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Studio Line Collection

”The long history of ceramics has many practical and artistic achievements which have accompanied humanity in its daily existence. Ornamentation and beauty, injected into the utilitarian ceramic object, have evolved our culture and aesthetics over time.

”Sometimes the designer becomes just an observer, choosing forms and structures from the limitless sources of nature, transferring them into the aesthetic and practical world.

The designer provides the user with a functional object which carries a message about today’s reality. We bring the presence of nature into everyday life, linking our needs with an object that has been designed by evolution. Natura is a collection of usable ceramic forms and objects which broaden our view on the condition in our environment.

Nectar cups are an example of a product that is the result of combining contemporary design with traditional Polish porcelain. They are available in various colors and also in white glazed porcelain.

”Nowadays, the design process is characterized by dynamics in regards to technological and social expectations.