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Our new design is a reflection of what we believe in and are inspired by: an intriguing, colorful diversity of people and their distinct expressions of style. We use bold, unexpected colors, clear differentiation and straightforward typography to channel this creative energy and produce a design that trans-cends pure function. For over 30 years we have developed highly performing and reliable professional salon products to enrich and simplify the lives of stylists and their clients. Today both our formula philosophy and actual formulas still remain the same. We continue to blend the best of technology and nature, creating innovative and effective products to meet your everchanging style needs.

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omen have a special relationship with their hairdresser – we rely on them in more ways than one. We trust them with our beauty and sometimes even with our secrets. But an appointment with your hairdresser is never trivial. You make an appointment, whether it be out of habit, for a special occasion, to give you a boost or to make a change when your energy is at half-mast. We place a lot of trust and reliance on our hairdresser, because their knowledge can guide our image – and often a recommendation of change can take your breath away. Spring/Summer of 2012 is one of change.

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Question de Style This season you are in control of your own style.


In A NutShell


City Woman


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Top ten Looks


Mod’s Hair & Make-up


Global Roaming

Julianne Liebeck travels to Morocco to discover the secrets of Argan oil.

Mod’s Hair feature in the 15th Birthday Edition of Remix.

Kamo’s headdresses with Junya Wantanabe’s creations. How to become a blonde that’s never felt so good.

Check out the best of the best from Mod’s Paris.

See why Mod’s is still the first choice for photographers.

Must do experiences from around the globe from Queenstown to Marrakesh.




Chromaticity emerged from the sciences: Kérastase creates System Capture which attaches the pigments in the heart of the hair fibre for increased intensity, depth and brilliance.

Capture, fix, magnify for 40 days of colour perfection*

* Instrumental test after applying the shampoo and the masque.


Dilemma. Is it our hair style that defines us or is it our clothing? The answer is often a difficult one. That is why this season, Mod’s Hair offers you short or long hair, blonde or brunette, fuzzy or smooth, wet or dry, bare shoulders, classic blouse, skirts or shorts‌ The decision is yours because you are in control of your own style. 6


This summer is all about change. Liz is a look of many styles and a great cut for different lengths and variations. This is an asymmetrical bob which is created through irregular graduation and a long playful, sweeping fringe. The hair is styled with a paddle brush and a dash of Mod’s Hair serum for shine.


argot’s style is a great version of a soft, sensual bob using a blonde surfing balayage colour technique



Shoulder length style is sexy and feminine with an edge. A fringe is a great way to emphasize the eyes it also adds volume to give lift and energy to this look. Bianca’s colour – a deep rich maroon chocolate – perfectly defines the fluffy volume of this style.

Explore the world of Nectaya


NURTURING HAIR COLOR Confirmed by a representative Study 1 :

• Noticeably healthier hair feeling • Exceptionally rich colors • Absolutely reliable grey coverage of up to 100%

• Simple 2 step usage system For further information call 0800 567 465 or go to

DEDICATED TO COLOR PERFECTION External Study with 217 Competitor- and GOLDWELL salons, independent institute, 2011.


In a nutshell


ver the last few years, a product has entered our industry that many were dubious of - the claims were spectacular but there was very little research to back them up - yes, we are talking about Argan oil. Research has since been conducted that shows its nutritive and protective properties for hair - and it’s now available in the best hair colour product’s we have to offer – the Nectaya Permanent Hair Colour range by Goldwell. Argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world and is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree. The trees grow exclusively in a small area which is nestled away in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, just north of the Sahara.

I was fortunate enough to visit the Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains where I was able to witness the production of Argan oil first hand. I visited the area not only to learn where our products come from, but also for the passion I have for entrepreneurial women in developing countries.

The production of Argan oil is time consuming and labour intensive with the process of extracting the kernel from the nut, still carried out by hand.

The women’s co-operatives that produce the oil also play a major social role. As well as providing women with employment and social status, the income earned by the workers allows them to fund their children’s education.

Attempts to automate the process were unsuccessful; however this was a silver lining for the community as it created jobs for the villagers, with the majority of production being carried out by women’s co-operatives.

The environmental impacts have also been positive. The deep root system of the Argan tree prevents soil erosion which has helped protect the region from the destructive spread of the Sahara Desert. As the world starts to fall in love with this traditional and beneficial product, that not only helps our skin and hair, but an entire society and environment - what’s not to love?


Director, Mod’s Hair



Mod’s Hair Stylist Natasha Archer styles for the ‘City Woman’ photo shoot that featured in Remix Magazine’s 15th birthday edition. Check out the short film of City Woman on our website. Photography CHRIS SISARICH Fashion SOPHIE DONOVAN Hair Natasha Archer

Junya Watanabe


Pre’te-a’-Porter Spring/Summer 2012


unya Watanabe’s summer/spring collection comprises of lace dresses and an array of jackets with dramatic, ruffled sleeves. Mod’s Hair Studio stylist, Kamo, accessorised the look with impressive feather headdresses which perfectly emphasises the guipure lace of the dresses.

ASK THE EXPERTS A blonde that’s never felt so good Silk Lift by Goldwell is a new hair lightening system we are using at Mod’s Hair. With an ammonia free option, 25% reduced hair damage and an added silk protein complex that provides your hair with instant conditioning. A blonde that feels smooth and shiny! Colour Perfect Shades of summer As we go into summer, your hair colour will start getting lighter, as the days get longer. Mod’s Hair allows you to play with your tone. Whether you choose beige, sun blonde or platinum, with a take home masque, it’s fun and great for your hair. Made to measure hair care Day-to-day styling, colouring and weather conditions can wreak havoc with your hair leaving it dry, brittle and lifeless. Often you need a multitude of products to repair your hair but Kérastase’s latest innovation solves this dilemma. Enter Fusio-Dose. A tailor-made hair care ritual that treats multiple hair woes using just one product. The two-part, in-salon treatment works by combining a primary concentrate with a secondary booster. 18

Each mix is made to measure and with 16 different treatment combinations – it provides a targeted treatment to cure all of your hair hang-ups. Come in to your nearest Mod’s Hair to talk with one of our talented stylists about the best combination for your hair!

Top 10

Looks of




Mod’s Hair & Make-up Fashion photographers and magazine editors like to work with hairdressers and make-up artists from Mod’s Hair & Make-up Agency; because they know that the result will be creative with the emphasis always placed on the model.


MAKEUP Cyril Nesmon




MAKEUP Cyril Nesmon

MAKEUP Cyril Nesmon




Press Review


Global Roaming By Julianne Liebeck

Blue sand hotel Having spent every summer in Greece over the past 20 years, it’s safe to say I have been to many of the islands, but Folegandros is this year’s pick. The Blue Sand Hotel is situated on Angali Beach which is surrounded by beautiful villages and golden sand beaches. It has Filoxenia (Greek hospitality) and traditional cuisine which include some of the best cheeses made on the island. The Spire hotel If you want to stay in the trendiest hotel in Queenstown – then look no further than the Spire. The hotel is a stone’s throw from the hippest clothing boutiques and cafes in Queenstown, and after a long day of sightseeing, there is no better place to retire for a cocktail than the on-site restaurant and bar, No5 Church Lane. The rooms are spacious and luxurious – the stone clad fireplaces, contemporary furnishings and 24/7 room service ensure a very relaxing experience. The hardest part of your stay will be leaving your room.

Grand Café de la Poste You’ll feel like you have taken a step back in time to colonial Morocco when you set foot in this Marrakesh dining institution. Café de la Post is a trendy spot that is popular with jet setters - perfect for a long lunch with friends and well positioned for a side of people watching.

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52. Mod's Hair - Spring Summer 2012-2013  

Mod's Hair Paris - Spring/Summer 2012 Magazine

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