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10 Creative Ways to Stretch Your Company’s Trade Show Budget DJ Heckes - Monday, August 27, 2012

Here are some practical, easy, and creative ways to stretch a company’s trade show budget. 1. Proper planning of your Trade Show presence Proper planning is the most important cost-cutting tip for exhibitors. Planning ahead saves on expensive last-minute surcharges. Establish a list of key dates and activities for each event or trade show. Push due dates back a month or so to make it easier to meet the time deadlines. 2. Promotional production Produce all preshow mailings at the same time to save on printing expenses rather than printing several times throughout the year. One great idea is to plan all promotional flyers at the same time that are themed, yet may have different text or promotions. This will allow a company to “stack print” at the same time and save costs on printed materials. 3. Buying a display Consider the best type of display stand for the company’s needs. Look into a display or exhibit that packs compactly to save on storage and is lightweight to save on shipping costs. A display or exhibit that is portable to transport by car, courier, or as airline baggage, can be quickly and easily set up to save costs and can be designed to adapt easily to different spaces by adding or removing components. Buying a modular trade show display can lead to significant savings. 4. Display graphics Design and produce the graphics ahead of time to avoid overtime or rush charges. Have someone proofread the copy to avoid changes with additional charges. 5. Packing supplies Create a “show box” containing handy items that are often not available at the show site. Include a stapler, tape, Velcro®, scissors, Swiss army knife, pens, paper, business cards, pamphlets, brochures, extension cords, and extra light bulbs. Remember to restock the box after each show. 6. Trade Show Literature Take only enough literature to distribute to highly qualified leads. Offer to send prospective customers literature so it is on their desk when they return from the show. This saves on drayage (handling charges at the trade show), production costs, and cuts down on waste. Even better, have flash drives with a brochure saved on it to be eco-friendly with the environment and give this away at the show to interested

prospective customers. This also saves time and money on preparing a letter to send the literature and the postage. 7. Display Transportation When purchasing a display, investigate how it will be shipped. Lightweight durable systems save on shipping and drayage (show handling fees). Keep an accurate record of actual weight, contents, and number of containers. Specify the weight on each bill of lading when shipping to the show. Consolidate materials in one shipping container or shrink-wrap individual items onto one pallet. Don’t scrimp on shipping containers that may damage your graphics because reprinting damaged graphics can be expensive. 8. Travel Investigate reduced rates or special deals with the airlines for ten or more traveling to and from the same city. Book early and ask hotels for any specials or corporate rates. Explore Saturday night stay-over rates, as an extra night at the hotel may be less than the extra airfare. Use airport shuttles instead of taxis. 9. Trade Show Services Pre-order show services at least thirty days prior to the show – electrical, phones, cleaning services, and so on. The late fees for fewer than thirty days or even floor prices are often 20 to 30 percent higher. Be sure to order more wattage than needed so you don’t risk an electrical breakdown and then have to pay a higher floor price at the show. 10. Setting up your Trade Show Display Schedule set-up times during straight time and avoid weekends and overtime hours as much as possible, as it can cost up to twice as much. When feasible, use your own personnel to set up your display. You will need to check the regulations specified by the exhibition hall to do this.

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10 Creative Ways to Stretch Your Company’s Trade Show Budget  
10 Creative Ways to Stretch Your Company’s Trade Show Budget  

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