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Buy A Frame – Help A Child See

Give Free and Comprehensive Eye Care to Children in Need

For several years, MODO has been an eyewear industry leader in sustainability and social responsibility. To continue our commitment to giving back, we introduce our newest program, which provides essential eye care to children in need.

Reach Underprivileged Areas that Need Help the Most

Children in areas with high poverty rates often do not have access to eye care, and many causes of blindness are preventable or treatable. MODO is reaching out to help children who otherwise cannot afford and would not receive eye care.

Enable Sight-Saving Measures Lower School Dropout Rates and Raise Long-Term Career Opportunities

Children who see clearly can focus on their studies, in turn improving their chances of success later in life. A comprehensive approach to eye care gives a child the chance to excel in school and reduce poverty.

“I was extremely excited to travel to India and be a part of helping people in need to see. I believe in going directly into the field and gaining firsthand experience of the good our programs do, but also learning about ways we can help even more in the future.” – Alessandro Lanaro, MODO CEO

In early 2016, Alessandro Lanaro traveled with Seva Foundation representatives to the outskirts of Delhi on a mission to review and photograph the work being done through MODO’s social responsibility pledge. His experience visiting schools and hospitals where eye care screenings, eyewear, and surgeries are provided helped shape MODO’s newest program, BUY A FRAME – HELP A CHILD SEE.

Around the world, 19 million children

cannot see clearly. Causes for visual impairment include infections, Vitamin A deficiency, cataracts, and glaucoma, but the most common cause in children is refractive error – the need for a pair of glasses.


of what children learn is through their eyes;

consequently, children with poor eyesight are more likely to suffer from poor academic performance and absenteeism, and dropout rates are higher, with poor long-term career prospects.

12% globally

Uncorrected vision in children reduces the benefits of global education investments. By ensuring that all students in low-income countries leave school with basic reading skills, extreme poverty could be cut as much as 12% globally.

The BUY A FRAME – HELP A CHILD SEE program works to provide the early detection and intervention necessary for children in need to look clearly toward a brighter future. The comprehensive project, fully sponsored by MODO and in partnership with Seva Foundation, provides free vision screenings and teacher trainings, optometrist exams, and, when needed, free prescription glasses or free corrective treatments and surgeries. Every MODO frame purchased helps a child see!

MODO has pledged to help 200,000 children in the program’s first stage.

When a child receives a sight-saving service, their entire life is impacted. They are able to return to the classroom with the clear vision they need to succeed and thrive. Every MODO frame purchased will help a child see!

Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital was founded in 1914, and counts Mahatma Gandhi as one of its millions of visitors. The Hospital provides care to all, regardless of economic situation. MODO partners with Seva Foundation and the Hospital to provide free secondary eye exams as well as free surgeries to children in need.

Treating visual impairment in children requires a comprehensive approach, from detection and treatment to prevention and education. Screenings aim to check visual acuity, identify symptoms of impairment, pain, or disease, and refer for treatment, prescription glasses, or, in some cases, surgery. Reaching children during their school years allows for the early and consistent detection of conditions that may arise over time.

Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital Guestbook

“It was a pleasure to me to go through Dr. Shroff’s Eye Hospital. The neatness of all the appointments was striking and the patients seemed to me to be happy.” Mahatma Gandhi (March 3, 1931)

“It was a pleasure to me to go through Dr. “My time in India visiting Shroff’s Eye Hospital. schools in underprivileged The neatness of all the areas gave me a first-hand appointments was lookstriking at how and MODO the can help the children patients seemedwho to need it most.” me to be happy.” Alessandro Lanaro, MODO CEO

Mahatma Gandhi (March 3, 1931)

“It was a pleasure to me to go through Dr. “With Seva Foundation’s Shroff’s Eye our Hospital. partnership, BUY A The neatness the FRAME – HELPof A all CHILD appointments SEE program willwas give and the in thestriking next generation patients seemed to need the opportunity metotosucceed.” be happy.” Alessandro Lanaro, MODO CEO

Mahatma Gandhi (March 3, 1931)

“It was a pleasure to me to goI through “Whenever sit in theDr. back Shroff’s Eye class, Hospital. rows in our my The neatness of all But the I vision is very blurry. wasmy feltappointments good when I had and thewhen eyesstriking checked, and patients seemed I get my glasses, I’ll to feel meeven to be happy.” better.” - Iqra, 5th grade

Mahatma Gandhi (March 3, 1931)

ABOUT SEVA FOUNDATION: Seva is a global nonprofit eye care organization that transforms lives and strengthens communities by restoring sight and preventing blindness. Since 1978, Seva has helped nearly 4 million people regain their sight in more than 20 countries. Seva trains local eye care providers and develops self-sustaining eye programs around the world. Through its many partnerships, Seva provides critical eye care to underserved communities, especially women, children, and indigenous peoples.


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