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DEAR READERS In the now seven years that ModiInfo has been around (yes, we have just celebrated our 7th anniversary) we have seen many businesses come and go. The effects of big chain stores and the Azrieli mall have caused already struggling small shops to go under. While we all enjoy the benefits of these big chains, and there’s nothing wrong with that, we mustn’t forget to support the older, smaller businesses that have been around since the beginning of Modiin. They are working hard to maintain their presence here and take deep pride in their indeppendence. Often, it is these stores, that are more eager to afford us the personal attention and customer service we so often complain is lacking in Israel. We all have horrific stories about poor treatment, rude behavior and an overall discourteous attitude we have experienced in stores and by

workmen. Often we are made to feel as if a business is doing us a favor by taking our money. Privately owned shops are more likely to “get it” when we express dissatisfaction, which we should. Advertising in English and offering English speakers special deals and sales is just one of the ways these businesses express appreciation for the value of the Anglo market. It is in our best interest to patronize these small shops while at the same time demanding the high level of service we feel paying customers desserve. Through this mutual respect for one another we, in Modiin, have the opportunity to improve the way business is done in Israel one small shop at a time. Best wishes for a joyous Chanukah, Caryn and Daniella

Pictured on the cover: The delicious fresh produce available at Super Tov Supermarket. Super Tov carries fruits and vegetable that are clean, fresh and high quality. They also specialize in choice cuts of fresh meat and chicken, a wide range of American products and top notch service.


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From the Desk of...


Chanukah Candles – Inside or Outside?


By: Rav Shlomo Sobol

A friend of mine who made aliyy yah from the United States told me that he loves all of the chagim in Israel excy cept Chanukah. In answer to my question, “Why? What is Chanukah missing that the rest of the chagim have?” the friend ansy swered, “When we lived in America, we used to light the Chanukah candles on the table in the middle of the house, and all of the family gathered around the chanukiah to sing songs and eat sufganiyot. But here in Israel, it is customary amongst many Israely lis to light the chanukiah at the entrance to the courtyard, facing the public street. My friend preferred the minhag followed in the Diaspora, since he missed the experience of the family gathered around the table, in the warmth of the home. My friend’s thoughts, although expressed with feeling and emotion, showed a misundy derstanding of the beauty of Chanukah. The Talmud in Mashechet Shabbat, 21 states, “Tanu Rabanan: ner Chanukah mitzvy vah lehanicha al petach beito m’bachutz (the rabbis taught: It is a mitzvah to place the Chanukah candles at the entrance to the home - outside),” and only “b’sha’at hasakany

na – menicha al shulcheinu (only in times of danger – one may place the chanukiya on the table).” Why is the preferable way of performing the mitzva to light the Chanuky kah candles outside of the home? Doesn’t it make more sense for the Chanukah candles to light up the inside of our home? The Chashmonaim war against the Heleny nists was not only a military battle for conty trol of the Land of Israel - but also a spiritual war of faith and way of life. It was a battle between cultures – between the Greek culty ture that controlled civilization at that time and even attracted many Jewish followers – and Judaism, which is defined by the Torah. Greek culture was magnificent and enly lightening – promoting philosophy and the arts, in a world previously controlled by evil and ignorance. Greek culture presented itsy self as the great “light” and made cultural demands of its subjects. Hellenistic culture is thought to have paved the way for modern philosophy and Western values of freedom and democracy, and some of Greek culture’s exemplary works are still studied today. But despite all of this, the Greeks also sanctified the materialism and beauty of humankind, turning them into ideals and neglected the spiritual. The Greeks also publicized the sanctity of the physical in the streets of the Greek empire and sponsored public displays of physical beauty. Our sages referred to the Greek empire as the empire of “darkness” (Bereisheet Raba

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Parasha 9), because darkness not only prevy vents one from discerning good from evil, but also creates a deception that evil is acty tually good. The Greek darkness appeared to be conquering the light. More and more Jews replaced their Jewish fundamental bely liefs with Greek philosophy and the sancty tification of physical beauty. Greek culture seemed to be conquering the Jewish street. Just when it seemed like the darkness of the Greek empire would conquer the truth of Judaism, along with the entire world, a small group of Jews stood up and revealed the lie of Hellenism. Our forefathers, the Chashmonaim, proudly presented the truth of the Torah that sanctifies the physical, only as a means for achieving the spiritual and serving the almighty. The sages in Mashechet Avoda Zara, 8 state that Adam HaRishon feared impendiy ing darkness as the days got shorter and the nights got longer during the period of Chanukah. He feared that the sin he commy mitted had brought increased darkness to the world. He fasted and repented until he was comforted by the renewed lengthening of days. He realized that the increased darkny ness was only cyclical and that light would again prevail. To give thanks to Hashem, he declared an eight day celebration – the forery runner of Chanukah.

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Chanukah Tiyulim By: Chana Koren

This Chanukah we can only hope for rain which we dearly need. If our prayers are ansy swered there is no reason to forgo a family outing during the week long holiday (and vacation from school). The following are some suggestions to help make the week enjy joyable for both children and their parents. During the holiday there are many perfy formances throughout the country with the most exciting being Festigal. Each year some of Israel’s best performers, along with a crew of talented children, perform new songs while participating in an entertaining

show for the entire family. This year’s 30th anniversary performance called the Crazy Nights of Festigal will be exciting and diffy ferent than previous years. Some of the stars include Zvika Hadar, Rita and Roni Deloumy mi of Cochav Nolad. The show will be perfy formed at the Tel Aviv Convention Center (Ganei HaTaarucha) during Chanukah (Decy cember 2-9), four times daily. Children rule at Beit Halomotai (Dream House) located on Kibbutz Givat Brenner. An indoor playground with activities for kids from age 1 to 12 including gymboree,

slides, rope climbing and motorized vehicles for tots and much more. When all the kids are home and you need a break this is a great place to be. Admission free for adults. Another exciting site is the Utopia Orcy chid Park, located at Kibbutz Bahan. The park introduces visitors to a tropical forest including waterfalls, fish ponds, butterfly sanctuary and a maze you are invited to discy cover. The park is fully enclosed in an airconditioned structure making this the ultimy ‡ Continues on page 8

A magical store for children's books offering activities for toddlers and children up to age 13. Birthday parties from the stories               Comics birthdays

Monday, December 6 at 5:30 pm, Chanuk ah

5 Sunday, December ah uk an Ch , pm at 5:30

Story time ages 2-5 “HaSufgania SheHitgalg ela” with Michal Rotem

Musical show ages 4+ “Do Re Moo”  with Shirley Yovel 

Story time ages 2-5 “HaPil HaSakran”  with Michal Rotem

*Activities are subject to  change. Please check  our website for these  shows, plus more.

Activity with Yehuda Atlas

Pre-registration and payment is required for all activities

Renanim, Maccabim Tel: 08-9711515

Story time ages 2-5 “Shmulik Kipod” with Michal Rotem We carry a large  assortment of  books in English

To join our mailing list, register online at 


Sunday, December 26 at 5:30 pm

er 15

Wednesday, Decemb at 5:30 pm

Travel ‡ Continued from page 7

ments. There is free admission to children whose name has connotations of light (Or). Tnuva has three visitors centers each with their own theme and suitable for the young and old alike. The Glilot center allows you to experience the collection of produce such as milk from the dairy barn, fresh fish from fish ponds and eggs from chicken runs all


mate family attraction in any weather. If you have never visited the Haifa Sciey ence Museum in the old Technion building in Haifa, Chanukah is the time to go. This year they are hosting the Chanuiada where activity ties dealing with light will be investigated by your young scientists. A visit includes a treasy sure hunt, multi-sense movies and lab experimy

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the way to the local supermarket. The dairy in Rehovot takes guests in a space ship for a ride on the Milky Way to discover the handy dling of milk from the time it arrives at the dairy through its processing and packaging of the final product. In the north not far from Afula is the Alon HaTavor dairy where you can observe the automated system in which the milk is processed from truck to containey er. It’s a great outing for all ages. Advanced reservations required for all three sites. It seems there is never enough quality time to spend with the family. Chanukah is the perfect time for taking a day out of our busy schedules to enjoy one another’s compy pany, make an active learning experience and do something that everyone enjoys! Chag Chanukah Sameach! Chana Koren is a licensed tour guide and can be reached at 054-459-2083.


Jerusalem of Pink By: Daniella Hellerstein

] 10 [

Twenty eight years ago Nancy G. Brinker made a promise to her sister Susan. Since that day, over 1.6 million people from around the world have helped Nancy fulfill this promise. In 1982, two years after Nancy made the promise to her dying sister, Susan, that she would do everything possible to end breast cancer, Susan G. Komen for the Cure was founded. It is currently the world’s largey Pictured from left to right: Yocheved Feinerman, Adina Skoczylas, Aviva Zaks, Sharon Fishman, David Fine, Tamar Weber, Moshe Weber, est breast cancer organization and Race for Jon Mensh, Lisa Mensh. the Cure is the largest series of 5k/fitness event officially opened on October 25th when the walks and the most successful charity event in the old city walls and the Shrine of Book building at world. the Israel Museum were lit pink, the color of the The foundation is responsible for raising over global breast cancer movement. Israel and the Susy $1.5 billion dollars which have been invested in san G. Komen Foundation are not new friends. fighting breast cancer through research and educy The first international research grant the foundaty cation. The races also help publicize breast cancer tion gave went to the Weitzman Institute in 1994. awareness, celebrate breast cancer survivors and Since then, nearly 3 million dollars in grants have honor those that have lost their battle with the disey gone to organizations in Israel for research and ease. The first race took place in 1983 in Dallas, community support. Four thousand people in Isry Texas with 800 runners. Now, over 25 years later, rael are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, over a million and a half people have taken part in one of the highest rates in the world. Susan G. Komen Races for the Cure throughout The walk itself, hosted by Mayor Nir Barkat, North America and around the world. was attended by 5,000 people from throughout On October 28, 2010 the Susan G. Komen for the country and abroad. Well known participants the Cure race took place for the first time in Jerusy included Hadassah Lieberman and Jennifer Griffy salem, Israel. It was a historic event sponsored by fin. Lieberman, wife of US senator Joseph Liebermy the Komen for the Cure along with Hadassah and man, became a Komen advocate when she met the Women’s Zionist Organization of America. October is breast cancer awareness month and the ‡ Continues on page 12

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More Ways to Give: Autism in Israel In Israel, children with autism are given care up until the age of 21 and after that the families are left to handle the situation on their own. ALUT, the Israeli Society for Autistic Children assist families with austistic children in many capacities. One of the things ALUT has done is bought homes called, “A Home for Life”, for young adults to move into where they can then live for the rest of their lives. Currently there are not enough and more funding is needed to purchase more homes. Arava, age 24, from Maccabim, is a young woman with autism who needs to be placed in such a facility, but there is currently no room. Her family has cared for her as best as they can, but knows that she needs to be placed in “A Home for Life”. To learn more about ALUT and how to make a donation, go to

] 11 [

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Yocheved Fienerman poses with Senator Joe Leiberman

Yocheved Fienerman poses with Nancy Brinker

Modiin, did the walk in honor of her mother, a cancer survivor. Kaplan had participated in other breast cancer fundraising events in her home town of Toronto such as a four hour spin-a-thon. The fact that the race was so Anglo-friendly made it easy to connect to and an added bonus was being able to regiy ister online in English. Kaplan went with a group of friends from Modiin but, like Fine, was particularly moved by the varied mix of people who participated. In addition to all the seminary students who took off to walk, there were busloads of Arab women and a tremendous amount of English speakers. Kaplan says she felt very accomplished at the end but hopes that next time the route and signage are better. One thing we know, if Komen for the Cure is still needed, the people of Israel will walk again next year in Jerusaelm. For more information go to

] 12 [

Brinker at a cocktail party. Griffin is a Fox news reporter who spent over seven years reporting from Jerusalem on events and wars in Israel and the Middle East. She was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancy cer when her son was 18 months old and has spent the year fighting what she describes as the war in her body. This was her first time back, along with her husband Greg, in three years. The entire Fox Jerusalem bureau

joined Griffin on the walk around the Old City walls which was covered live by the international news station. Griffy fin, looking just as beautiful with short cropped hair, held back tears as she recy called the birth of her two daughters in Jerusalem, a place she says is very specy cial to them. She also expressed hope that here, in the land of miracles, we can find a cure for breast cancer. After doing the Susan G. Komen race every year with his congregants in Kansy sas City, Rabbi David Fine of Modiin decy cided to put together a group to do the race in Jerusalem. He says the 7-8 people that joined him were a good start but he hopes to get more people involved next time. Fine describes participating in the inaugural Jerusy salem race as very thrilling and truly apprecy ciated witnessing the eclectic mix of people who came out. Tiffany Kaplan, also from

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‥ Continued from page 6 It is specifically at this time of the year that we celebrate the victory of the light of the Torah over the darkness of Hellenism. Our small Chanukah candles light up the darkness of the streets, and commy memorate the great victory that was achieved years ago. The tiny candles fueled by pure oil signify the impending demise of cultural darkness that permeates much of modern society. It is quite appropy priate, therefore, for the Chanukah candles to be lit outside, since the prevailing culture is expressed in the character of our streets. We pray for the day that our individual lights will join together and light up the streets of the entire world with the light of the Torah. Best wishes for a Happy Chanukah and a Chanukah full of light!! Rav Shlomo Sobol, a graduate of Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav is Rav at Beit Knesset Ashkenaz – Buchman, Modiin. He received his semicha from the Israel Chief Rabbinate. Rav Sobol served as the Rosh Kollel for Torah MiTzion in Detroit, Michigan. In addition to his congregational duties, Rav Sobol is a consultant for Torah MiTzion and a licensed marriage counselor.

] 13 [

Give and Get Ezra with ESRA By: Daniella Hellerstein

] 14 [

The English Speaking Residents Association, otherwise known as ESRA, was founded in 1979 by English speaking residents of Herziliya and Kfar Shmaryahu. It quickly expanded to other areas throughout the country and now exists in 19 cities with Modiin being one of the newest. ESRA is an independent non-profit organization run by volunteers to offer social, cultural and educational activity ties. They also encourage English speakers to volunteer in the commy munity as a means of integrating and helping others. As the largest English speaking volunteer group in Israel they have hundreds of volunteers directly helping and raising money to fund the various ESRA projects and causes. ESRA Modiin is about a decade old. During that time it sponsy

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sored sporadic lectures and led a low key existence. About a year and a half ago, Stella Padeh, who headed the local branch, suggested to ESRA National to develop ESRA Modiin better and more extensy sively. Jackie Klein and Cynthia Barmor took over as co-chairs and began to map out their lofty plans for the Modiin branch. In addity tion to expanding and increasing the social events, they knew they wanted a book shop as an anchor for raising awareness of ESRA. The success of such stores in Raanana and Or Akiva made it an atty tainable goal.

‥ Continues on page 16

] 15 [

‡ Continued from page 14 but also Hebrew books with the hopes of attracting native Hebrew speakers and famy miliarizing them with ESRA. ESRA Modiin uses the funds raised from the bookstore sales to support their project Neve ESRA. Neve ESRA is a moadanit (afty ternoon care center) for 15 children ages 9-12 who come from homes where the parey ents are not coping. The program transports them after school at 1:00 to the care center in Shimshoni where they enjoy a hot meal, receive help with homework and therapy unty til they are returned home at 6:00 pm. ESRA Modiin has also donated computers for the center and is using a donation from abroad to renovate and decorate the much needed therapy room. The children spend time engy gaged in various activities throughout the afternoon run by volunteers. There are also English teachers who spend time working and conversing with the kids in English to

] 16 [

After searching for the right affordable location, the two women thought of renting a machsan located in the parking garage of the Azrieli Mall. After a meeting with the mall’s manager, the contract was signed in the summer of 2010 and the ESRA Modiin second hand bookstore had its grand openiy ing on October 1, 2010. When Klein and Barmor talk about the bookstore they sound like proud grandparents bragging about their grandchildren (which they both have many). It is their baby and what excites them most is the generosity of the community that emerged to complete this project. Everything related to the store was donatey ed by Modiin business owners. The shelving was donated by Lior Shemer, the mezuzah was donated by Kodesh V’ Kiddush, the painting and electrical work were donated as was everything else from top to bottom. The bookstore carries used English books

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Cynthia Barmor, Deputy Mayor Moish Levy and Jackie Klein at the ESRA bookstore opening.

Brenda Brett reads to a captivated audience at ESRA story time at the mall.

Story hour in the mall is an offshoot of the bookstore. Story time takes place at 5:00 and 5:30 in the mall across from the food court. The stories are in English but all are welcome. The next story hours will take place on December 16, January 13 and January 27. Stay tuned for more details about this and other ESRA events and programs which will be publicized through and the ModiInfo Facebook Page.

The M odiin Area’s English Speak ing M agazine

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help them improve their proficiency. There are also plans to start a big brother-sister program whereby teenagers can be paired up with children in the program. The book shop and Neve ESRA are two examples of volunteer opportunities through ESRA. ESRA Modiin also runs a program whereby native English speakers go into local high schools and help students prepare for the oral English bagrut. This program takes place in 16 different ESRA branches and is one of their most succy cessful. Also coming soon is a pet therapy program to be housed in the Yachad school and geared towards the Special Education Gvanim School. Everything ESRA does is closely coordinated with the Iriyah, the Ministry of Education and other municipal offices. To volunteer or learn more go to

Go to and sign on.

] 17 [

Business Profile


Book Lover

By: Daniella Hellerstein Around 13 years ago Iris Loveud-Maimon had a dream to open a book store. After the birth of her first child, the movie You’ve Got Mail, inspired her to make the dream come true. Loveud-Maimon grew up loving books and spent a good amount of her time in the local Beer Sheva library. In fact, she spent so much time take out and returning books, sometimes even on the same day, that the librarian offered her a double membership,

meaning she was entitled to take out twice as many books as usual. The book store idea took time but eventuay ally opened three years ago in the Renanim Center in Maccabim. The idea was to open a quaint bookstore in a quiet neighborhood. Personal connections to local residents and a delicately designed store with hand-picked books make this store a welcome breath of fresh air from the huge chain book stores.

Chalom Yaldut, as it’s called, exudes sweetny ness, quality, attention to detail and a deep appreciation of books. Although the store does carry English books, Loveud-Maimon recommends that every home own the Hebrew classics. It’s important, she says, that olim parents not only expose their children to authentic Isry raeli books but that they themselves read and be familiar with them. Parents should

Rachel the Dressmaker


Just made Aliya from Brooklyn, New York

Professional Designer  and Seamstress with over  30 years of  experience.  Tailoring and alterations: ] 18 [

  dresses, pants, zippers,  hems, cuffs and more. For men and women, all ages Call Rachel Phone: 077-464-7040 (not on Shabbat) Cell: 052-549-5581 64 Shimon Street, Buchman, Modiin

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recognize the classics as a way of understanding Israeli culture and should be able to discuss books childy dren are learning about and reading. Such Hebrew classics for children include: Shmulik Hakipod, Mahase Behamesh Balonim, Eifo Pluto, Tiras Cham and Habayit Shel Yael. They may have been written decades ago but they still resonate with kids and remain beloved by everyone. For older children Loveud-Maimon recoy Iris Loveud-Maimon adores the books she sells in her charming neighborhood ommends the series Mesima Olamit bookstore. by Galila Ron-Seder and Hanearah Bamirpeset Mimul by Nava Makmell. Bilingual children have the advantage of reading English and Heby brew books in their original written language. Yet, Loveud-Maimon says translations today are near perfect. What’s most important is to read a quality book. The advantage of book shopping at Chalom Yaldut is the personal attention of the owner. Often the best books are not the ones you have heard of and just because a book makes a most read list, does not make it high quality. Loveud-Maimon hand selects every book on the shelf and stands by its content, language, subject matter and message.

] 19 [

Goal! Thanks Coach! By: Beverly Ehrlich

] 20 [

Have you ever had the feeling that you know where you want to be but you just don’t know how to get there? If you plan to do things differently, goal setting will help you achieve what you haven’t been achieving up to now. For many people, setting goals means adding things to already busy schedules. If a cup is already full to the brim, there is no room to add more. Some of the contents need to be emptied out first. So too with one’s life. Consider emptying out some of the stale things from your life before you make your new plans and goals. This involves doing some self-reflection and making choices, some of which may be difficult. When you get rid of things that are holding you back and getting in your way, your path becomes clearer and easier. How do you decide what to keep and what to let go of? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see what you need to purge from your busy-ness to make room for what you really want to creay ate in your life: •Are there activities in my life that I do because I think I “should” do them, rather than because I enjoy doing them? (When you hear

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yourself using the word “should”, this is a red flag indicating that something might be an energy drain, or an obligation, rathey er than a willing choice.) •Is there something I am involved in that has become a burden or lost its appeal for me? •Are there people or activities in my life that sap my energy or who are negative influences? •Am I spending too much time doing things that are not creating the life I want to have? •Am I spending time doing things that are not in alignment with my goals and values? •Do I feel like I’m in a rut and I don’t know which way to turn in order to get out or change the situation? • What do I do with my spare time? With whom do I spend it? Do I have free time? ‡ Continues on page 24

] 21 [



Rx: The Flu Vaccine By: Dr. Stephen Reingold

Now that the holidays have passed, school is in full session. Viruses are bound to spread in enclosed classrooms and daycare. The averay age toddler in daycare may become ill once a month during the winter. Though he should be checked by his doctor, this is not an indy dication of poor health or poor hygiene. As children’s immune systems mature and they learn to practice proper hygiene, they becy come ill less frequently. Please remind your children to wash their hands frequently and to cough into their elbows. Children who had been ill, may return to school after being

without fever for 24 hours. Why 24 hours? Because viruses often cause fever once every 24 hours, and this indicates that the child is still ill and infectious to others. Other ways to prevent illness include: proper diet and sleep habits, exercise and timely vaccinations. This year, two forms of the flu vaccine are available. The regular injection (shot) has inactivated flu virus, and is given from six months of age. Flumist, a nasal spray of live weakened flu virus, is now available in Israel (I used this vaccine for the last few years in the US). It is administered by a squirt into

each nostril – that’s right, no needy dles. However, Flumist is only given from age two and is not recommended in children who had wheezing within the last year. Both vaccines are safe and with a low rate of side effects. So why should I vaccinate my child? Flu is spread primarily via young children and vaccination will not only protect them, but also prevent the spread of illness to others incy cluding people with chronic illness (includiy ‡ Continues on page 25

New office in Ra‫׳‬anana now open

The Israel Mortgage Specialists Getting you the right type of mortgage at the best rates.

] 22 [

Blue Crown Capital is an independent mortgage consulting firm in Israel specializing in sourcing new residential loans and refinancing existing loans for clients living in Israel and abroad. Transferring money to Israel? Our foreign exchange service will save you money.

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Blue CrownFX is a foreign exchange service company regulated by the Ministry of Finance.

Ra‫׳‬anana Office: 972 (0)9 7727612 | Modiin Office: 972 (0)8 9700479 |

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] 23 [

‡ Continued from page 14 • Is there something that if you didn’t have to do, would give you a feeling of tremendous relief? • Do I feel fulfilled? Is something missing? You may have other questions to ask that are relevant to you. It is important to take the time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. How do you plan to get to where you want to be? What is holding you back that you can leave behind? What can you let go of to make your best life happen? Give yourself permission to let go! Let go of the chaos. Let go of the energy drains in your life. Let go of trying to be everything to everybody… and make room to create the life you want to live that’s consistent with your goals and values. Give yourself permission to be whom and what you really want to be.

] 24 [

Beverly Ehrlich made Aliyah from South Africa in 1987 with her husband Adrian. They have four children. Beverly is a qualified teacher with a degree in Psychology. She is a qualified life coach. Life Coaching is a process by which a coach assists clients to determine and achieve personal goals.

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‥ Continued from page 22 ing asthma and diabetes), pregnant mothers, infants and the elderly. They are at the highest risk for complications including severe illness, hospitalization and even death. Only through vaccinating children will we be able to prevent the spread of flu. So why vaccinate a 10-year-old? It is given in order to protect himsy self (especially important for children with asthma and other chronic illnesses), and to protect his grandparents, his pregnant mother and infant baby sister. It has even been shown recently that mothers who receive the flu vaccine during pregnancy impart greater protection against the flu virus to their newborn infants. First-timers for the flu vaccine who are up to the age of 8 years old should receive two doses, one month apart. This is because their immy mune system is not mature enough to protect them after one dose. In subsequent years only one dose will be needed. You cannot get the flu from the flu vaccine. Some side effects may be similar to a mild flu-like illness but if you wait until the flu season to get the vaccine, you may catch the flu in the waiting room, so vaccy cinate early! Looking forward to a healthy and productive school year. Dr. Stephen Reingold is a pediatrician with Meuhedet at the Azrieli Clinic. He and his family made aliya a year ago.

] 25 [

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Your Corner

“The Old will be Renewed…”


Spotlight on Modiin By: ModiInfo Readers

light torches in high places, like Modiim, in order to quickly notify the surrounding villages of Rosh Chodesh. It was in Mody diin that Matityahu the Cohen and his sons lived during the period of the Hashmonaim. It was also in Modiim that the revolt of the Maccabees against Greek rule began in the year 166 BCE thus forever connecting Mody diin with the story of Chanukah.

] 28 [

The thriving new city of Modiin-MaccabimReut currently has 76,000 residents but has its sights set on an ultimate population of 250,000. The name Modiin originates from the ancient city of Modiim. The word modia means informer. Mesechet Rosh Hashana recounts how the Sanhedrin would declare Rosh Chodesh according to eye witness accy counts of the new moon. They would then

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The title quote from Rav Kook describes how I felt on that Friday night, nearly four years ago, when I stood near the ruins of the ancient synagogue at Umm al-Umdan, along the Latrun Road adjacent to the Shevatim neighborhood. Although the initiative was mine, it only took a few emails and a bit of word-of-mouth promotion to tap into a groundswell of sentiment - part of what attracted so many of us to a city that strikingly blends the ancient and modern. That first year, about 50 people came out to pray and sing Kabbalat Shabbat on Chanukah. By last year, the crowd had swelled to close to 150 worshippers. The service is not affiliated with any institution. For further details, email fischer.

In 1985 the yishuv of Maccabim was established by the Maccabi movement. In 1987 Reut was established as an army Yishuv. The word Reut has particular meaning in the army and during time of war as an expression of friendship and strong connections. The corny ner stone to the city of Modiin was laid in 1993 and in 2001 it was officially declared a city. In 2003 the municipalities of Maccabim and Reut joined with that of Modiin and the three areas became one city. In 2005 Modiin became the official city of Chanukah because of the historic connection between the Chanukah story and the city of Modiin. Other Yishuvim in the area also connote references to the Chanuky kah story. Hashmonaim, Lapid, Kfar Oranim and Mevo Matityahu are all names that emphasize the historic connection between the area and Chanukah. In honor of the Chanukah-Modiin connection we asked our readers to submit what they like most about living in Modiin, here’s what they have to say: “We made aliya almost a year ago. Modiin is a beautiful new clean city with wonderful people who have welcomed us and are kind and helpful every day. The city has everything that is needed for all ages. It grows and develops and is alive and vibrant. Modiin is the place to be. My daughter goes to a wonderful school nearby, Avnei Choshen, and it has a new ulpan for the new olim. We are alwy

ways made to feel welcome and all the staff are friendly and helpful and my daughter is confident and very happy.” -Ruty Goldman “We made aliyah four years ago and came straight to Modiin from Boca Raton, Florida. It’s exciting to be living in a new city and see the growth and changes taking place. We love the main streets with wide areas in the middle for parks, playgrounds and neighborhood shopping areas. Having the train station so close to us is a real conveny nience. Although we have a car, we much prefer hopping on the train to go to Tel Aviv or taking a bus or sherut to Jerusalem. On numerous occasions, we have taken the train to the airport just to greet friends who are arriving and going to Jerusalem. After a quick visit, we turn around and catch the next train home. We find people here friendly and have developed relationships with various shopkeepers who make us feel like friends. We feel fortunate to have not just one, but two large, modern, comfortable cultural halls and also are impressed with the variety of free performances that are offered throughout the year in various locations. Although we are senior citizens, we love the fact that there are so many young families and take delight in the numerous activities that take place in Azrieli for children of different ages. We have found Modiin to be the perfect place for us and are thrilled to call it home!” -Simmy and Dorothy Friedman ‡ Continues on page 30

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] 30 [

“I love living in a brand new city where I have the opportunity to help create whatever I choose - being part of a new town, a new school and starting a new shul and being able to turn them into what i want them to be is a privilege. Proud to be part of so many new things and for making them into what I want, and for having the oppy portunity to do so in Israel.” -Debbie Zimelman “We made Aliyah three years ago from South Africa and came straight to Modiin. We have visited other cities in Israel and none of them compare to the beauty of Modiin! The parks are wonderful as are the people. I love the buildings, the amazing architecture. For the past few months I’ve been going around the city and have taken photos of all the different areas and have just completed an album of Modiin.” -Mitzi Harlen “I just love this city!! First of all we have a lot of parks which is perfect for kids. We have a really clean and beautiful city with a various cultural. We have immigrants from all over the world and religious and non-religious people living in harmony together and respecting the differences.” -Leticia Rozenszajn “Here is what I like most about Modiin: Modiin has been my hometown for almost a decade. It is where my children were born

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and where I run my business. There are numerous things that I like about Modiin, but I believe that first and foremost are the people. Modiin has a rare blend of young and old, sabras and olim, Ashkeny nazi and Sephardi, right and left wing, religious and secular, and they all live together in a town that is more of a community than a city. They say, “Home is where the heart is.” Modiin is my home, and I take great pleasure in helping others find their home here too.“ -Zeev Shumacher, Shumacher Real Estate Modiin. “I love the ease of getting to the dr, shops, misrad hapanim, iriya, the easy parking etc. Anyone who has dealt with any government office or try to get to Maccabi on Agrippas in Jerusalem will undy derstand. Never ending choice of ganim, you never have to choose because that’s what there is and there is always a huge choice.” - Lizzie Noach We welcome readers’ submissions. Please send to



Showroom: Mazal Eliezer St, at the corner of 18 Sacharov, New Industrial Area, Rishon Lezion w w w . r a m - o r. c o m 03-9618569

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Ram Or Kitchens is a family business operating since 1988, which specializes in custom kitchen creation and design at carpentry boutique standards. Ram Or Kitchens boasts a modern carpentry shop and showroom and uses advanced carpentry tools and the highest quality raw materials on the market. In addition to kitchens, Ram-Or creates custom bathroom cabinets, closets, and furniture. We make sure to meet deadlines and to provide courteous service, personal attention and maximum ¾I\MFMPMX] in order to meet customers' needs, alongside professionalism and innovation. All of this guarantees a special and pleasant experience when purchasing a new kitchen.


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Why we live in Israel

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Riding Egged By: Esther Malka Fein

Among many of my new accomplishments as an Olah Chadasha in our Holy-Land, is having become an expert bus passenger. Though I am a 40-year-veteran driver of automobiles in the U.S.A., and having finy nally succeeded in getting an Israeli driver’s license as well in Jerusalem, nevertheless, without a car, like most of the natives here, I became a daily bus passenger. I obtain the monthly “chofshi chodshi”, which is my passport to unlimited travels in Jerusy salem and vicinity. As a “senior citizen” a monthly bus pass costs half-making traveliy ing via Egged one of the best bargains in my

budget, of which I take advantage. My most intense bus-day employed 11 bus rides in a 24-hour period. Besides transporting myself from point to point, I indulge in using Egged for hauling stuff. I have carried onto buses, besides mysy self and my “bag-lady accoutrement,” tons of produce from the Shuk- fish on ice, olives, halva, cheeses, spices, pitot and rugelach, among the many culinary delights in Jerusy salem. I have carried onto buses wall size mirrors, pots and pans, toaster ovens, crockpy pots, combination food processor-blender, computers, bulky printers, and other electric

appliances necessary in this land of Moses and our people. (How times have changed in 2500 years, when a herd of sheep, a staff and manna would suffice!) Though nothing surpasses the agility of mommies and tatties balancing babies in one hand while folding the strollers in anoy other, on a moving bus, while trying to locy cate their tickets or cash for the fare, (this is one occasion octopus arms could be useful), I finally reached the pinnacle of my experty tise as a bus rider, when I hauled a beach chair from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, where my daughter and family reside. What’s next on Egged? A sunroof? Don’t forget your sunblocks. Happy Journey!

] 35 [



The Story of the Soup

] 36 [

By: Lori Gerson

11 am, cellphone rings. Seeing the caller ID, Mom answers, “Hi, Sweetie.” “Hey Mom,” Son responds. “Uh, I have a question for you,” Son continues, “how long does it take to make a soup?” Pause from Mom. Then, “what kind of soup?” “Uh, you know, regular soup, with vegey etables and stuff.” “Well,” Mom explains, “Soup usuay ally takes a couple of hours to cook on the stove.” “Oh, that’s bad,” responds Son. “Why, what’s going on?” asks confused Mom. “Well, you see,” begins Son, “you know I have a peulah today with my chanichim and we wanted to teach them that everybody in the group is important. So we thought we’d have them all bring different ingredients for a soup, make the soup and then explain to them that just like each and every ingrediey ent is needed to make the soup taste yummy, each and every boy is needed to make our group the best that it can be. Great idea, right Mom? But we can’t do it because our peulah is only an hour long and we won’t have time to cook the soup.” Mom can’t help but be proud of Son’s efforts to be an effective madrich for his fourth-grade Bnei Akiva group. “Luckily, Son, your mother has watched a cooking show or two in her lifetime and she has an idea for you. You make the soup way before the peulah, you do the peulah with the boys and make them think that they are preparing the soup, and then you go off to “cook” the soup and return 10 minutes later with delicy

cious, piping-hot soup that was “made” by your chanichim.” “Mom, that’s an awesome idea!” Son responds excitedly. Then sheepishly asks, “Uh, Mom, can you make the soup?……. The peulah starts today at 4:00.” “Oh sure, Son, I was just sitting around and thinking about how bored I was.” “Thanks Mom, you’re the best!” Click. So Mom makes the soup with whatever she can find in the house. She sautés some onions and garlic, throws in carrots, zucchiny ni, potatoes, green beans, then water, tomato paste and of course, salt and pepper. All this time Mom’s thinking to herself, “Well, these little boys may not appreciate my soup, but hopefully they will understand the message of the peulah and they will learn a valuable lesson.” Sure enough Son runs in from school at 3:56 PM and runs out to peulah at 3:58 PM yelling, “Thanks for the soup Mom, I’ll be home in about a half an hour to get it.” At almost exactly 4:30 PM, Son returns home as promised, grabs the soup and runs out the door again. 5:30 PM, Son rety turns home, runs into the kitchen and asks, “Mom, is there any more soup?”

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“Any more soup? You took the whole pot with you!” “Oh,” sighs Son, “I’ll be right back.” Sure enough, Son returns 10 minutes later with soup pot in hand and explains, “Mom, they loved the soup, it was so awesome, they were licking their bowls!” “They were what?” asks Mom, slightly in shock. “They couldn’t get enough of the soup! They sent me home to see if you had any more. Everybody loved it, the chanichim, the other madrichim, they just kept asking for more.” Son has not just taught his chanichim a valuable lesson, but Son has now also taught Mom a thing or two. Why do we always think of junk food when we think of treats? If you had a bunch of fourth grade boys that were getting together and you wanted to “treat” them to somety thing, would you ever think of vegetable soup? Normally I would send things like

Oreos, chips, chocolates, or ice cream. Howey ever, after this story with the soup happened to me last year, I thought to myself, “shame on me. Why don’t I try healthier “treats” like this more often?” Healthy meals I had covered, but healthy treats, well, I guess I needed a shove in the right direction. The following Purim, I was determined to practice what I was preaching. So I cut up a bunch of vegetables, prepared a spinach dip and drove around the yishuv delivering our mishloach manot. I have to tell you, my phone did not stop ringing for the next hour. People were so happy to get something othey er than junk food, they just wanted to call to thank me. As parents, we have the opportunity to guide our children in the ever so importy tant task of developing good eating habits. Helping our children to make healthier food choices and to be mindful of portion control will help them develop into adults that struggy gle less with these challenges. I would never suggest to anyone that birthday soup could ever replace birthday cake when a bunch of six-year-olds are singing, “Eifo, eifo, eifo, eifo, eifo ha-ugah?” What I am suggesting is that we use every opportunity we can to offy fer healthy options. It may not always work, but how wonderful when it does.

Vegetable Soup

Saute onion and garlic in oil until golden and soft. Add remaining ingredients. bring water to a boil and simmer covered for at least an hour, if not longer.

Lori Gerson lives with her husband and four children in Chashmonaim. She made aliyah five years ago and recently opened the Israeli branch of DietCoachGirl, a brand new and fantastically successful approach to weight loss. You can go to for more information, or contact Lori at 054 317 2131.

Salmon Fillet in Pesto Sauce with Lemon Zest

As parents, we have the opportunity to guide our children in the ever so important task of developing good eating habits.

By: Ristretto Dairy Restaurant Ingredients for 2 servings: 4 tilapia fillet pieces 1 whole lemon Chopped parsley Sauce: 3 garlic cloves 50 grams pine nuts One packed cup basil 1/2 cup olive oil 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese Preparation Directions: Roast pine nuts until brown. Blend pine nuts, basil, garlic, salt, and Parmesan cheese in blender. Grind until fully mixed. Place fish on baking pan. Pour the sauce on the fish. Grate lemon rind (stop before you reach the white part of the lemon). Squeeze the rest of the lemon onto the fish. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for approximately 15 minutes. How to Serve: Place the fish meal on the serving plate and garnish with parsley leaves. The sauce from the pan can be poured on the fish.

] 37 [

Easy, Healthy, Delicious 1 large onion, chopped 1 large garlic clove, minced 8 c. water Vegetables (carrots, zucchini, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes) 200 gr. tomato paste 1 T salt 1/4 t. pepper

Healthy Eating Tip: To enhance the flavor of your Friday night chicken soup without adding any soup mix, peel 2 cloves of garlic, put a toothpick through each clove, add to soup while cookiy ing and remove before serving.

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CANDLE LIGHTING November 26/19 Kislev Parashat Vayeshev Candle lighting: 16:16 Shabbat ends: 17:17

December 3/26 Kislev Parashat Miketz Shabbat Chanukah/ Mevarchim Candle lighting: 16:15 Shabbat ends: 17:16

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December 17/10 Tevet Fast begins 4:56 Fast ends: 17:04 Parashat Yayichi Candle lighting: 16:16 Shabbat ends: 17:17

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February 11/7 Adar 1 Parashat Tizaveh Candle lighting: 17:02 Shabbat ends: 18:02

February 18/14 Adar 1 Parashat Ki Tisah Purim Katan Candle lighting: 17:08 Shabbat ends: 18:08

February 25/21 Adar 1 Parashat Vayakel Candle lighting: 17:14 Shabbat ends: 18:13

March 4/28 Adar 1 Parashat Pikudai (Shekalim) Shabbat Mevarchim Candle lighting: 17:19 Shabbat ends: 18:19

March 11/5 Adar 2 Parashat Vayikra Candle lighting: 17:24 Shabbat ends: 18:24

March 17/11 Adar 2 Taanit Esther Fast Begins: 4:17 Fast Ends: 18:13

March 18/12 Adar 2 Parashat Tzav (Zachor) Candle lighting: 17:29 Shabbat ends: 18:29

March 25/19 Adar 2 Parashat Shmini (Parah) Candle lighting: 17:34 Shabbat ends: 18:33

April 1/26 Adar 2 Parashat Tazrea (Hachodesh) Daylight Savings Candle lighting: 18:39 Shabbat ends: 19:38

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November 19/12 Kislev Parashat Vayishlach Candle lighting: 16:18 Shabbat ends: 17:18

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