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Why should you get an Energy Assessment?

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Benefits of an Energy Audit 1. Save money on your energy bills. 2. Increase your comfort. 3. Increase your home’s resale value. 4. Improve your home’s marketability 5. Uncover hidden problems 6. Help the environment. 7. Take advantage of government incentives. 8. Invest in a sure money-maker.

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Common leaky areas in a house

(Picture Source - US EPA) If you added up the size of all the leaks in your house, this can be equal to a hole the size of an open window. These drafts make it difficult to heat and cool your home. It makes it difficult to feel comfortable in every room of your house and leads to High Energy Bills. Page 3 The Energy Inspector

Our Services Energy Walkthrough (Visual): Analysis of Energy bills. Building measurement. Evaluate building for: Damp rooms Drafty rooms Building leaks Mold, Mildew, and Musty odors Combustion appliance safety testing. Provide a thorough report with recommendations for improvements along with the anticipated payback. Base fee for average* home: $150.00 Duration: 2 to 3 hours. Energy Assessment (Equipment based): 1. Analysis of Energy bills. 2. Building measurement. 3. Measurement of home ventilation and leakage using a blower door. 4. Thermal imaging of home using a thermal camera. 5. Combustion zone pressure safety testing. 6. Combustion appliance safety testing. 7. Testing and evaluation of individual rooms as needed. 8. Furnace efficiency testing. 9. Written report including recommendations for improvements along with payback, and return on investment calculations. Second visit for post improvement follow up.

Base fee for average* home: $300.00 Duration: 4 to 5 hours *Average home size defined as less than 3000 sqft. 3000 to 4999 sqft add $100. 5000 and above add $200.

All fees include an initial interview and travel expense to and from the site (within a 25 mile radius). Fees are subject to change at any time.

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Building Performance Institute (BPI)

Department of Energy

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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Contact us at: The Energy Inspector 815-404-4040 or Fax: 866-845-8102

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