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MODUTECH BUILDING  SYSTEMS  P.  LTD.   E:  T:  +91-­‐9099912591  

Modutech Panel  Structures   Modutech  brings  you  panel  structures,  that  are  fully  manufactured  at  the  factory  with  doors,   windows,  roof,  plumbing  etc.  The  panels  are  then  shipped  to  site  and  quite  easily  erected  on  a  level   plinth.  Four  skilled  workers  can  assemble  700  -­‐  1000  Sq.Ft.  in  a  single  shiV.    


•  Insulated Panel  Structure   •  Pre-­‐Coated  Steel  finish   •  Robust  Steel  Structural   Columns/Beams   •  Solid  Build  Quality   •  Erect  on  Level  Plinth    

WHOM •  •  •  •  • 

Site Offices   Low  Cost  Housing   Worker  Accommoda^on   Low  Budget  Structures   Rural  Schools  /  Hospitals  

WHY •  •  •  •  • 

Economical Quick  to  Build   Durable   Re-­‐locatable   Customisable  

Prefab Staff Accommodation  

MODUTeCH is a pioneer of modular construction in the country offering unique and sustainable building solutions. With superior technologies,...

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