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La Ventille


My Story of Eights

Created by pupils of Laventille/Morvant


Edited and Adapted by:

Reita Antoine, Gillian Pilgrim, Sharda Maharaj, Josephine Torrel-Brown, Mohan Ramsewak, Raymond Bhola, Avenelle FortunĂŠ-Johnson


Steve Headley, Sharda Maharaj, Enrique Cashier, Rakeem Parpit, Shadara Ajodhasingh, Sherees Ali

Graphic Layout & Design: Donelia Richards

Special thanks to: Pupils, Teachers and Principals of the Laventille/Morvant Schools‛ Improvement Project Rudolph Ottley, Assistant Professor at the Academy of the Arts, Letters, Culture and Public Affairs, University of Trinidad and Tobago Thora Best, Administrative Lead, SIP and staff Paul Massy, SIP Lead, Visual and Performing Arts Unit Tricia Gilkes, District Curriculum Coordinator, Port of Spain and Environs Theresa Neblett-Skinner, Curriculum Coordinator, Social Sciences Cheryl Huggins-Neptune, Curriculum Coordinator, Social Sciences Gail Barnard, Curriculum Officer, Spanish, Modern Languages Unit

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The Schools‛ Improvement Project was mandated by the Honourable Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley, who requested that a special intervention be operationalized for the twenty (20) primary and five (5) secondary schools in Laventille/Morvant. The four focus areas of the Project are: Literacy and Numeracy Improvement, inclusive of Teacher Training and Development Parenting in Education School Safety and Security Infrastructure Improvement and Aesthetics Teachers from Infants One to Standard Five were exposed to the fundamentals of each Visual and Performing Arts discipline. Arts methodology that could be used to enhance literacy and numeracy development was also explored. One activity in which teachers engaged during these explorations was the creation of collages to promote literacy development. This activity extended to the classroom. There, pupils in alignment with the Project Theme “I am the Change” creatively produced their own collages along with related stories or poems. The works of the pupils, evolved from textured collages into a set of fourteen books of stories illustrated by those collages. The books are thematic and are representative of the rich, historical and cultural aspects of Laventille and Morvant. Given the general locale of the pupils‛ homes and schools within these two communities, the collection is entitled ‘La Ventille‛. BACKGROUND OF LAVENTILLE AND MORVANT The name ‘Laventille‛ originates from the French word venter, meaning to blow. It has been derived from the nature of the area as a breezy outlook perched on the hills to the east of Port-of- Spain. These hills are part of Trinidad and Tobago‛s history as they were used as vantage points by past governors. Fort Picton which was erected in 1803 by the British Governor, Thomas Picton, protected the shipping harbour and the small settlement of Port-of- Spain. Fort Chacon, erected in 1792 by the last Spanish Governor of Trinidad, Don José Maria Chacon, was the spot from which Don Cosmo Damien Chucurra, the astronomer, surveyed the first accurate meridian of the New World. Other aspects of the resourcefulness of Laventille include the blue limestone which was used in the building of prominent buildings such as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on Independence Square and The Old Fire Station at the corner of Abercromby and Hart Streets in Port-of- Spain. This limestone was also used in the construction of the Lapeyrouse Cemetery, the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway in 1942 and in the reclamation of the Port-of- Spain harbour.

Many persons who have made significant contributions to Trinidad and Tobago, and the world, came from Laventille and Morvant. Most prominent are Bertie Marshall, Rudolph Charles and Winston “Spree” Simon who were instrumental to the development of the steelpan – the only acoustic instrument to be invented in the 20 th century. Laventille is home to the Desperadoes, Highlanders, Tokyo and Laventille Sound Specialist steelbands. Destra Garcia and the Laventille Rhythm Section are also the pride and joy of the area. Like ‘Laventille‛, the name ‘Morvant‛ is said to be a derivation of the Creole-patois expression of ‘mauvais vent‛ which described the high winds that swept the area. In the 1930s, under a community-based, housing development programme, residents worked together to restore old buildings and construct new ones. Morvant also has the distinction of being the first community in Trinidad and Tobago to have a Community Centre, built by the residents under the Self-Help Design. Today, the area is well developed with all the basic community requirements such as a Health Centre, Police Station, Post Office, churches and schools. The internationally famous Angostura bitters is produced at its home base along the Eastern Main Road in Laventille, while the popular lookout on the Lady Young Road in Morvant provides tourists with a spectacular view of the city of Port of Spain. Another jewel of Laventille/Morvant is Merle Albino-De Coteau, former director at the Ministry of Culture, who is acclaimed as the first woman to arrange a Panorama piece and has contributed to the musical growth of many persons through lessons, advice and adjudication. Morvant is also home to sporting personalities Dennis Lawrence, manager and former player of the national football team, and Ephraim Serrette, president of the National Association of Athletics Administrations (NAAA).

In my garden of eights, therein lies some bait.





The ants found, crawling on the ground.



Eight butterflies fly high, soaring up into the sky.



Four boys with their nets held high are trying to catch some butterflies.



Four girls dance and prance for hours and hours among the beautiful flowers.





Colour the butterfly.


Draw eight things that you like.



La ventille story of eights  

Produced by the Curriculum Planning and Development Division in collaboration with the Division of Educational Services Ministry of Educatio...

La ventille story of eights  

Produced by the Curriculum Planning and Development Division in collaboration with the Division of Educational Services Ministry of Educatio...