chief If Bruce Wayne, Albert Einstein, David Hasselhoff, Bill Braun, Ron Burgundy, Aristotle, Chuck Norris, LeBron James, Ernest Hemingway and Pythagoras ever produced a child, that child would be Tyler Schumacher. Now in his fourth year at Moeller, Schu-Daddy has established himself as a true renaissance man. His incredible knowledge, logic, reasoning, and rhetoric

render him as a strong influence in all matters. Whether it is a question of AP Chemistry, girlfriend drama, how to scan something on the printer, proper mixer conduct, Sperry or Nike, open-heart surgery, or where to go for lunch, SchuDaddy is the best source for the right answers. Send Schumacher an e-mail (, serious or funny, whenever you want and he will answer it in a column in each issue of the Crusader called “Ask Schu-Daddy.”

Schu-Daddy braces himself for the paparazzi.

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September 2013

Guidance department gets facelift

From the editor...

Five new counselors join Mrs. Dorsey at the ‘Help Desk’ of student life

The Crusader turns fifty this year! By Kyle Zimmerman ‘14 Crusader Editor-in-Chief

By Connor Borton ‘15 Crusader Feature Editor

Paul Ramstetter


Greg Derus


Mr. Paul Ramstter grew up in Cincinnati, attended Xavier University, and spent six years at McNicholas High School before working for the Cincinnati public school system as a principal. Before coming to Moeller, Ramstetter served as principal at Purcell Marian. His two sons, Paul ‘99 and Brian ‘00, attended Moeller. The most concerning rumor about Moeller is it’s just a sports school, says Mr. Ramstetter, but “anyone who has ever entered the building knows that it is so much more.”

Greg Derus attended the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania and the University of Dayton. He has been a counselor, dean of students, director of campus minister, teacher, and coach in Washington D.C., California, and Ohio. Mr. Derus is excited about leaving his mark on Moeller as best he can, and watching young men become strong, moral, faith-filled, character-driven Men of Moeller. His favorite professional sports team is the Indianapolis Colts.

Brian Gilronan

john ward


Mr. Gilronan lived in Cleveland, Ohio and attended Xavier University. Despite being from Cleveland, Mr. Gilronan understood the quality tradition Moeller possessed. His favorite professional sports team is the Cleveland Indians and he is excited about the new counseling department and the new staff/student ratio.


John Ward grew up in Dayton, Ohio. He attended the University of Dayton and Syracuse University in upstate New York. He lived and worked in Sryacuse before returning to Ohio earlier this year. Although an Ohio boy at heart, Mr. Ward’s favorite sports team is the Chicago Bears. He is excited to be in a Marianist environment.

Fifty years of publication is an accomplishment for any paper. As The Crusader staff this year, we are thrilled to have reached this milestone and also to have the ability to contribute to the legacy of the Moeller student newspaper. Last year was a learning year for us; this year, our goal is to publish the best high school newspaper in the city, if not in the state. Few can appreciate how much work goes into each issue of The Crusader. Behind each issue are lots of small duties that can make or break an issue. Last year, for example, photos for The Crusader were taken on an iPhone. This year we are ably assisted by our Director of Art & Photography, Ben Rigney ‘15, who uses a camera with the precision of the Hubble Telescope. Last year, we had eight members in the class. This year we have 14, including three seniors who are ranked in the top ten percent of their class. Quincy Williams will contribute to the paper with his candid opinions, including book and movie reviews. In addition to the Preview Issue you are reading right now, The Crusader will be published once each quarter. Each issue will be eight pages and contain genuinely interesting articles. The May issue will include a 4-page insert featuring Moeller seniors. As an editorial staff, we choose to focus on the issues going on around Moeller, not what is happening internationally or what is being debated in the Church. No disrespect to the conflict in Syria or the gay marriage debate, we just feel that our best writing comes when we are covering what we know best—Moeller. We have no qualms leaving the other big issues to Newsweek and Time. The key to a successful newspaper is a good audience. Read beyond the front and back pages. Sure, MoeCulture is funny, but also give due attention to the article on page three or four. When you’re done reading, don’t just throw your copy into the recycling bin. Take it home to your parents, send it to your brother who graduated three years ago, or put it under your bed for later rediscovery. To any aspiring or established writers: If you feel passionate about something, write about it, send it to us, and we’ll review it for publication in The Crusader. If you write a review of Mr. Girard’s book, submit it. If you travelled abroad this summer, tell us about it. We want all students to know that they can contribute to the newspaper.



Published quarterly, the student newspaper of Archbishop Moeller High School is a public forum, with its student editorial board making all decisions concerning its contents. Unsigned editorials express the views of the majority of the editorial board. Letters to the editor are welcomed and will be published as space allows. Letters must be signed, although the staff may withhold the name on request. The Crusader reserves the right to edit letters for grammar and clarity, and all letters are subject to laws governing obscenity, libel, privacy, and disruption of the school process, as are all contents of the paper. Opinions in letters are not necessarily those of The Crusader staff or its faculty adviser, nor should any opinion expressed in a public forum be construed as the opinion or policy of the administration of Archbishop Moeller High School.

Gail DorSEY


Mrs. Gail Dorsey is from Cincinnati and attended Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati. Mrs. Dorsey chose counseling as a career after she realized that she enjoys helping others discover their potential and passions. Her favorite professional sports team is the Cincinnati Reds. She loves working at Moeller because of its Marianist values and beliefs.

kristen Merica


Kristen Merica grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. She attended Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati. At Moeller, she is passionate about education and guiding students towards success. She says she will be striving to help maintain Moeller’s commitment to developing the students academically, morally, and spiritually.

Have something to say? Write us at

Kyle Zimmerman ‘14 Editor-in-Chief

Connor Borton ‘15 Features Editor

Joe Pappalardo ‘14 Managing Editor

Tyler Schumacher ‘14 Entertainment Editor

Danny Bruns ‘14 News Editor

Ben Rigney ‘15 Director of Art & Photography

Andy Strotman ‘14 Op/Ed Editor

Evan Verrilli ‘14 Illustrator

Ben Land ‘14 Sports Editor Eric Maus ‘14 Asst. Sports Editor

Mr. Michael Rose Faculty Advisor

The Crusader Moeller High School 9001 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45242

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The ultimate freshmen survival guide Tips on how to make it through your first year at Moeller By Joe Pappalardo ‘14 Managing Editor Every freshman is wondering where the secret passageways, pools, and fabled fourth floor can be found. The next few paragraphs could change that. It’s true that there are secrets to getting through high school with as few bumps in the road as possible - while still enjoying every minute. The following tips are not necessarily endorsed by Moeller High School’s faculty and staff, but provide valuable insight from a student perspective. 1. Get Your Pool Pass Early Wondering how Moeller lowers tuition? Ask any upperclassman about the fourth floor pool. Passes can be purchased from them for reasonable rates, and provide entry for hours of enjoyment in the legendary upper-level aquatics extravaganza. But wait, there’s more! Pool passes can be purchased in a package that includes ten elevator passes for any physically injured student and his nine closest friends who dare to enter the tower of terror. Don’t forget the Friday Free-for-all. 2. Gym Class Coach Poke likes his students to exercise and break a good sweat. But some days are going to leave people frustrated because their bony ribcages won’t cooperate with the heart-rate monitors. For that, there are several solutions. The sensors are really just a set of drums – play them. Everyone knows music only enhances a student’s experience in class, so it might as well be during forced exercise. Try to keep the beat below 280, though. Otherwise, a wrapped-up ankle is a guaranteed get-out-of-gym-free card. Just remember to wince, moan, cry, and whatever else is necessary to preserve one’s mission at all costs. In a busy world like ours, not everyone has time to exercise. 3. Sports The average freshman comes to Moeller expecting to make the baseball, soccer, or football team.

This is a public service announcement: This is not that grade school team. Want to get more playing time? Looking for sports that cater to athletes of all sizes and levels of sanity? Try these three: The fall weather is perfect for running. Why not join the cross-country team? Show off the three inches of thigh that no one else gets to see. Sure people give cross-country runners a hard time for running, but does that stop them from sprinting regularly through Montgomery half-naked? In the winter there’s wrestling. Yes, wrestlers carry ringworm, mat herpes, impetigo, and a slew of other diseases, but they’re tighter than any other family at Moeller. Just don’t come munching along on a Friday afternoon. That usually provokes wrestlers to hold an impromptu practice session. And finally, the take-all sport of the spring, the most violent activity at Moeller – rugby. Small and stocky? Join the team. Tall and ripped? Join the team. Nothing better to do? Join the team. Not playing rugby? Join the team. Just remember that everyone plays if they’re not hurt during practice. 4. Seniors Do whatever they tell you – it’s an honor to serve a senior. Autograph seekers should have a pen on hand and memorabilia purchased from the spirit shop. The most highly sought-after senior autographs: senior members of The Crusader staff. 5. Dress Code Moeller’s dress code is not that restricting. Wear pants or shorts and a polo, and as long as the sneakers are dark and classy, no one will notice. However, a private school expects more from its students. So don those sweater vests, those tattered pink pants, those Hawaiian button-downs, and join the movement for a stranger tomorrow. Art students are the only kids entitled to plaid shirts and skinny pants. It’s called creative license. An untucked shirt is not a violation, it’s a symbol. Remember that the physically injured always get out of uniform. Can’t move a finger? Sweatpants and a white tee are fine. We don’t want you straining that pinky buttoning a polo.

2013-2014 By the Numbers 50

Number of students who scored a passing grade of “3” or above on English A.P. exams in order to earn college credit


Current members of faculty and staff who are Moeller alumni


Number of grade schools that are represented in 2013-2014 freshmen class


Hours of service completed by Moeller students last year


Students who received the “Outstanding Service Award” for 2012-2013 school year


Number of students currently enrolled


Percentage of students who participate in co-curricular activities at Moeller


Average class size at Moeller High School


Number of transfer students this year

Meet the press: The 2013-2014 Crusader journalism staff

From left to right, back row: Danny Bruns‘14, Kyle Zimmerman ‘14, Tyler Schumacher ‘14, Eli Proffitt ‘15, Gus Vogel ‘15, Dan Miller ‘14, Eric Maus ‘14, Adam Garbacik ‘15. Front row: Quincy Williams ‘14, Connor Borton ‘15, Joe Pappalardo ‘14, Ben Land ‘14, Ben Rigney ‘15, Andy Strotman ‘14

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September 2013

Asbestos begone! Renovations revamp first floor

Summer remodeling prompts relocation of several classrooms and offices, improves learning environment By Kyle Zimmerman ‘14 Crusader Editor-in-Chief Any Moeller graduate from the past three decades will be unfamiliar with his alma mater’s new layout. All summer long, Moeller’s hallways were filled with bookshelves, desks, boxed up Christmas decorations, and stray swivel chairs. Contractors had been hard at work laying tiles and painting walls while “Come on Eileen” blasted from a boombox. Lost summer campers nosily peeked into the rooms to see where the wet paint smell was coming from. Mr. Braun & Co. worked around the clock to prepare the school for the 20132014 school year - and it’s all been a huge success! The changes to the school weren’t minor; they created new classrooms and offices for dozens of Moeller faculty and staff members. From a pragmatic standpoint, the renovation was a no-brainer. It allowed for the addition of three new classrooms and new guidance and admissions areas.

The relocation of the business offices to the Marianist brothers’ old residence on the second floor and Main Event’s move into the brothers’ old chapel allowed for Pillar House dean and religion teacher Mr. Graham and Chemistry and Pre-Engineering teacher Mr. Pinkerton to relocate their classrooms to the first floor. Moeller’s Pre-Engineering program is now headquartered in room 117 while Mr. Graham’s religion classes will be conducted next door in room 115. vvBoth rooms are air-conditioned, a minor (or major?)perk. Physics and Physical Science teacher Mrs. Terri Schaffer is no longer a “traveling teacher” room 308 is in her sole possession since Mr. Pinkerton moved to the first floor. The art room moved to Mr. Graham’s previous

room, 226, and the guidance department moved into the space vacated by the computer graphics room and dark room. The admissions office is now located in the guidance department’s former space across from the Pastoral Minstry office. Director of admissions, Mr. Charlie Lytle, and admissions associates Mr. Matt McLaughlin ‘05 and Mrs. Beth Zilch all have their own desks separated by dividing walls. The newly-furnished admissions conference room is equipped to impress. Members of Mr. Kolkmeyer’s CADD team are the beneficiaries of the large aquarium-like structure in the old library. With Kindles, iPads and tablets slowly making hardbound books obsolete, the new library classroom was built in the space that was previously occupied by hundreds of books. Mr. Kolkmeyer’s old classroom, AC10, now houses Coach Rooks’ mentor group and health classes. Meanwhile, Coach Rooks’s old room, 231, is now Mr. Buckley’s classroom.

The new Guidance department area houses six counselors, an administrative assistant, a filing room, and a conference room. Its labyrinthine design can be a bit confusing. The new Admissions office is home of Mr. Lytle, Mr. McLaughlin, and Mrs. Zilch. The adjacent conference room has a projector with a cable hookup.

Inside the fishbowl - The new ITC/CADD classroom resembles a life-sized aquarium

The Crusader - September 2013  

The student publication of Archbishop Moeller High School, Cincinnati OH