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Industrial Collection

”Production technology is a critical element and must be taken into account. A form can have a physical manifestation,but this cannot limitor compromise theimagination of the finalconcept.

”The touch of the human hand, introduced during the industrial production creates the uniqueness of a handcrafted object.

Each of the vessels belonging to this series has been manually immersed in salt of cobalt, forming a unique „touch of blue” on the white porcelain. Despite the apparent repetitiveness, each of these objects is one-of-a-kind. Touch of Blue is an archival project of Modus Design, currentlycarried out in a new version in Ćmielów porcelain, under theĆmielów Design Studio brand.

”In my creative process the element of chance is an important factor. It usually brings new direction for further creative explorations.

Each of this mass-produced utilitarian cups has a randomly selected 3-digit number. These unrepeated 999 numbers make each cup an original object, adding a conceptual layer and expanding the conventional use of the cup. Random is another series of objects where decoration becomes information, adding individuality into the industrial mass production.