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Direct Design Upload

What is Direct Design Upload

Direct Design Upload [DDU] is a feature that enables you to use images that you have on your server directly in your own Spreadshirt Designer shop. No need to spend time uploading the design!

Benefits: • Allow users to select among a big amount of designs without having to upload and manage them in your user area. • Connect user generated / dynamic content to your shop. • For your visitors it removes the step of uploading a photo if they wanted to use your images.

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Preparing for DDU

Before you can use DDU in your shop you have to: • • • • •

Have a premium account Open a Designer shop Go to Linking Select the designer shop from the drop-down on the left side In the ”Direct Design Upload” paragraph you must fill inn the directory where you have your images − Take note that the link must start with ”http” and end with a slash ”/”

Your shop is now enabled for uploading designs directly from that directory.

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URL parameters

You can pass different parameters to your shop with URL parameters. Our URLs has two parts: The base URL: After this comes parameters in pairs: parameter/value/ For DDU use the main paramaters are (case sensetive) • image − Value: name of the image file you want in the Shop

• productType − Value: 6=comfort T, 95= Continental Classic Women's.

• productColor − Value: 1=White, 2=Black, 5=Red.

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Using DDU

When DDU is set up you can upload an image with the link

Where • SHOPID = The rightmost number in the list of shops in your shop overview • IMAGENAME = The filename of your image including extension (.jpg, .png, .gif) Note that an image uploaded this way is available only to the customer who followed that link. To make an image available to all customers you must upload it as a design in your Spreadshirt user area. Page 5

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Tips & tricks If your files are located in different subdirectories of your main image folder you must use the URL parameter “?image=“subdirectory/filename””subdir/IMAGENAME”

Because there is limitation on what products / colors digital images can be printed on it’s good to link to a white standard product. The following link is a good starting point:

You can use POST to send parameters to your shop. This makes your URLs look nicer if you pass several parameters. Page 6

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