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January 2008 Tevet / Shvat 5768 Volume 5, Issue 2 FREE

‫ׁשּום ִּפלְּפֶל וְ ֶׁשמֶן זַי ִת‬

Shum, Pilpel v’Shemen Zayit

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January 2008

| Tevet/Shvat 5768 | Volume 5, Issue 2


In and Around the City By: Daniella Hellerstein There will be no traditional Tu B’shvat planting this year

store at theYishpro shopping center. He is also considering

due to the laws of Shmittah.

building an events hall on top of the supermarket.

The Azrieli Mall in the center of the city is going up fast

The city council recently approved nine new Batai

and is still slated to open on March 18 at 18:00. The mall

Knesset throughout the city: Yad Rambam, Amutat Klal

is only one section that will comprise the Azrieli complex.

Yisrael, Achdut Modiin, Lev Achim, Kehillat Masoratit, and

The other buildings will house apartments for rent, offices

Amutat Meir Modiin to name a few.

and a retirement home. The mall will have an extensive food court with all the chain cafes and restaurants as well as all the well known chain clothing stores, book stores,


Alex Weinreb (middle) with Dr. Orit Shamir of the Antiquities Dept. and Shmil Bean, Director General of the mall

children’s stores, electronics and more. The mall will also house a 1,000-meter health club, Mega supermarket, banks, a kids play space, five movie theaters and a 360seat stage theater. A new development regarding the mall is the inclusion of Modiin’s archeological artifacts, the story of ancient Modiin, the Hashmonaim, the Chanukah story and the triumph of the Maccabees. All will play an integral role in the design of the mall. At the request of Deputy Mayor Alex Weinreb who holds the archeology portfolio, the six entrances will be named specifically after ancient Modiin such as the Maccabee Gate, the Matityahu Gate, etc. The gate will feature genuine ancient coins found in Modiin during the course of building the city. Additionally, archeological artifacts discovered will be displayed in public spaces. The discount supermarket, Rami Levy, will be opening a


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Dear Readers, As Chanukah vacation came to close, I asked my children which of the various activities we took part in was their favorite. Admittedly, to my surprise, they said that the day we went to Yerushalayim to pack food for the needy at Yad Eliezer was the best. I have to say I didn’t see that coming. After all the money I spent trying to show them a good time they had the nerve to say the most fun they had was volunteering! Considering

Daniella Hellerstein & Caryn Meltz Co-publishers and editors 0526-404-414 | 0523-868-768

Dana Cyviak Design & Layout 054-635-8580

that the day was really work and not play and didn’t really involve anything particularly

Judy Simon

exciting, why did it rank so high? Their response taught me a few things: it proved to

Ad Graphics 052-840-6366

me that children experience the same gratifying feeling that results from doing a good deed, perhaps even more so if involves hard work. It taught me never to underestimate our children’s desire to help others, no matter how young or how old. It reminded me that we can and we should help those in need in other ways besides monetarily. It also reinforced what I already knew – that these meaningful experiences are often more powerful and memorable to our children than the glitzy, pricey ones. Unfortunately, we are all aware of the devastating statistics of poverty in this country. Our children may not know the numbers but they understand the need and it is our job to give them the opportunities to do their part.

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January 2008

| Tevet/Shvat 5768 | Volume 5, Issue 2


Shemittah Kedushat Shevi’it, Part 2 By: Rav Gideon Weitzman As we saw last time, all vegetables grown on Jewish land

then it can be exported, but others hold that even in these

and picked during the Shemittah year have Kedushat

circumstances it cannot be exported. It appears that one is

Shevi’it and have to be treated in a special way. This also

allowed to take a small amount of produce outside of Israel,

applies to fruit that grew during the Shemittah year, even

and a small amount means what one needs for one day’s

if it was picked during the eighth year, i.e. the year after the

consumption, or the amount for three meals. Therefore if

Shemittah year, in our case 5769.

someone is going on a trip overseas they can take an apple

There are a number of laws that relate to Kedushat Shevi’it and we will look at some more of those here. Since the fruit must be eaten in its best form (and cannot be changed, as we discussed last time) one cannot cut the

in their bag or such like. Eilat is considered Israel for this purpose, and only the places that were not settled during the First Temple Period are considered outside of Israel.

branches off a tree that have on them unripe fruit with

All edible produce that grew in the ground has Kedushat

Kedushat Shevi’it. Even if one did not have the intention of

Shevi’it including mushrooms. Whatever grew indoors or

eating the fruit and cut off the branches because they were

inside greenhouses in non-porous pots does not have

blocking the sunlight or for another such reason, this still cannot

Kedushat Shevi’it.

be done. One can cut the branches down while the flowers

Flowers without any scent do not have Kedushat Shevi’it

are still on the tree, but when the flowers have already fallen

according to most poskim. There are some who claim that

off and the fruit buds already appear, one must wait for the

they do have Kedushat Shevi’it. Flowers with a scent have

fruit to ripen in order to cut down the branches.

Kedushat Shevi’it and should not be purchased directly but

This produce cannot be exported from Israel. Some

using a credit card, as discussed last time, and should not

hold that if the fruit were to rot if it were left in Israel,

be discarded directly into the garbage, but placed inside a separate bag and then discarded. Some poskim hold that even flowers with a scent do not have Kedushat Shevi’it (Responsa Tzitz Eliezer 6:33) but the large majority do hold that one needs to treat them with Kedushat Shevi’it. Since flowers have Kedushat Shevi’it one should be careful to only purchase flowers in a nursery that observes the laws of Shemittah. As already stated if the flowers grow indoors in a non-porous pot then do not have Kedushat Shevi’it and one may prefer buying this type of flower during Shemittah. Spices that are used even for smell have Kedushat Shevi’it

Winner’s Circle



‡ Ohad Turjeman (3rd grade) was the winner of the Mesuat Neriah Chanuka fair raffle. The bicycle (first prize) was donated by Express Bicycles in Shilat. 08-979-2020.

and therefore if one uses a myrtle branch for smelling spices at havdallah it should be placed in a separate bag before being discarded.


Next time we will look at the prohibition of Safiach.

Rav Gideon Weitzman is the Rav of Beit Knesset Merkaz Modiin (Bunker Shul) and gives weekly shiurim in both Hebrew and English.

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January 2008

| Tevet/Shvat 5768 | Volume 5, Issue 2


Getting to Know Our Noar By: Ella Hyman

well as one or two adult participants.The adults who gladly worked with the Noar (led by Channah Spiegelman and

On the fifth night of Hanukah a miracle happened in Hashmonaim! Teenagers and their parents, working together, created an incredible Hanukah party attended by well over 300 adults. Not only did they work together that night, but they also enjoyed every minute of it! And, teens have been seen greeting adults more warmly than ever in the light of day whenever they pass each other in the street!

Michal Abitbol) gave advice, time, shopping assistance, and

The Noar (youth) decided that they wanted to host a

yellow runners, each with a large centerpiece looking

Hanukah party for the adults of the Yishuv. In the planning

like a burning candle. Ushers showed people to their

rides; they decorated, filmed, hosted meetings, organized phone squads, delivered tables and chairs, cooked and baked. Many people generously donated items ranging from paper goods for 400 people, technical equipment, helium and... just name it. The enthusiasm and readiness to work was apparent to everyone involved – every step of this project was simply a lot of fun. The evening itself was held in the beautiful new Beit Midrash of Yeshivat Ner Tamid. The huge hall was decorated to the hilt – the Noar had spent hours decorating and it showed. The entrance was covered by a huge arch of balloons flying overhead. Inside, 40 tables were set beautifully with black tablecloths and red and

stages, a number of committees were set up, including fundraising, food, programming, decorating, technical, music, etc. Each committee consisted of a number of youths as


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seats, which were assigned at the door, purposely seating people with others that they don’t know. Buffet tables covered with homemade soups, salads, other hot delicacies, coffee, teas and tens of gourmet-looking cakes lined the beautifully decorated walls. When Rav Palti Granot, Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Tamid, arrived, he was danced in by an enthusiastic group of his students. The program began when Rav Itamar Orbach, the Rav of the Yishuv, joined Rav Granot for candle lighting and divrei Torah. This was

filmed by the Noar, with cameo appearances by some of

followed by a greeting by Yitzchak Steinberg, the newly

their adult counterparts. The film recreated some scenes

elected Rosh Vaad Hashmonaim.

from the Hanukah story which took place in our backyard,

The multifaceted program that followed featured a sequence of challenges that were to be attempted by

and poked fun at life in the Yishuv. They also provided live music for the event.

each table simultaneously – for example, filling in a map of

The Noar is one of Hashmonaim’s strongest and

where everyone lives on the Yishuv. Between tasks, there

proudest assets. They are strong, energetic and very

were skits prepared by the Noar together with adults.The feature presentation was a hysterical movie produced and

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January 2008

| Tevet/Shvat 5768 | Volume 5, Issue 2



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Sciatic Pain Have you ever suffered from low back pain? Has this pain started to creep down your leg? Have you felt tingling, numbness or pins and needles down the leg? Then it is likely that you suffered from sciatica. According to Dr. Yoav Moritz of the Chiropractic and

By: Dr. Yoav Moritz along the nerve and remains on the leg for a period of three-to-five days at a time, until the leg symptoms are gone.


For more details please contact Dr. Yoav Moritz at the Chiropractic Center in Modiin Center 08-926-6335.

Rehabilitation Center in Modiin, sciatica is common among the 40-60 age group and it affects women more than men. He goes on to explain that in the majority of cases the low back pain will start first and after a few days the leg sensation will occur. There are number of conditions that can lead to sciatica. Disc bulge or herniation that are impinging on the nerve can cause sciatica. In addition, degenerative processes, such as spondylosis, that occur in the spine and cause impingement of the nerve can also lead to sciatica.The impingement of the nerve initiates an inflammatory process in the sciatic nerve itself.The sciatic nerve, which is the longest nerve in the body, is made out of bundles of fibers wrapped together in a sheath. During the inflammation fluids build up inside the sheath

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and this cause pressure that irritate the nerve fibers. The irritation to the nerve fibers leads to pain, numbness, pins and needles, loss of sensation and even weakness of the leg or foot. Today there is a new way to treat sciatica which is known as neurodynamic unloading taping. This method collaboration of experts from Israel, the UK the US and Australia. It has been trialed and tested successfully in one of the major hospitals in Israel and has been shown to be a very effective method to ease the leg symptoms in sciatica. The treatment is noninvasive and without any significant side-effects.The treatment method includes the use of special tapes that are applied to the skin in order to cause an upward stretch of the nerve and its surrounding connective tissues. This taping method lowers the pressure inside the nerve sheath which is caused by the

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was developed over a number of years through a

Don’t compromise! Let us find your dream home

inflammatory fluids. The drop in the pressure allows for improved blood circulation and speeds-up the recovery process.The tapes are applied to the leg at specific points

January 2008

w w w. s h u m a c h e r . n e t

| Tevet/Shvat 5768 | Volume 5, Issue 2


11 [

The North and South of Buchman

North Buchman (Tsafon ) By: Vera Mayer


12 [

When someone hears you live in Buchman, they assume

In all honesty, the majority of BuchmanTsafon is made up

that you are American, Dati and live in a big house.

of du-mishpachti houses. However, there are apartments

The truth is, however, that Buchman Tsafon is not so

in Buchman (really, there are!) The buildings are low,

monolithic – for one, it has a truly mixed population. Our

and the apartments are generally large (4-5 bedroom)

neighbors are Dati, Masorati, Chiloni, native-born Israeli,

and have a garden or large porch. The neighborhood

American, British, Australian, South African and Russian.

consequently has the feel of a suburb. This, of course, has

From what I have observed, the interactions between

its advantages and disadvantages. The area is quieter, with

these populations has been positive, warm and friendly.

big homes and gardens, but you really need a car to get

The Dati population of Buchman Tsafon still lacks

anywhere. When I lived in the suburbs in America, I also

a proper shul, however we do have a nice choice of

had to get into a car simply to buy bread and milk. This

Shabbat minyanim to join. The first minyan here was

is a good thing for me to keep in mind when I complain

Kehillat Shivtei Yisrael, currently in Gan Tavor. They have a

about the lack of amenities in Buchman Tsafon. We did

plot of land beside the Gan and expect to begin building

finally get a small shopping center on Rechov Yissachar

a shul soon. There is a vibrant Nusach Ashkenaz minyan

which contains a makolet, hair dresser and cafe. Yay!

located in Masuot Nerya. They are very organized, with

We have a beautiful park on Yitzchak Rabin, which we

different committees and a great Rabbi and Rebbetzin.

share with Givat C. It’s one of the only parks in Modiin

This minyan is very warm and welcoming, and is a big

with built-in pergolas to provide some shade. It has

draw for Americans and Olim chadashim. In the Maon

many slides and swings, and a large grassy area on which

next to Gan Tavor there is a mixed Sephardi (Eidot

the children can play. There are also other small parks

Mizrach) and Ashkenazi minyan. The Yeshiva Tichonit

scattered throughout the neighborhood, and a couple

houses a new minyan which is quickly becoming popular

more are planned.

with Israelis and Anglos alike. Last but not least, is our

Buchman Tsafon has a few really good schools, both

kehilla, Adir Bamarom. We daven in Gan Adir, and plan

Mamlachti and Mamad. The schools are within walking

to build our shul on top of the gan and adjacent ganim.

distance of almost any home in the neighborhood. Also

Warm and friendly, the minyan is mostly Israeli, but we do

within walking distance is our new Ulam Sport. Many

have a small minority of Anglos.

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North Buchman, pictured in the center is the Sport Hall

chugim for children and adults take place there every day.

are often more choices available.

We love to watch the mini ballerinas and martial artists

That is what we did – we bought a place in Buchman

parading around the neighborhood. In fact, the uniformed

Darom.Two years later we moved in. We basically moved

“ninjas” are so ubiquitous that my husband jokes that he

into a “hard hat area” – no sidewalks, lots of really large

often feels like he lives in Shaolin, in one of those cheesy

trucks, tons of nails and other construction debris (yes,

Kung-Fu movies where everybody walks around in a gi.

we did go through several tires) and dust that fell so

In short, Modiin is a wonderful city with a varied

quickly you could not sweep fast enough. Now, a year

population. We are all lucky to live in such a special city

later, there is still much infrastructure missing – we do

on this historic land. Buchman Tsafon is a wonderful

not have a makolet, no schools, there is a great park, oh

neighborhood within that city. The quality of the people - Israeli and Anglo, Dati and Chiloni - is second to none. We wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


The view from where Beit Knesset Ahkenaz will soon stand

South Buchman (Darom) By: Chani Turk Three years ago, when we made Aliyah, we decided to take a leap and buy property here in Modiin. But only on paper. On paper? What does that mean? Is it a picture, a book something we can hang on the wall and look at? No, we soon learned that here in Modiin – the City of the Future – to buy on paper was a very common practice. It is a practice that has its risks but it is really the smartest way to buy in a city like this. You are not exactly sure what you are buying, you are not exactly sure what your house will look like and who will be situated next to you, but at the same time the prices are lower and there

January 2008

Continues on page 14

| Tevet/Shvat 5768 | Volume 5, Issue 2


13 [

‡ Continued from page 13 yeah, you can’t play in it – there is no insurance, and only

that because this is such a brand new area and there is

some sidewalks are finished. However, many more of the

so much yet to be finished the main point to bring home

housing projects are finished and there is no shortage of

about Buchman Darom is that feeling of friendliness.There

people to meet.

is a comfort in seeing a group of people gathered around

Walking down the street you inevitably run into a

the slide on Miriam Hachashmonit street, everyone

familiar face to stop and chat with. It can make getting

chatting, kids playing. There is a warmth that is felt when

somewhere on time a bit challenging but it is worth it

you are walking down the street on a Friday night and

to have so many friendly people around. And because

hear the songs of Kabbalat Shabbat coming from one of

everyone is new people tend to make great efforts to

the neighborhood yards.

get out there and say hello – even to “strangers”. I think

These are feelings that you get from people, not from things. And I guess that is the important part of what makes up a neighborhood. For as nice as it will be to have a grocery store and gannim and maybe even a restaurant close by, what really makes a neighborhood are the neighbors. So for that yishuv feel in a big city, Buchman Darom is a great place to live.


This aritcle is part of a series featuring different neiborhoods in Modiin.



















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Olim Corner

Absorption Department Managed by Rozita Berlin

Tour of Ir David, the Kotel and Emek Tzurim excavations

Olim tiyulim

Three busloads of olim made Outings and parties were the name of the game in the

a trip to discover the Ancient

Absorption Department this month. We tried to give our

City of David in Jerusalem. Local

new olim a taste of Chanukah, fatten them up with more

guides described the Ancient

donuts and show them some archaeology and other

City, its battles and sieges, and

interesting things.

squeezed the groups into the

Tour of Ancient and Modern Modiin

ancient tunnel network where

A group of new olim went on a tour to try and find the

the locals used to go and fetch

original site of Ancient Modiin, accompanied by explanations

their water. After a visit to the Kotel the group moved onto

about the Maccabean Graves, El Media and other ancient

Emek Tzurim. A few years back the Waqf bulldozed through

sites in the area. Jump forward 2000 years to Modern Modiin

a new entrance to the Temple Mount and dozens of trucks

where the group learned as to why the buildings at the

of rubble were dumped down the side of a mountain

corners are all rounded, the fact that all apartment blocks

without being formally excavated. This rubble is now being

are built so that they will eventually be below the tree line,

sifted and checked for ancient relics by the general public

and how the Dimri Towers are actually meant to symbolize

at Emek Tzurim under the supervision of experienced

an aqueduct so that one feels like they are ‘flowing’ towards


Park Anabe and the City Center.

Continues on page 18


January 2008

| Tevet/Shvat 5768 | Volume 5, Issue 2

15 [

‡ Continued from page 8 cohesive. When something exciting or significant is

Noar with opportunities that they create themselves

going on in the Yishuv or in the country, you can count

to contribute to the community in different areas and

on our Noar to come out in numbers and be not only

ways. Plans are well under way for the next exciting

involved but at the front of whatever is happening. Our

project that will embody these same goals.

Bnei Akiva branch is very active, and during Chodesh

For me, the ultimate proof of the success of this first

Irgun one can see just how much energy, talent and

project – the Hanukah party for adults – was that at

effort they are capable of. Many of us, both parents and

the end of a very long evening, even the clean up was

teens, have noticed a feeling of letdown when Chodesh

done by parents and kids together. The musicians kept

Irgun comes to an end. With that in mind, the concept

on playing, everyone was having a blast and people of

of “Noar Movil Kehilla” was born. The idea is to create a

all ages just lingered, not wanting to go home and end

continuous project to help the Noar channel this energy

the evening, in spite of the late hour. A surprise Ben and

and give back to the community through their time and

Jerry’s celebration was provided for the Noar following

effort. Hopefully, the Hanukah party was the first of many

the cleanup – a well-deserved dessert.

exciting projects that the Noar will plan and carry out.

As one parent said to me the next day when discussing

The goals of their projects will continue to be

how many hours their kids had put in to the party, “When

threefold: to unify the different communities within

your kids go out to hang out with friends, that’s OK

the Yishuv from different cultures and with varying

sometimes, but when they go out to hang out with their

customs, to bridge the gap between the Noar and the

friends and you know they are doing great things for the

adults by actually working together, and to provide the

kehila (community) all you can say is Kol Hakavod!”

‡ Continued from page 21 These components of the tree symbolize aspects of our personalities. The roots represent faith, the spiritual quality which connects man to G‑d, the source of his nourishment. As a person develops spiritually, he learns to rely on his strong foundations of faith for support. The trunk, branches and leaves represent our study of Torah, observance of the mitzvot, and the expression of Jew­ish values in our daily conduct. These enable a person to develop himself and they generate an inner beauty which makes him attractive to others. The ultimate fulfillment of a person, however, is his fruits. These are his involvements – first with his own family, the seeds he has planted, but also with the people around him. Through his efforts to become involved with others, one tree can bring another into being. For example, a person might inspire a colleague to emulate his example and estab­lish a foundation of faith, grow in the study of Torah and the observance of mitzvot, and ]

16 [

ultimately take his turn at reach­ing out to others with sincere concern.


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Maintenance Corner

By: Shimon Zack

Welcome back to the Home Maintenance Corner. In this issue we will give you a few reminders on how to maintain your house and some trouble shooting solutions during the winter months.

both stay up, start putting up the other breakers one by

Let’s start with our electrical system. If you get a black

which breaker caused the problem. If this does not work

out – usually during a rainfall – don’t panic, just follow

one, until usually one will cause the ground fault to jump again. Leave that one down, pick up the ground fault and continue putting up the remainder of the circuit breakers. This should solve the problem and now you should know you will have to call your electrician.

these steps. If your Ground Fault Breaker falls you should

One can try preventing electrical problems caused by

try picking it up to reset it. (This is the breaker which is

water by checking a few things. Check all outside light

bigger than the others and also has a T button on it. Every

fixtures to see that they are properly sealed and have

six months you should push it in to see if the breaker is in

covers, also check the sockets. Make sure there are no

working order.) This breaker is very important as it saves

exposed electrical wires anywhere. I strongly suggest that

us and our family from getting electrocuted. After lifting

you have your electrician come and check your electrical

it, it should reset itself. If it does not, you should put down

boards to see that that all the wires are tightly screwed

all the circuit breakers in the board including your main

and that there are no loose connections. Remember

circuit breaker which is either a single one or three joined

loose electrical connections lead to fires. I suggest this be

together located next to your ground fault breaker. Then pick up your main breaker, then the ground fault. If they

Continues on page 19


January 2008

| Tevet/Shvat 5768 | Volume 5, Issue 2

17 [

‡ Continued from page 15 Volunteer Opportunities Evening An evening was held to create awareness and meet the wonderful people that run the volunteer organizations in Modiin. These people help the vulnerable populations of Modiin including the elderly, disabled and underprivileged. We heard about their

Chanuka party at the Iriya

dedicated and inspirational work and how much they are dependent on the assistance of stronger communities like the Anglo community. If you would be willing to donate just one hour a week of your time then please read on.

You can contact Tamara on 054-207-3223 Akim Modiin - National Association for the Habilitation of the Mentally Handicapped Persons in Israel. Chairman

Club for the Elderly - Tamara Privas runs a club for

Shachar Mey-On gave an inspiring speech on how it is to be

the elderly four mornings a week in the Club House in

a father of a mentally handicapped child. He now heads Akim

Maccabim. The club has 60 members who find it hard to

in Modiin which is responsible for 60 mentally handicapped

be independently mobile and therefore are dependent on

children. They run kaytanot, chugim and support groups

the club for a chance to get out and come to enjoy lectures,

for families. He is looking for volunteers to help out with

light exercise, and arts and crafts.

“Donation Days”, kaytanot, and to give support in the homes

Tamara welcomes volunteers to help in the club: assist with activities, give an interesting lecture, or just to sit and play a game with the members.

of families who have mentally handicapped children. Community Police (Mishmar Ezrachi) - Eli Arbeli 08-9726444 or 08-972-6434 The Community Police are always pleased to receive volunteers to help out in order to allow the police more time to be out on the streets taking care of their citizens. Ezer Modiin - Rav Segel 052-459-3774. Rav Segel needs volunteers on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings to deliver food packages to needy people in the city. Next month: February 18th,Trip to the Hermon, 75 NIS for olim up to 10 years, for children 4 and up.


For any queries contact the Absorption Department: 08-9726198 - Rita – Secretary; 08-9726164 - Joanna, Coordinator of English Speaking Olim;

Olim tiyulim


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‥ Continued from page 17 done twice a year, just like one takes their car for check ups. The time has come to clean your air conditioner filters in order to get good heat from the air conditioner. The recommended temperature setting and the best economically during the winter months is 20 -22 degrees. You should also check to see that the outside motor of the air conditioner is sealed properly and is in a protected area so that water cannot get in. Wishing you all a safe, healthy winter with a meaningful rainfall.


Shimon Zack is a Qualified Licensed Electrician with over 20 years experience, 08-970-7194, 052-2953-717, 054-2456-448.

Single and Three Breaker


January 2008

| Tevet/Shvat 5768 | Volume 5, Issue 2

19 [


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Candle Lighting


20 [

Jan 4/26 Tevet

Jan 11/4 Shevat

Jan 18/11 Shevat

Jan 25/18 Shevat

Parshat Vaera

Parshat Bo

Parshat Beshalach

Parshat Yitro

Shabbat Mevarchin

Candle lighting: 16:34

Shabbat Shira

Candle lighting: 16:46

Candle lighting: 16:28

Shabbat ends: 17:33

Candle lighting: 16:40

Shabbat ends: 17:45

Shabbat ends: 17:28

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Shabbat ends: 17:39

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Recipe Corner “Is Man a Tree of the Field?” By: Yochanan Lambiase

Chef Patron at the Jerusalem Culinary Institute

Tu BiShvat, “the New Year of the Trees,” has its own cus­ toms, which our Rabbis associate with the phrase, “Is

they sup­port the tree, enabling it to withstand strong

man a tree of the field?” Because the tree-metaphor is so

winds, and they deliver most of its nourishment. The

fundamen­tal to our divine service, we celebrate the New

trunk, branches and leaves constitute the bulk of the tree’s

Year of the Trees.

body, reflect its growth, and make the tree attractive to

A tree may be divided into three parts: a) roots b)

the onlooker – but they are not its ultimate purpose. It

trunk, branches and leaves and c) fruit. Though the roots

is the fruit that benefits others and contains the seeds

of a tree are not visible, they serve two vital functions:

which bear the species’ promise for posterity. Continues on page 16

Cornish Hens with Couscous and Figs By: Yochanan Lambiase Chef Patron at the Jerusalem Culinary Institute Yield: 4 servings

with pepper, then spoon 1/3 to 1/2 cup stuffing into each hen, packing it in gently. Reserve remaining stuffing

2 1/4 cups chicken broth

mixture at room temperature.

1 2/3 cups couscous (1- 10 ounce package)

Set the hens in a small roasting pan or shallow baking

1 cup dried figs (preferably dark ones such as Mission

dish just large enough to contain them. Roast the hens,

figs, diced)

basting 2 or 3 times, for 45 minutes or until the thickest

1 1/2 teaspoons grated lemon peel

part of a drumstick is tender when

3 green onions (scallions), chopped

pierced with a skewer and juices

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

that run from drumstick are clear; if

2 Cornish hens, each about 1- 1/2

juices are pink, roast hens for a few


more minutes and check again. During

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

roasting, add 2 tablespoons hot water to pan juices if they brown.

Bring the broth to a boil in a large

To serve, spoon the stuffing from

saucepan. Stir in the couscous and

the hens onto a platter. Cut each hen

figs. Cover the pan, remove from the

in half lengthwise with poultry shears.

heat, and let stand 5 minutes. Fluff the

Arrange the pieces over stuffing on

couscous with a fork. Add the lemon

platter or plates. Cover and keep

rind and green onions and stir with


a fork. Season to taste with salt and

Heat the remaining stuffing mixture

pepper. Let stuffing cool completely.

in a medium skillet over low heat,

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees

stirring gently with a fork, about 2

Fahrenheit. Discard excess fat from the hens. Rub hens

minutes; or heat it in a covered dish in the microwave. Serve in a separate heated dish.

January 2008

| Tevet/Shvat 5768 | Volume 5, Issue 2


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January 2008

| Tevet/Shvat 5768 | Volume 5, Issue 2

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