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Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2


The Question Is... One of the memorable moments of the Haggadah is the

own questions, they will be able to recite the questions

passage that tells us about the four sons. The Torah uses

that they asked in class.

different verses to stress the idea that in the future your

The reason for this is clear, it is our questions and what

sons will ask you about Pesach and you better have good

we have questioned that we identify with most, we are

answers. And if they do not ask then you must initiate the

only prompted to ask about things that interest us. So if

discussion to bring them in, to make sure that they know

we can entice our children to ask we have been able to

the story.

get them interested in what is going on and that is the

But in truth knowing the details of the story is only part

essence of the Seder.

of it. The Gemara says that even if one is alone for Seder

We want our children and ourselves to be part of the

night he should ask himself the questions and supply his

story to identify with the event that suddenly ceases to

own questions with answers. Because on this night the

be merely a part of history and becomes our own story,

questions are as important and as integral a part of the

every single one of us.

process as the answers.


By: Rav Gideon Weitzman

For this reason the rasha, the wicked son, is considered

Psychologists have long ago taught us that a student

a rasha. After all he is present and he asks a question, so

will remember sometime after any class very few details

what is it that classifies him as evil, more than any of the

of what he has learned, but for a long time he or she will

other sons? Rav Hirsch points out that in the Torah we

remember one thing, this will stick with them even when

do not answer the wicked son at all. “You shall say it is a

they cannot recall anything else.They will remember their

sacrifice to the Lord” (Shemot 12:27) Not “say to him”

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but say to yourselves. Because the rasha is not asking a


legitimate question, he seeks no answer, he derides our

asked with a smirk need to be

service and calls it simply work, toil. The rasha seeks to

answered on this night. The Torah

weaken our standing and commitment to serving God.

presents an ideal, the Haggadah presents a realistic

He receives no answer as it is not an answer that he

educational model.





When we have learned how to

We still use the rasha’s comments, not as a springboard

encourage all types of questions

for discussion but as a challenge to loudly and clearly

we will have supplied the best

reaffirm our connection and enthusiasm with Divine

possible education for all of

service. So even the rasha has a purpose, even he must

our children and fulfilled

year in and year out grace our table so that he can

our obligation to transmit

make his snide comments and we can make the same

not the dry details of the story but the


excitement of the event in which we ourselves

Interestingly, in the Haggadah the rasha does receive a direct answer, because the Haggadah educates us to answer even the most problematic of questions, even

take part.


Rav Gideon Weitzman is the Rabbi of Beit Knesset Merkaz Modiin.


Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2


Nissan, a Beautiful Beginning By: Nancy Benjamin

month of Nissan. How do we know that? The Babylonian Talmud, tractate Rosh Hashana asks that question and answers it… “And the earth brought forth grass, herb yielding seed after its kind, and trees bearing fruit...In which month does the earth fill up with grasses and fruitbearing trees? It is Nissan.” The name “Nissan” itself has an alliterative connection, not coincidentally, to its vegetative productivity. A “nitzan” is a bud or sprout (sometimes translated as “flower” in English). The Song of Songs, (2:11-13) describes this time of year: “The winter is past, the rain is over and gone, the flowers (“nitzanim”) appear on the earth… the fig tree puts forth her green figs, and the vines in blossom


The month of Nissan is “famous” for the Exodus from

give their scent.” Indeed, when we leaves our homes

Egypt, one of the most important events in Jewish history.

during Nissan, and especially during the intermediate

Perhaps for this reason, Nissan is counted as the first of

days of Passover, we are “bombarded” with a plethora

the 12 months in Jewish (lunar) calendar. According to

of grass, trees, and all things green, a visual and olfactory

one school of thought, the world was created in the


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On the one hand, the month of Nissan and the Pesach holiday in particular, mark the end of the rainy season (as it were!) in Israel. The prayer for rain is no longer said, instead we ask for beneficent dew to water the land. However, even the scanty rainfall we received this winter resulted in lush green grass, weeds, and wildflowers aplenty. By Passover time, most of the pink and lavender cyclamen (rakafot) and red anemone (kalaniyot) are gone. The flowers that are prevalent now are the red buttercups (nitzanim) and poppies (pragim). Soon they also will dry up and disappear. Because of the approaching hamsin period, the flower season is almost over! On the other hand, the fruit trees are just awakening from winter dormancy, notably the fig trees and the grape vines with their amazing smadar blossom.The most glorious of the trees at this time is the pomegranate! It begins with tiny red leaves, and as the buds form, it is as if they draw the redness out of the leaves, leaving them dark green, while the blossoms shine scarlet in the sunshine. Continues on page 23


Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2


Air Borne

By: Daniella Hellerstein

If you’re looking for a new way to experience Israel you might consider leaving. Not leaving the country but leaving the ground. Recently Caryn and I spent an ordinary morning experiencing the extraordinary. At first, the idea of flying in a plane smaller than my car made me a bit queasy. Pilot Avi Silas, a really nice guy with a really little plane called Moonair, quickly eased my nerves with his calm and reassuring manner. He took us through the pre-flight lesson on airplanes and how they work using models and demonstrations, something he usually saves for children but we said we wanted the full treatment. The full treatment included the routine pre-flight check and I as far as I was concerned the more checking the better.


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The plane seats four people, two in front and two in the back. Caryn sat next to Avi in the front assuming the role of copilot. I was happy to take a seat in the back a safe distance away from any controls. Take off was both quick and smooth and before I knew it we were hovering above the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean. The views were stunning and the feeling was magical and as Avi said, our tiny country looks deceivingly perfect and peaceful from the sky. We spent almost an hour flying as far north as Netanya and as far south as Bat Yam. We saw Harei Yehuda to the east and the beaches of the Mediterranean to the west. We flew over cities, orchards, villas with private pools and high rises. We got a birds’ eye view of Superland and the Azrielli towers. When we landed back in Herziliya we were on a high from being so high and we highly recommend it to all. Call Avi, 054-596-1069.



Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2


In the Footsteps of the Baron By: Chana Koren

place for the Baron and Baroness Adelaide by Rothschild himself. The Rothschilds are buried in a crypt hidden Pesach is perfect for spending quality time

Five sections make up the floral gardens of Ramat

with the family while

Hanadiv, which are maintained by the Rothschild Family

enjoying the wide variety

fund. These sections are the fragrant rose garden, palm

of activities and historical

trees, statue garden and fragrance garden specially

sites throughout Israel.

designed for the visually impaired. The latter garden

Ramat HaNadiv, located

includes railings allowing the disabled to walk along the

just south of Zichron

raised garden, encouraging touching and smelling of

Yaacov allows visitors


large and small to enjoy

Just outside the visitors center, at the entrance to the

beautiful gardens, visit

park are several paths leading to a spring and various

archeological sites, make a picnic or take a short hike. Ramat Hanadiv, named after the Baron Edmond Rothschild, a nineteenth century philanthropist, assisted


away in the Israel’s most exquisite gardens.

ancient buildings. For today’s hike follow the blue path which is approximately a 1.5 hour hike, suitable for all ages (not for carriages).

in the purchasing and development of land for settlement

The path starts with a view of Bikat HaNadiv with

in then Palestine. This spot was purchased as a burial

its extensive vineyards and orchards, initially planted by

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settlers under the auspices of the Baron Rothschild. Note, while walking along the paths, various types of trees and shrubs endemic to Israel as well as plants such as Iris, Sage, Common Grape Hyacinth and even Orchids. After about a 20-minute walk you will come upon a real spring whose waters have been flowing for thousands of years. Two cool pools of water can be used for wading, the smaller one dated to Herod’s day (Second Temple period) and continues to serve its original purpose. The water flows through a 32-meter open aqueduct which was built in Roman times, and which starts at the Ein Zur

warm room (tepiderium) and hot room (caldarium).

spring located inside the nearby hill. This spring provided

You’ll know you’ve reached the hot room when seeing

water for all of the nearby settlement, whether villages,

low columns, upon which a floating floor was located.This

farm houses or the occasional shepard and still provides

allowed the furnace to blast hot air under the floor and

fresh water for visitors pleasure.

through pipes along the walls, to heat the room. flow

Just beyond the pools is a genuine Roman bath house.

There are picnic tables in the area of the spring in

During Roman times empirical citizens used the bath

the shade of large carob trees. After an enjoyable break

house as a public meeting place where business deals

all that is left to do is either return to the car near the

were made while practicing hygiene. There are signs

main gate or have another car waiting in the parking lot

explaining the function of each structure such as the dressing room (apoditerium), cold room (fridgiderium),

Continues on page 21


Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2

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U.S. Income Tax Update By: Alan R. Deutsch

that maximizing the child credit can be quite complicated since there are many factors to consider.

Tax planning and compliance for the 2009 tax-filing

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion has been inflation

season has commenced. As such, it is imperative that

adjusted and rises to $87,600 per taxpayer. Thus, married

you familiarize yourselves with certain concepts regarding

taxpayers filing jointly, who meet certain requirements,

both U.S. and Israeli income tax law, especially recent

may potentially exclude up to $175,200 of

changes, and how they may affect your personal situation.

foreign earned income per tax return.

Proper tax planning and minimization of your taxes

However, one spouse may not utilize

requires an analysis of many important issues, including

the unused portion of the exclusion of

the U.S. and Israeli foreign income tax credit rules, the

the other spouse and by electing the

foreign earned income exclusion rules, and also how the

exclusion you may preclude eligibility

applicable provisions of the U.S. - Israel income tax treaty

for the U.S. Child Credit. Please

affects you. Delineated below are some areas of current

note that this exclusion applies

U.S. tax law, which may impact upon your U.S. tax return

only to work or self-employed

filings due in 2009.

income and does NOT apply

U.S. Child Tax Credit of up to $1,000 per eligible child

pension, investment


potentially results in FREE money to you courtesy of the

rental or any other non-work

federal government via a U.S. check or direct deposit


to your U.S. bank account, even if no U.S. income tax

For additional tax updates, please

is due. If applicable, this credit may also be available to

visit our website, and go

offset any potential U.S. income tax liability. Taxpayers

to our blog.

must have reportable earned income from wages or self-

t o


employment generated in Israel or in the U.S. in excess

Alan (Avraham) Deutsch is a CPA, with over 25 year’s experience.

of $8,500 to $11,750, depending on the year you are

Avraham and his associates specialize in income tax planning and

filing. The earned incomes of both husband and wife can

compliance as well as in investment consulting. Avraham has four office

be combined even if one spouse is NOT a U.S. citizen.

locations and can be reached at 02-999-2104, 03-527-3254, 09-746-

Children must be U.S. citizens aged 16 and below and

0623 or 052-274-9999, or you can e-mail him at

must possess a U.S. Social Security number. Please note

Please visit his website at for more information.


Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2

13 [

Rising to the Top By: Daniella Hellerstein


Meet four men who appear to

In 1991, Naftaly started a band called Ain Safek which

be thrown together from the

was the first of its kind in that the music was a successful

four corners of the earth but

blend of religious and non-religious themes which

are completely in sync when it

introduced melodies to religious lyrics previously associated

comes to their music. They call

with secular music. After the band broke up in 1998, Naftaly

themselves the Elevators and

continued to write and play his own music. He teamed up

their goal is to lift you up with

with Eliezer Blumen from the well known band Yud and

their music which ranges from

was a regular in the Jerusalem music scene.

Grateful Dead to simcha music

Flash back 30 years to when Naftaly, a kid in Young Judea

to original songs written by lead singer Aryeh Naftaly of

(the Reform movements signature youth group) meets

Moshav Mevo Modiin.The other members of the band are

another Jewish kid named Rob Steiner. They both enjoy

Michael Roth of Modiin, Rob Steiner of Modiin and Tom

music and the two become good friends. They travel to

Curren of Raanana. Naftaly has been active in the Israeli

Israel together and start a band, but return disillusioned. A

music industry since his arrival on the mosahv in 1987.

number of years later the two meet up again in San Francisco

While Shlomo Carlebach was not the impetus for his move

and become roommates. Still secular and searching, Naftaly

to Mevo Modiin, Naftaly did meet the legendary singer on

describes the evening he stumbled on a Tanach and

the moshav and had the opportunity to play with him an

began to read it. Something hit him at that moment and

experience he describes as fun and relaxed.

a feeling of “this is it” struck him so hard he just had to

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share his discovery with Steiner. The two slowly became


but ultimately go their separate ways…until now. Destined to meet again Naftaly and Steiner now live a few minutes from each other in Israel and have rediscovered what brought them together in the first place – music. Wanting to start a full-fledged band and still missing a drummer and base player, Blumen recommended Roth and Curren to Naftaly. The Elevators came together in December 2007 and have been performing throughout the country in places such as Tel Aviv, Pardes Chana and Jerusalem.They practice once a week in the sealed room of Moshav Mevo Modiin. The walls are covered with Shlomo posters and his aura somehow permeates the room. Their music is fun and unpredictable and their talent is visible.The Elevators are clearly on their way up. The Elevators will soon be releasing their debut album “Olim”, for more information, aryehnaftaly.



Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2

15 [

Chesed Around Town


Caring for Kallot

Stories from the South

Back in December Modiin hosted a very special event to

During Operation Cast

raise money for brides who lack the funds needed for a

Lead this past winter,

wedding or to set up a home. Many are orphaned, have

many people in Modiin

converted or are baalei teshuva and have no support

wanted to do their

(financial or emotional) from parents. Others come from

share to help out our

a family where financial resources have been drained

soldiers and brethren in

due to a sick parent or child. The organization Likrat Kalla

the south. As a result, Beit Knesset Ashkenaz carried out

provides assistance to these kallot through donations. The

several different chesed projects. Every Friday during the

evening featured renowned speaker and educator Shani

war, several members of the community traveled down

Taragin who spoke brilliantly on the topic “Eishet Chayil

south to visit soldiers at Sheba and Barzalai hospitals and

– A woman of Strength, Sophistication and Serenity” and

brought donated food packages to the EMT crews. The

was hosted by Debbie Goldfischer. More than 80 women

soldiers were also given letters and pictures from the

turned out to perform the mitzvah of Hachnassat Kalla that

community children expressing appreciation and support.

night which raised over 2,500 NIS and collected over 70 gift

In an effort to help small businesses suffering from

items for the brides-to-be.To host a bridal shower or make

financial loses incurred while their towns were under

a donation contact Sadeena at Likrat Kalla 02-999-4463.

fire, shul members put in orders every Friday at one of

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the local bakeries in Ashkelon. This is just one example of the many acts of kindness that were performed by Modiin area residents during a most trying time in Israel.

Singing for Tzedakah The lights were dimmed and it all began with “Once Upon a Time…” Once Upon a Time there were two women with talent and a vision. Tamar Weiss and Cheryl Fishman started a drama chug for the women of Modiin and Chashmonaim under the guidance of Pnina FredmanSchechter. What started out as weekly meetings turned into daily rehearsals, production on-stage and a name for the theater group, Modiin’s Women in Theatre.

Continues on page 18


Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2

17 [

‡ Continued from page 17 The musical, “Into the Woods” was an all women volunteer cast and production team. There were two shows in Modiin and one in Kfar Shmaryahu. All three completely sold out with the proceeds going to the organization, Table to Table, which collects leftover food from restaurants and other sources and distributes it to the needy (for more information on the go to www. In addition to ticket sales, the group was able to fundraise for Table to Table in support of their show bringing in several thousand dollars. Especially impressive was the talent of the local women who until now had not had an opportunity to showcase their abilities. The




convincing and although there were no men in the cast, the women did a great job in playing male roles. Several


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women had solos which wowed the audience. For many of the women it was their first performance but it was like they‫׳‬ve been acting together for years. The audience left the theater looking forward to the next Modiin‫׳‬s Women Theatre show.




Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2

19 [


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‡ Continued from page 11 of the Ort school on route 652 between Benyamina and Zichron Yaacov. How to get there: Coastal road to Zichron Yaakov exit. Travel straight, turning right toward Zichron, continue on road 652 till Ramat Nadiv (following the signs). For those who would like to start the trip at Ein Zur, continue on road 652 till the Ort school, turn into the parking lot. To the left of the building is a path to the spring and antiquities. Entrance to Ramat HaNadiv between 9-16 every day. Ein Zur from dawn to dusk. There is no charge for either. Places close by worth a visit: Zichron Yaacov, Nachsholim, HaBonim Beach, Mear’at Adam Hakadmon and Caesarea.


Written by Chana Koren, B.A. Israeli Studies and Geography, tour guide/travel consultant and travel agent at Ophir Tours, Modiin and can be reached at


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Up-To-Date News ]

Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2

21 [


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‡ Continued from page 7 Then the small fruits appear: first green, then pale red,

various marvah or “moriah” plants (in the sage, or “salvia”

then bright red. As the pomegranates grow larger and

family)- possibly the myrrh from Song of Songs 4:4, 4:14,

heavier they tilt forward on the thin branches, with their

and other cites, and the kida se’irah”, perhaps the “kida”

crowns facing the ground, looking much like the clappers

that is mentioned in Exodus 30:24, one of the 4 fragrant

of bells.

plants compounded with olive oil to make the “oil of

The Talmudic sages (Rosh Hashana 11:a) appreciated


the majesty of this blossoming season and composed

Almost certainly your own private gardens or nearby

the “birkat ha’ilanot”, which is said only in the month of

public parks are replete with at least of few of these trees,

Nissan. “If one goes out into the fields and gardens during

plants, and flowers. To be able to see and smell them

Nissan and sees trees in blossom he says the blessing:’

all in an organized fashion, plus take advantage of lovely

Blessed are You… in whose world nothing is lacking, and

walking trails, craft activities for children, dyers’, weavers’,

Who has created in it good creatures, and good and

and potters’ workshops, and much more, you are cordially

beautiful trees, from which mankind may benefit.’ ”

invited to Neot Kedumim, the biblical Landscape Reserve,

As the days get longer, and there are more hours of sunshine and hotter temperatures, towards the end of

10 minutes away, during hol HaMoed Pesach. For details phone 977-0777.

Nissan and beginning of Iyar, new beautiful and aromatic

Sources: Feliks, Yehuda, Song of Songs: Nature, Epic, and

plants reach their zenith. To name but a few: henna

Allegory. Hareuveni, Nogah, Nature in Oure Biblical Heritage.

flowers, (Song of Songs 1:14), pink rock rose, considered

Kitov, Eliyahu, The Book of Our Heritage Rosenson, Yisrael,

by some scholars to be ladanum (Genesis 43:11), the

Hodesh V’Teva.



Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2

23 [

Addition by Subtraction - Being Organized By: Claudia Brodsky

Disorganization certainly wastes time and energy. It also costs money. Sometimes the cost is indirect: missed

To have freedom of time, you need to be organized. It’s

opportunity from not having your act together. But there

one of the many paradoxes of life. People often think that

is also the direct cost of having to replace things that have

the processes of getting and being organized take away

permanently gone missing in the midst of chaos. On the

from their available time, and it’s true - as far as it goes.

other hand, being organized allows you to find what you

There is a commitment of time involved in bringing order

want when you want it.

out of chaos and then maintaining order.


The payoff of being organized goes beyond merely

Unless you’re already perfectly satisfied with the

saving time, energy, and money. Organization also results

organizational state of your office or home, it will take

in better relationships. An orderly environment helps

some effort to bring things to the point where being

reduce conflicts among household members. At work,

organized is clearly saving you time, energy, and money.

the image you present by being organized advances the

The question is whether the effort is worth it to you.

respect that colleagues and clients hold for you.

Another way to frame the question is to ask what is the

Organization also increases the likelihood of success in

price you’re paying for being disorganized. Does it cause

achieving your goals. If you’ve decided to get organized,

conflicts in your relationships - business or personal? Do

make a commitment, a specific plan with a deadline and

you have a pattern of being unable to quickly locate things

some accountability. Start small, but start somewhere

you need, resulting in daily doses of irritation and stress?

because organization is a process, not a destination.

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| 052-3868768 | |

Step by step, you can bring your home or office to the point where it supports your life, as your environment should do. 1. Identify something to organize. A suggestion of where to begin is to eliminate clutter in a specific area: a drawer, a closet, a room. 2. Give yourself a deadline by which you will have it done. Make the deadline feasible - the point here is to achieve success, no matter how large or small the initial project is. 3. Build in some accountability or consequences: what are the positive consequences of getting it done on time (reward yourself in celebration); or the negative

organized can be. The payoff of being organized goes beyond saving time,

consequences of missing your deadline.

energy, and money. Organization increases the likelihood

Once you’ve accomplished your first objective, then

of success in achieving your goals. Happy Organizing!

build on success. Choose your next small but specific area, and so on until you’re satisfied.


Claudia Brodsky is a Professional Organizer with SOS - Simple

Organization is a practice, not a natural tendency,

Organizing Solutions, helping individuals and business take control of

as so many people believe. It’s true that there are

their surrounding, their time, their paper and their systems for life. She

those who enjoy the process of putting things in order

can be reached at 054-521-3689 or

more than others do, but anyone who chooses to be


Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2

25 [

When Is It Right to Refinance Your Mortgage? By: Saul Kramer & Julian Vardi

refinancing or optimizing your mortgage: How much time

Interest rates are now at a historic low in Israel and are

to bring forward maturity or to decrease payments which

likely to remain low in the short term. Many people are

will push back maturity? Do you want more constant

checking the possibility of benefiting from these low rates

repayments while the outstanding capital increases or

to refinance their mortgage. Refinancing your mortgage

variable monthly repayments while ensuring that the

periodically is much more common and simpler to do

outstanding capital always decreases? Are there penalties

abroad. The process in Israel is more complicated and

to exit existing loans? What is the main currency that you

less familiar. Nevertheless, Blue Crown Capital suggests

draw your repayments from?

that you should occasionally evaluate having this done and not just because interest rates are low.

There are many different types of loans available in Israel so it is important to understand the differences

In addition to refinancing to lower your payments or

and advantages and disadvantages between them. Blue

reducing the years remaining, your mortgage can be used

Crown Capital will make sure that when you refinance,

to free up capital for investments, vacations, weddings,

your loan suits your personal requirements.

bar/bat mitzvah or for home improvements. There are numerous factors when considering


is left until maturity? Do you want to increase payments

The four most common types of mortgages are: 1) Fixed interest shekel mortgages linked to CPI/MADAD

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(inflation). 2) Variable shekel mortgages linked to CPI/

variable. Over the past year people with this type of

MADAD (inflation). 3) Variable shekel mortgages linked

mortgage have benefited greatly from decreasing monthly

to interest rates, normally the Bank of Israel prime lending

repayments due to the central bank dropping interest

rate. 4) Foreign currency mortgages.

rates rapidly in an attempt to stave off recession. There

With the fixed CPI linked shekel mortgage, the

are no exit fines for this type of mortgage.

monthly repayments are relatively constant and go up

Finally, foreign currency mortgages can be used

or down due to the outstanding capital being adjusted

when income is derived in foreign currency. This type of

because of inflation. In essence the REAL repayments are

mortgage could also be used if shekel earners believe the

constant. The major disadvantage is that in years of high

shekel will strengthen against a specific currency and they

inflation, namely 2007 and 2008, the upward adjustments

will thereby end up paying fewer shekels in the future.

“wreaked havoc” to the borrower’s outstanding capital. There could also be significant exit penalties if the bank’s average interest rate for fixed mortgages is lower than the fixed rate originally obtained.

Now is the right time to consider refinancing your mortgage.


Blue Crown Capital is an independent mortgage consulting firm in

The variable, CPI linked mortgage is similar to the fixed

Israel specializing in sourcing new residential loans and refinancing

CPI linked mortgage except there are exit points for the

existing loans for clients living in Israel and abroad. Blue Crown

borrower where the rates also change. These exit points

Capital has advised and assisted many clients through the process of

are agreed upon when taking out the mortgage.

refinancing their mortgages which has resulted in significant savings

The advantage of the variable, interest linked shekel

and improved rates and terms.

mortgage is that the outstanding capital always decreases.

Contact for more information: 08-9700479,

The disadvantage is that the monthly repayments are,


Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2

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Recipe Corner Exquisite Pesach Meringues By: Nessie Fisher Ingredients: 4. Squeeze out meringues about 1 cm 5 egg whites


2 cups sugar

5. Bake for 2-3 hours until the meringues

½ tsp. lemon juice (optional)

are dry and firm. 6. Enjoy them plain or make a sandwich


with chocolate spread. Stack a tower of “sandwiches” and strawberries for a

1. Preheat oven to 120 C or 250 F

breathtaking dessert.

2. Using an electric mixer, whip egg whites on maximum


speed until stiff. Slowly add lemon juice and sugar (one

Nessie Fisher is the owner of Nessia Desserts

spoonful at a time) and continue to whip until very


stiff. 3. Place egg white mixture into a piping bag or into a large Ziploc type bag and cut out the corner in order

For more Pesach recipes log on to ModiInFood

to pipe.


Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2

29 [

Classifieds Professional Guidance & Practical Solutions

Resolving The Difficulties of ALIYA Identity, Self Esteem, Socialization, Family

Dr. Simcha Sheldon

Licensed Marriage, Family & Child Therapist Clinical & Medical Psychologist & Hypnotherapist For a consultation call: 976-1056

New to Modiin: Judaica by artist Dorit Klein. Original gifts at all prices, special and amazing pieces for Pesach. Call Techia Ben Meir 052-823-6910

Store for sale in Solomon Center Ground floor, 33 meters Rented out for 5,000 NIS for a year and a half For sale 600,000 NIS immediate Eti: 0523523071

Hairstylist who will come to your very own home! Hairstyles for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and more. Lowest prices in the area. References available! Call Fraydel: 052-438-3555

Bright Sparks English Books for Children in Modiin Tel. Ayala on 054 678 5913 Address: Buchman Area email.

Dalia’s Designs

The American Painter

Professional dressmaker, alterations on men’s and women’s clothing. By appointment, not on Shabbat, 08-970-7194.

Experienced house and office painter Quality work at reasonable prices Call Michael: 054-6720-234

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Candle Lighting


March 27 2am Spring forward one hour

Mar 27/2 Nissan Parshat Veyekra Candle lighting: 18:36 Shabbat ends: 19:33

April 3/9 Nissan Parshat Tzav Shabbat HaGadol Candle lighting: 18:43 Shabbat ends: 19:42

April 8/14 Nissan Erev Pesach Candle lighting: 18:43 Chag ends: 19:42

April 10/16 Nissan Shabbat Chol Hamoed Candle lighting: 18:45 Shabbat ends: 19:43

April 14/21 Nissan Seventh Day Pesach Candle lighting: 18:47 Chag ends: 19:46

April 17/23 Nissan Parshat Shimini Shabbat Mevarchin Candle lighting: 18:50 Shabbat ends: 19:48

April 25/1 Iyar Parshat Tazreia-Metzura Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Candle lighting: 18:55 Shabbat ends: 19:54

May 1/7 Iyar Parshat Acharei Mot/ Kedoshim Candle lighting: 19:00 Shabbat ends: 20:00

May 8/14 Iyar Parshat Emor Candle lighting: 19:05 Shabbat ends: 20:05

May 15/21 Iyar Parshat Behar/ Bechuchotai Candle lighting: 19:09 Shabbat ends: 20:11

May 22/28 Iyar Parshat Bamidbar Shabbat Mevarchin Candle lighting: 19:14 Shabbat ends: 20:17

May 28/5 Sivan Erev Shavuot (make an eruv tavshilin) Candle lighting: 19:17

May 29/6 Sivan Parshat Nasso Candle lighting: 19:18 Shabbat ends: 20:22

June 5/13 Sivan Parshat Behalotecha Candle lighting: 19:22 Shabbat ends: 20:26

June 12/20 Sivan Parshat Shlach Lecha Candle lighting: 19:25 Shabbat ends: 20:29

June 19/27 Sivan Parshat Korach Shabbat Mevarchin Candle lighting: 19:27 Shabbat ends: 20:32

June 26/4 Tamuz Parshat Chukat Candle lighting: 19:29 Shabbat ends: 20:33

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Spring 2009

| Nissan/Iyar 5769 | Volume 6, Issue 2

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