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Moemena Hezwani Independent Practice

This Is Just The Beginning One entity I enjoyed about this project was the ability to explore new areas of practices. For example, after having an induction on screen-printing last year, I was able to continue on with this process, but experimenting with different way to print my artwork. For instants I learnt how to screen print of t-shirts and using different forms of paper. Which I rather enjoyed as it made my artwork look more orthotic and professional. I would like to advance my experiences in this process, to print of more t-shirts of my artwork and learn new methods of screen-printing. I also learned how to lino print at home, by stencilling out my artwork (free hand) and then using ink-blocking paint to create a print. It was a long process, however I was pleased and surprised with the outcome, it was a spontaneous experiment and it worked extremely well. In the future I would like to carry on in experimenting new ways of printing, in the form of trail and error and see what comes out of it, as I’d hope good results. Another area of this unit I enjoyed was the ability to future my knowledge of mediums I enjoy personally, for example; typography, mark making, illustration and photography. I was able to touch up my skills on these areas individually and I learned to combine these areas to create interesting and articulate peaces of artwork. I found myself more experimentally with my ideas and thought trails with this unit, for instances, if I had an idea in mine I would try it out and play around with the idea to see if it would work or not. I found myself growing slightly with this unit, as usually if an idea did not work I would normally leave it and not continue on with it. However I learn to use the mistakes to my advance, in committing to my idea and seeing it to the end; which I am extremely content that I do so as I am please with the outcome I obtained. However, there are a few areas of improvement I would like to touch upon in the next units, is time management. I had this fixation in having to perfect every little detail in my work, this can be a positive trade, and in the same time it did waste a lot of my time and found myself falling behind in my work. Furthermore, if I was to improve on my work in this unit, I would like to create an illustrative book in presentation all my hand rendered typography and illustration, with a forces narrative. If would do this book for two reason; firstly to future my knowledge of bookbinding and secondly, I feel that a book would best represent my artwork in a unique and graphical aspect.

Bibliography Books: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Patterns: Over & Over: By Mike Perry Hand Job: By Michael Perry Tactile: High Touch Visual: By Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann & Matthias Hubner

Artist/ Designers: SHCH Graphics Group Lee25 Mike Perry Si Scott

Inderpendent Practice A2: Interogation  

A visual journey that evidence my Indendent Practice. This includes more that one area of work, which this portfolio shows.

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