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and more various colors...

DEAR READERS Some of us detest it, some of us can’t wait. For many, it’s a love-hate relationship. We count the days until summer arrives and then we count them again when we’re ready for routine. If, like us, you stay in Israel for chofesh hagadol, you may mark the start of summer by taking off your watch. Gone is the insane schedule of varied school and gan drop-offs and pick-ups, chugim, youth movements and play dates. The days are ours for the taking. Lazy mornings, afternoons by the pool, spontaneous outings, no homework and a flexible bedtime routine. All sounds delicious. Then again, we can all use some help coming up with activities to enjjoy with our children (turn to page 12). And after a day of entertainiing others, there’s nothing wrong with taking a moment to yourself

(ha!) to enjoy a cold iced coffee (turn to page 29) or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s (the kids don’t need to know). But, no matter how relaxed you feel never get so laid back that you don’t buckle everyone each time you get in the car (turn to page 6). Soon enough the whirlwind will begin again and the lazy hazy days of summer are a mere memory. This summer, let’s take a moment to hold onto those memories so when, mid-year, we’re frazzled and harried we can think back to the afternoons of not looking at our watch. Best wishes for a safe and stress-free summer, Daniella & Caryn

Pictured on the cover: The fresh food and original menu at Ristretto will make it your new favorite place to go.

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By: Dr. Elisheva Schreiber

Drop the kids at school, run some errands, pick the kids up from school, drive the kids to chugim, pick the kids up from chugim, drive the kids to a play date and of course pick them up afterwards… Shall I go on? I spend a lot of time driving my children around in the car. There is one car in particular that always catches my eye when I am driving around the neighborhood. In fact sometimes I find myss self looking for this car. It is a late model compact SUV. Why this particular car you may ask. The reason this car has caught my atts tention is that for three years now I have watched the children in this car walk around the backseat, stand between the two front seats and even hang out the windows. Whenever I see this car my emots tions go into overdrive. I am filled with fear and hope at the same time. I fear that the car will be hit. I hope that the car will not be hit. Horrible images race through my mind from my professional past. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of injury related deaths in children ages 1-17 in Israel. In the year 2010 alone 2289 children under the age of 14 were injured in motor vehicle accidents. Back in the days when we were babies our parents put us in basss sinets on the backseat of the car and somehow we survived. A lot has changed since then. The first child restraint laws were passed in 1978 and updates are being made all the time. The most recent recommendation updates were released in April 2011 and can be found on many user friendly websites like www.healthychildren. org/carseatguide or for questions Beterem - The National Center for Children’s Safety & Health Hotline 03-926-3111. Not following these guidelines can result in serious lifelong consequences. Infants who are not properly buckled in a rear facing position can suffer serious head (brain) and neck (spinal cord) injuries. The head at that age is much bigger than the neck and the muscles are not as strong as in an adult resulting in a greater susceptibility to injuries. The rear facing child safety seat does a better job of supporting the ‡ Continues on page 6




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Don’t be a Fool, Buckling is Cool

Fitness, Fun and Fundraising

‡ Continued from page 5

Dr. Elisheva Schreiber is a pediatrician along with her husband Dr. Kevin Schreiber in their home office in Buchman Darom (Moriah). They are affiliated with Kupat Cholim Leumit and available for private consultation as well. For appointments 057-429-6986.

Over 150 women from across the country swam across the Kinneret on May 25th to raise money for Sadnat Shiluv. Located in Rosh Tzuris im, Sadnat Shiluv integrates special needs children and young adults into the community in a nurturing environment. Two of Sadnat’s resids dents have even been training to participate in the “Special Olympics” this August in Athens. The second annual Swim4Sadna event raised over NIS 250,000 to build a much-needed apartment for semi-independent living that will house 6 young female adults. Elly Waller, a participant from Modi’in, said, “It was great to be a part of the only all-female Kinneret swim, and for a great cause.” Another Modiinite, Nancy Cherny, added, “We hope to double the number of swimmers next year,” and Ruth Rose, the third Modi’in resident who trained for the swim, declared, Swim4Sadna participants “I’ll definitely be back for more!”



head and neck in a crash than the forward facing seat. After a child graduates to a forward facing seat and then to a booster at the appropriate times proper buckling will save lives. If the child is not buckled they can be thrown through the windshield or even worse, ejected from the car. If a child is not buckled properly in a booster the shoulder/lap belt can cause significant injuries. If the shoulder strap cuts across the neck or is behind the child in a crash, it will cut into the child’s neck or tummy and cause severe internal damage. Any child under the age of 13 sitting in the front passenger seat, whether in a child safety seat or not, can sustain significant injury from either an airbag that is too strong for a child or if the airbag is disabled then from the dashboard itself. It is important to remember that the optimal protection is in the rear seat of the car. In the front seat not only is the overall risk higher, but the severity of injury is also greater. I’d like to close with an analogy I heard recently… one would never put their best piece of china on the seat of the car and just drive off… Please don’t forget to buckle up – It saves lives.

Representatives in Jerusalem, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Modiin, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Raanana and Zichron Yaakov.

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Israeli Investing – Your Future?

Matnas Modiin

Department of Jewish Identity

Strengthen the Jewish/Israeli Identity of all Jews in an open, non judgmental environment

By: Baruch Labinsky

Create unity and dialogue in our community using Jewish values as the common heritage of all Jews Create communal cohesion through acts of kindness and concern for others Midrash and Movies in Modiin - Want to enjoy a night out at the movies and learn something at the same time? Join us as we view the movies of Ephraim Kishon and look at humor as a way to address questions of Israeli and Jewish Identity. Discussion to be led by Ilana Friedlander, Doctoral student in Midrash and Culture. July 5th 2011, 20:30 13/1 Rivka Imenu St. Admission 15 NIS. Free Popcorn and Drinks!

With the shekel strengthening daily against major world currencies, people often ask me, “should I keep my investments outside of Isrs rael or bring them here?” This century began with what was conss sidered the worst investment decade on record for many countries, including the USA. Although last year showed a degree of recovery, no other decade in almost two centuries of record-keeping had been as disastrous for the buy-and-hold investor, especially in US dollars (as they depreciate globally). Interestingly enough, the Israeli market’s remarkable performance during that period defied global investment trends. The Tel Aviv 100 index more than doubled over the decade giving a return of almost 119%, or an average annualized compound return of 8.14%, and that’s without the additional 17% in 2010. There are many reasons for the Israeli market’s outstanding perfs

formance. These include the ongoing growth of the Israeli economy, the continued dominance of Israeli hi-tech companies, as well as the ability of the Israeli market and economy to avoid the major financs cial blunders that overwhelmed other countries While past performance is never completely indicative of future performance, there are some compelling reasons for investors, especs cially olim and potential newcomers to Israel, to invest in Israel. • The Israeli market continues to set new records. In the first quarts ter of 2011, the Tel Aviv 25 reached an all-time high, completely recovering from its losses of 2007 and 2008. Investors’ positive reactions have been driven by recent gas discoveries, the hi-tech market’s continuing prowess and the strong real estate market. ‡ Continues on page 10

Volunteer in the department and join a unique group from across the city that plans our holiday celebrations! For more information or to volunteer please contact the Coordinator of Jewish Identity David Fine 052-772-8300 or UDEELGDYLG¿ To Advertise: 052-6404414 | 052-3868768 | |



Chagim BaKehillah - Join us on the evening of Tisha B'Av (August 8th - 21:00) for "The Evening of No Torah Study", a panel discussion of well known Israeli personalities addressing the burning issues of the day. Location TBA.

‡ Continued from page 9

And while the market has recently fallen below the record highs, it might provide a good entry point for new investors. Israel does not suffer from many of the systemic financial probls lems facing other markets. Its deficit has not ballooned, its trade balance remains very strong, inflation has stayed low, unemployms ment has decreased, foreign currency continues to flow in, and the economy is growing. So while Israel is still correlated with other markets, it has more reason to anticipate long-term performance gains. Conservative investors should look at Israeli government bonds which have proven to be one of the best places in the world for secure investment. With bank deposit rates remaining extremely low, the bond market provides higher returns without compromisis ing on security. New olim, and/or veteran Israelis expecting to retire in Israel need to match their future revenue sources with future expenses (preds dominately in shekels). Investing in shekels reduces the currency risk and decreased buying power that multi-national citizens can be exposed to, when the majority of one’s assets are in foreign

currencies. This risk has come to the forefront in recent years as the Israeli shekel continues to be one of the world's strongest currs rencies. • Even though 21st century technology means that money can be accessed via various electronic methods, post September 11 financs cial markets are also subject to many more controls and restricts tions. Having at least a percentage of your assets invested locally, gives you immediate access to your money in times of emergency and simplifies the management of your assets. There are no hard and fast rules regarding what percentage of your portfolio should be invested in shekels, however, investing in Israel should definitely be on your portfolio management radar. Baruch (Brent) Labinsky, MBA, TEP, founder of Labinsky Financial, is an independent Financial Planner and Israel Securities Authority licensed Investment Portfolio Manager. He can be reached at or 052-762 6830. ›

Note: The above article is not, nor should it be a substitute for, financial advice relating to any individual’s specific needs.


Cosmetics and Wellness

Yaniv Shimoni

Ofra Meron

Center for  Natural Medicine

Professional Beauty  Care and Treatments

‹Chinese Medicine ‹Acupuncture ‹Herbal Remedies ‹Nutrition

‹ Facials ‹ Peeling ‹ Photo Rejuvenation ‹ IPL SHR Hair Removal ‹ Manicure  ‹ Permanent Make Up ‹ Pedicure and more...

Healing Treatments for:

] 11 [

] 10 [

‹Gynecological ‹Digestive ‹Orthopedic ‹Stress issues

Fifty Shekels

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Good For:  Facial, Massage,  Hair Removal, Acupuncture

Park HaMayim, Reut  08-97-22-440

Valid until 31/8/11

no multiple specials

Pay to



• • • • • • • • • •

Who can believe another year has passed and summer is upon us. Keeping the kids (and visitors) entertained is a challenge. Here are some ideas both local and long distance:

• • • • • •

• • •

Monkey Park: 08-928-5888, Mini-Israel: 08-913-0010, Neot Kedumim: 08-977-0770, Snappling in Shilat, Challenge Tours, 050-903-1913 Keftzuba: 02-534-7952, Eretz Bereishit: 02-997-4477,

• •

Museums: • Ayalon Bullet Factory, 08- 940-6552 • Herzl Museum: 02-632-1515, • Chagall Windows: 02-6776271, Eng_MainNavBar/About/Art+at+Hadassah/ • Yad Vashem, 02-6443400, • Bloomfield Science Museum: 02-654-4888, • Israel Museum: 02-670-8811, • Menachem Begin Heritage Center: 02-565-2020, il • Haganah Museum: 03-560-8624, tage/hahagana.asp • Palmach Museum: 03-6436393, • Eretz Israel Museum: 03-641-5244, • Holon Blind Museum: 1-599-58-58-58, • Holon Children’s Museum, 1-599-58-58, • The Israeli Cartoon Museum, 03-6521849, • Diaspora Museum, 03-646-2020, • Israel Railway Museum: 04-856-4293,

] 13 [

] 12 [

Keeping Busy in the Hot Summer Maalit Hazman (The Jerusalem Time Elevator): 02-625-2227; Ein Yael: 02-6451866; Knesset (bring passport): 02-675-3337, eng/home.asp Botanical Gardens: 02-679-4012,, Jerusalem Zoo: 02-675-0111, Machon HaMikdash: 02-624-8381, Honey Making: 03-562-1515, Safari Park: 03-630-5328, Park Hayarkon/Ganei Yehoshua: 03-642-2828, Yamit 2000 Water Park: 03-550-0000, Shuk HaCarmel (Tues & Fri Nahalat Binyamin crafts fair & street performers) Matzav HaRuach Sailing: 050-990-8852, Luna Gal Water Park: 04-667-8000, Canada Center: 04-695-0370, Kfar Bloom Kayaking: 04-690-3388, Abukayak, 04-692-2245, (from ages 3½+) Safari Chushim: 04-640-6541, Leket Food Rescue: 09-744-1757,

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Neighborhood News

Neighborhood News

ESRA’s Membersh p Perks Volunteering for the Community

ESRA Modiin is mostly recognized through its secondhand English and Hebrew bookss shop in the Mall. We recently introduced MembershOp Perks as a symbol of comms munity spirit, where local businesses and services offer significant reductions to ESRA members. MembershOp Perks also acknowledges our increasing members, and encourages new members. Nearly 30 participants have joined, incs cluding Holmes Place and Heichal Hatarbut, who give discounts of between 5%-40% to

ESRA members. MembershOp Perks specs cifically targets businesses outside the Mall; one kind of business to maintain exclusivity (the sole exception being restaurants); and the ‘small businessman’. Anyone can become a member (membs berships make great gifts too!). The value of the various perks far outweighs the cost - NIS120 annually, or NIS200 for two years (tax deductible) – and you would be perfs forming a mitzvah at the same time. The listing is available at

or ics/specials-discounts-sales-a-more/1303esra-membershop. You may also contact Cynthia (; 0508251923), or Jackie (; 052-7472151), Esra Modiin co-chairs.

The Israel Mortgage Specialists Getting you the right type of mortgage at the best rates. Blue Crown Capital is an independent mortgage consulting firm in Israel specializing in sourcing new residential loans and refinancing existing loans for clients living in Israel and abroad. ] 14 [ Design |

Blue CrownFX is a foreign exchange service company regulated by the Ministry of Finance.

Ra‫׳‬anana Office: 972 (0)9 7727612 | Modiin Office: 972 (0)8 9700479 |

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Transferring money to Israel? Our foreign exchange service will save you money.

Neighborhood News

A Community Celebrates place to daven but a place for community and leadership within the greater city. To that effect Rav Shlomo Sobol, just back from shlichut in Detroit, was hired as the rabbi and plans to build a Beit Knesset were set into motion. After extensive fundraising from within and without the mostly Anglo membership, the building is now open alts though not yet complete. The facility, prests tigiously positioned on the highest point in the area with views of Judean mountains, has a main sanctuary which seats 400 and a finished social hall. While the building itss self is a tremendous source of pride to its members it is the creation of a community which gives rise to an overwhelming sense of purpose. “We came to this point in time, to this place, to build this shul,” remarked shul president, Noah Lasson.

Rav Lau addresses the congregation

Shul members march with the Sifrei Torah

] 17 [

] 16 [

Kehillat Shaarei Yonah Menachem (KSYM), Modiin’s largest Beit Knesset, officially celes ebrated its opening on Sunday, June 5, 2011. The weekend-long Chanukat HaBayit was marked by special events throughout Shabbs bat with Rabbi Shlomo Riskin as the guest scholar-in-residence. On Sunday afternoon five Torah scrolls were danced through the streets by hundreds of shul members, local residents and special guests in a climactic Hachnasat Sefer Torah parade. Once inss side the new building Mayor Haim Bibas, Modiin’s chief rabbis as well as shul leaders spoke of the momentous occasion. “Today and every day, in this community, we are adding threads to the fabric of the broader Jewish community,” said JJ Sussman. The congregation was founded six years ago with the dream of creating not only a

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Neighborhood News

My So-Called Life! thought it was just you). The proceeds from the performance will be donated to AMIT, an organization which operates more than 85 schools, religious and non-religious youth villages, surrogate famils ly residences and other programs. Their goal is to enable Israel’s youth to realize their pots tential and strengthen Israeli society. AMIT has chapters throughout Israel, including Modiin and Hashmonaim and offers volunteers the opportunity to impact educs cation in Israel. Modiin W.I.T. was ests tablished in 2009 with the primary goal of providing women with the opportuns nity to sing, dance and perfs

form in a professional atmosphere. Most of the women have previous acting or singing experience but it is not a requirement. Regs gardless, the 14-member cast put on a killer performance that left the audience wanting more. Considering the To Life! material available, they just might get it.

Women in Theater (WIT) “To Life!” cast members

] 19 [

] 18 [

I laughed. I cried. I wished I could see it again and again. But I can’t. The one-time all women production of To Life! was perfs formed recently in Hashmonaim by the Women in Theater (WIT) group. The play was composed of a series of monologues, dialogues and musical numbers based on the real life experiences of women as mothers, daughters, sisters and even carpool crazed frenemies. To Life! takes you through the everyday trias als, tribulations and joys of raising our children from delivery to adolescence and on. The acts were written by the performers themselves and are very personal reflections of their most vulnerable and satisfying moments as grown women. At times heart-wrenching and at times hilarious, it’s like watching scenes from your own life played out on stage (in case you

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Neighborhood News

March On

] 21 [

] 20 [

Israel Musicals presents, Meredith Willson’s The Music Man. Tony Award for best musical, 1957. The Music Man tells the story of conman, Harold Hill, who promises to organize and teach a kids’ marching band. He sells band instruments and uniforms to the naive townsfolk before skipping town with the cash. In River City, Iowa, prim librarian and piano teacher Marian Paroo sees through him, but when Hill’s band promis ises inspire her withdrawn younger brother to begin speaking and come out of his lisp-imposed shell, Marian begins to fall in love with Harold. Harold, in turn falling for Marian, risks being caught to win her. Israel Musicals’ production boasts around 30 actors and musics cians, children and adults, amateurs and professionals, and includes a special treat: The Chutzpah! Barbershop Quartet. There will be lots of song and dance, including such classics as 76 Trombones, Troubs ble in River City, Till There Was You and Goodnight, My Someone. The show will be performed in Modiin on July 8 and across Israel, and in Israel Musicals’ home base of Jerusalem.

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Summer Reading Lists for Kids By: Alana Stern

These age appropriate book lists have been created by our experts at Wiz Kids English Bookstore. They contain an even mix for boys and girls, some classics and the latest and most popular titles in children’s literats ture. Remember, kids read most when they pick the books themselves!

] 22 [

Grades 7-9 1. The Red Blazer Girls Series, Michael D. Beil 2. Nothing but the Truth, Avi

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Grades 5-6 1. Leven Thumps Series, Obert Skye 2. The Mysterious Benedict Society, Trenton Lee Stewart 3. The Doll People, Ann M. Martin 4. Percy Jackson - The Lightening Thief Sers ries, Rick Riordan 5. Emily Windsnap Series, Liz Kessler 6. Molly Moon Series, Georgia Byng 7. The Name of This Book is Secret Series, Pseudonymous Bosch 8. Groosham Grange Series, Antony Horowitz Grades 2-4: Ready for Chapters 1. Franny K. Stein #1, Jim Benton

2. Roscoe Riley, Katherine Applegate & Brian Biggs 3. Elevator Family, Douglas Evans 4. Ricky Ricotta Series, Dav Pilkey 5. The Ink Drinker, Eric Sanvoisin, Martin Matje & Georges Moroz 6. Ivy & Bean Series, Annie Barrows & Sophie Blackall Grades 1-3: Step into Reading 1. A Dollar for Penny, Joy Allen 2. Bones, Stephen Krensky 3. Arthur’s Reading Race, Marc Brown 4. Looking For Bigfoot, Bonnie Worth 5. Go Away Dog, Joan L. Nodset 6. The Case of the Hungry Stranger, Crosby Bonsall Wiz Kids is an English educational store stocking English books and course books for kids, teaching materials for English and Hebrew speakers and much more. Visit our store in Ra’anana or our website: . A new teacher showroom is located in Modiin. See our ad on page 24.

] 23 [

Grades 10-12 1. Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall, Wendy Mass 2. I am Number Four, Pittacus Lore 3. Frankenstein (Great Starts Version), Retold from the Mary Shelley Original 4. The Uglies Series, Scott Westerfeld 5. When I was Joe, Keren David 6. Eli the Good, Silas House 7. Beautiful Creatures, Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl 8. Reality Check, Peter Abrahams

3. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, E. Lockhart 4. Wolf Brother, Michelle Paver and Geoff Taylor 5. The Shadowed Summer, Saundra Mitchell 6. Call of the Wild, Jack London 7. A Curse Dark as Gold, Elizabeth Bunce 8. Criss Cross, Lynne Rae Perkins



Becoming Israeli By: Aviva Zaks

Need an activity for your kids?

to us kids. We were bored and lonely without our friends, and Israel was so hot in the summs mer! Resentment settled in but went much deeper when my only aunt, uncle, and cousis ins made Aliyah when I was a young teenas ager. It was pure devastation! To make matts ters worse, my parents decided to take a year “off” and bring the family to Israel for a year. I had to go to a Hebrew-speaking school, make new friends, and to top it all off, my parents couldn’t get enough “Chavayot”, schlepping us everywhere. So when I announced our plans to make Aliyah, my parents were a little surprised that

] 25 [

] 24 [

Have them write and draw for ModiInfo and send their submissions to

Having grown up in a Zionistic family, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I made Aliyah. My parents are blue-and-white-flag-waving modes ern Orthodox Jews who raised us with Torat Yisrael, B’Eretz Yisrael. In the early summers of my life, my family was stationed at Camp Massad, a Hebrew-speaking camp that brought in a large Mishlachat from Israel to teach the campers Hebrew language and Israeli culture. When my father started working for Young Isrs rael, he started “Achva”, the summer tour to Israel. We started coming to Israel every summs mer from when I was seven. But Israel started to become commonplace

I would be the pioneer in our immediate famis ily. Aliyah has always been on the back of my mind. Once, after visiting Israel together as a family, my husband, Arye, said that we should make Aliyah. I wouldn’t hear of it, especially while the Second Intifada was in full swing. I fact I was afraid to even visit at the time, and put my children in danger. The worst part was that I felt guilty, have been so connected to Isrs rael from such an early age. So why did we ever move to Israel? In Dets troit, I was a Mechanechet in elementary school, focusing on Sefer Breishit and Sefer Yehoshua. There was one theme that kept appearing in every single lesson. It was: “This is the Land I am giving you. Take it. Don’t give it up.” How could I teach that – in Detroit! I couldn’t anyms more. So, after months of personal deliberation, I told Arye it was time to go. I haven’t looked back, and I haven’t regretted my decision.

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Rachel the Dressmaker Just made Aliya from Brooklyn, New York Professional Designer and Seamstress. Tailoring and alterations: dresses, pants,  zippers, hems, cuffs and more. For men and women, all ages

] 27 [

] 26 [

Call Rachel Phone: 077-464-7040 Cell: 052-549-5581 (not on Shabbat) 64 Shimon Street, Buchman, Modiin

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Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee


By: Aura Coffee

Healthy Living Allow your inner world to change along with the season. We have come through Pesach and Shavuot and now the hot weathes er is fully upon us. Perhaps we have eaten too much and are carrying some extra weight. All that matzah and cheesecake is showing up around the waistline. Never fear! Always believe in the possibility of change. The day belongs to those who rise up early in the morning. Put on your walking shoes and go for a brisk walk or jog while the day is still cool or pull out your yoga mat and do some stretching. Even 15 minutes a day of gentle stretching and deep breathing will make a great difference in your life. There are many helpful short videos on YouTube. Try, one of my favorites. If you are a swimmer, early morning is ideal for doing those laps and a wonderful workout for your heart and nervous system. Even if you have started an exercise routine a hundred times only to abandon it the next week, you can always begin again. Tune into the changing patts terns of nature and give yourself another chance. Try a new approach. If you are accustomed to eating a heavy breakfast try having something light and refreshing instead. There are so many delicious fruits in season. Have a bowl of fruit salad, or put fresh fruit into your blender with cold wats ter and a frozen banana for a satisfying smoothie. One thing is certain – you will never change if you keep doing the same things over and over. Renewal is the secret of all life and the inner charge that makes the world move forward. Charge your day by using positive statements even and especially when you don’t feel like it. Fall in love with nature, fall in love with your garden, with the song of the morning birds, with your children. Have gratitude for living in Israel. Have a “raw day” on which you eat only raw fruits and veges etables. Make a salad into a main dish by adding some chopped nuts or nut pate (recipe to follow) and a special unusual dressis ing. Here are some of my favorites:

Brazil Nut Parmesan Place one cup of brazil nuts, 2-3 cloves of garlic and ½ tsp sea salt into a food processor. Process until crumbly.

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1 ½ cups sunflower seeds, soaked overnite Juice of 1 lemon 2 cloves garlic 6 sundried tomatoes, soaked 1 medium tomato, chopped 2 stalks chopped celery 3 green onions (scallions) Rinse the seeds and place them in the food processor with all ingredients except the green onions. Blend well. Transfer the mix to a bowl and add the chopped onions and celery. It looks kind of like tuna salad and is very good served over green salad or with crackers. Here are 2 dressings to jazz up a green salad.

Vegetable Dressing

The Cold-Brewed method of making iced coffee creates a smooth, full-flavored coffee concentrate that is not bitter, is easy on the stomas ach, with all the caffeine. Here’s how I do it: 1. In a large French Press carafe (1 liter) put 10 Tablespoons coarseground coffee. 2. Fill with cold water, stir until the floating grounds are wet, (add more water to top-off) and cover the carafe tightly with plastic wrap. 3. Leave the French Press carafe in the refrigerator undisturbed overnight (at least 12 hours). 4. Remove from fridge, stir briefly, insert plunger and depress. Decs cant the coffee concentrate into a clean pitcher. Keep concentrate cold in the refrigerator. 5. When ready to enjoy, pour 1/2 glass coffee concentrate over ice, then fill the rest with milk. If you prefer your coffee sweetened, dissolve the sweetener in the coffee before adding to ice and milk. Aura Coffee is always looking for ways to keep your coffee experience fresh and refreshing – special summer blends available too,,, 072-2724459.

Working with You to Achieve Peace of Mind and a Secure Financial Future Baruch Labinsky, MBA, TEP, Financial Planner Investment Manager, Licensed by the Israel Securities Authority

02-991-0029 052-762-6830

1 chopped red pepper 1 chopped cucumber Juice of ½ lemon 1 Tbs honey or other sweetener 2 Tbs soy sauce ¼ cup olive oil Blend all ingredients until creamy. You can add garlic, substitute avocado for the cucumber, add chopped carrot or tomato, curry powder or cumin.

Tahina Dressing ½ cup olive oil 2 Tbs apple cider vinegar 2 Tbs soy sauce 1 tsp granulated garlic powder 1 tsp marjoram ¼ cup tahina. Place all ingredients in a jar and shake well. Fast and delicious!

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By: Dena Solomon

Sunflower Seed Pate:

CLASSIFIEDS Professional, Effective, Practical & Caring Help The American Painter Experienced house and office painter Quality work at reasonable prices Call Michael: 054-6720-234

Meir Shetrit, Certified Electrician On-time, reliable, lic.#110737 Design, Planning & execution of lighting Electrical & lighting Services Clean & meticulous work 054-808-4011 (not on Shabbat)

Yoga with Dena Solomon It’s not just another class, it’s a way of life. This year give yourself the gift of yoga. You will feel the difference. All women. Mondays and Wednesdays 8:30-9:30am Call Dena 054-806-7687

Experienced Tutor Available to help your child in all his/her school subjects including limudei kodesh. Assists in Hebrew skills and homework. All grades. Speaks English. Call Zippy Cohen 08-970-3492 / 054-421-4504

Treat Yourself Well – You Deserve It! Sophie Sheldon Rehabilitative Medical Massage Specialist And Feel Great Massage Specialist! Relieve Stress & Pain Enhance Health, Relaxation & Well-being Call: 054-568-6521 Receive a Special Offer - Introductory Massage!

FOR SALE - NEW SHOP 28 square meters Located in the Kefar Oranim (near Lapid) new shopping center 672,000 NIS+ VAT Call Doreen 054-4667825

FOR SALE BY OWNER One of the BIGGEST lots in Buchman Darom adjacent to Park Hachavalim 440 sqm lot, open view to 3 directions (1 neighbor only) 5 bedrooms, 70sqm basement (incl. 2 parking spaces) Project under construction. Entry within 18-24 months. 054-4402881

FOR SALE BY OWNER An exclusive penthouse in Buchman Darom 155sqm, 5 bedrooms, huge living room, 120sqm porch, Exceptional view Project under construction. Entry within 18-24 months 054-4402881

Psychotherapy, Counseling & Coaching Anxiety, Depression, Stress Disorders, Family Issues Dr. Simcha Sheldon Licensed Marriage, Family & Child Therapist Clinical & Medical Psychologist & Hypnotherapist Feel welcome to call: 976-1056

CANDLE LIGHTING June 24/22 Sivan Parashat Korach Candle lighting: 19:29 Shabbat ends: 20:32

July 8/6 Tamuz Parashat Balak Candle lighting: 19:29 Shabbat ends: 20:31

July 15/13 Tamuz Parashat Pinchas Candle lighting: 19:27 Shabbat ends: 20:29

July 19/17 Tamuz Fast begins: 3:58 Fast ends: 20:12

July 22/20 Tamuz Parashat Matot Candle lighting: 19:23 Shabbat ends: 20:25

August 12/12 Av Parashat Veetchanan (Nachamu) Candle lighting: 19:07 Shabbat ends: 20:06

August 19/19 Av Parashat Ekev Candle lighting: 19:00 Shabbat ends: 19:58

August 26/26 Av Parashat Reeh Mevarchin HaChodesh Candle lighting: 18:52 Shabbat ends: 19:50

September 2/3 Elul Parashat Shoftim Candle lighting: 18:42 Shabbat ends: 19:40

July 29/27 Tamuz Parashat Massai Mevarchin HaChodesh Candle lighting: 19:19 Shabbat ends: 20:20 September 9/10 Elul Parashat Ki Tezeah Candle lighting: 18:33 Shabbat ends: 19:31

September 23/24 Elul Parashat NitzavimVayelec h Candle lighting: 18:15 Shabbat ends: 19:12

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August 5/5 Av Parashat Devarim (Chazon) Candle lighting: 19:14 Shabbat ends: 20:14 September 16/17 Elul Parashat Ki Tavoh Candle lighting: 18:24 Shabbat ends: 19:21

July 1/29 Sivan Parashat Chukat Mevarchin HaChodesh Candle lighting: 19:29 Shabbat ends: 20:32 August 8/9 Av Fast begins: 19:34 Fast ends: 19:56

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