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September 2007 Tishrei 5768 Volume 4, Issue 9 FREE


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Dear Readers, Six years ago when we told people we were making aliyah to Modiin we received a variety of interesting responses: “Ohhh, so you’ve become Carlebach followers?” “No,” we said, “that’s Mevo Modiin the yishuv, we’re going to Modiin, the new big city being built between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.” “Sorry, never heard of it,” they would say. Or some would say, “Yeah, I know

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people who live there.” “No,” I would say, “that family lives in Chashmonaim, we’re moving to Modiin.” “Uh, where’s that?” would be the response.” My, how things have changed! After spending a month in America, I ran into a lot of old

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friends and met many new people. All of them asked where I live and when I told them Modiin their eyes lit up. Everyone I met either knew people who live in Modiin (the city, not the yishuv and not Chashmonaim) or knew people moving here or were interested in moving here themselves. It felt great to live some place people had heard so many positive

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things about. We are on the map in a big way which means we must be doing something right. In the same vein, we are privileged to welcome the more than 20 new families who have arrived this summer. We wish them and the entire community a Shana Tova U’metukah! Printing by Dfus Ayalon

Daniella Hellerstein and Caryn Meltz

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Sept 2007

| Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9


The Meaning of the Holidays By: Rav David Lau, Chief Rabbi, Modiin The chagim are upon us. Pasuk 96 in Tehillim demonstrates for us the meaning of the upcoming holidays. “Let the heavens rejoice and the land celebrate, let the sea and all its inhabitants thunder, let my fields and all therein be happy, then the trees of the forest will sing before Hashem who is coming to judge the world.”


A second answer to the question reminds us that we have an additional reason to rejoice during this season. Who is the judge for our respective trials? Our upcoming trial will be held before our own father, the Almighty – a father that cares about his children – whose purpose in holding the trial is only for our own good – to help his children examine their ways. We have no reason to be troubled by such a trial for through this trial we may improve, grow and develop.

What great happiness – a great choir

These thoughts accompany us as we enter the new

including the heavens, the earth and everything

year. Tishrei is a time when we seek to stop our everyday

within – the entire creation sings praise and rejoices. This

routine for a moment and ask ourselves whether we are

is so because Hashem comes to judge the world.

following the right path, and where we can improve. During

Is this a reason to rejoice? Does a person usually

this month we seek to be together with our families at

rejoice or worry as he approaches his trial date? Does

our yom tov meals, and with friends and neighbors in

he enter the court room dancing with happiness or with

shul.The fact that we have a common father, the Almighty,

trepidation while reviewing over and over the documents

that we are united by family and religious bonds awakens

upon which his case hinges – constantly checking to make

within us feelings of happiness on the one hand, and a

sure the evidence in his possession justifies his acquittal.

desire to help our fellow Jews on the other.

There are two possible answers to this question:

The Shmitah year, which hovers at the doorway reminds

The first answer requires us to look at the beginning of

us that our mutual responsibility for each other requires

the same perek of Tehillim that speaks of future days –

us to free our fields for the sake of every Jew and strive

Messianic times in which creation will be tranquil existing

to help our brothers and sisters who are farmers fulfill

within a better peaceful world. During the season of the

the laws of Shmitah at the highest level.

chagim, we merit to experience a taste of this tranquil

I pray and hope that this coming year will witness only

spirituality reserved for Messianic times – a wonderful

smachot and be a year of abundance, blessing and success

time for which we yearn.

for us all.


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Shan a Tova !


Sept 2007

| Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9


Spector ’s Trip to America

ModiInfo Interviews Mayor Moshe Spector About His Recent Trip to America ModiInfo: Tell us about your recent trip to the United

– midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. We are also


number one in education, you know we won the Education

Mayor Spector: A month and a half ago I went on a trip to America to meet with groups in New York, Chicago,

financial incentives above the standard aliyah benefits.

Baltimore and Washington to talk to them about aliyah.

ModiInfo: How were your received by the groups you

The Jewish Agency invited me to speak to Reform

spoke to?

congregations because they are making a concerted

Mayor Spector: I was received very warmly. Since the

effort to drum up aliyah and stress the importance of

meetings were during the day when most people are

Israel within the movement.

working, most of those that came were rabbis, teachers

ModiInfo: Have you been involved with the Jewish

and leaders. Everyone was very enthusiastic. I have been

Agency before?

getting constant e-mails from people asking questions

Mayor Spector: This is not the first time we have worked

and talking about their plans to move to Israel.

together. They sent me twice to South Africa in which 180

ModiInfo: Why is the Jewish Agency targeting Reform

families from South Africa have made aliyah to Modiin.

Jews and not Conservative Jews who have a higher aliyah

ModiInfo: Why do you think the Jewish Agency chose

rate, for example or North American Jewry in general?

Modiin as the city to draw people to Israel? Mayor Spector: Because it’s in such an attractive location


Prize and we are a city of professionals. We also have extra

Mayor Spector: From my point of view, I don’t care what kinds of Jews make aliyah only that Jews move to

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Israel. All Jews are welcome in Modiin: Orthodox, charedi, secular etc…I didn’t even know the affiliation of those in the audience, they were all wearing kippot, only that they are interested in aliyah. From the Jewish Agency’s point of view they feel that most affiliated American Jews are Reform but make up only 3% of olim while Orthodox Jews represent a much smaller percentage of American Jews but make up 60% of olim. Therefore, the Reform need to step up their aliyah rate. I spoke at length with Eric Yoffee [President of the Union for Reform Judaism] who is to be commended for speaking out and encouraging aliyah for the first time in the reform movement who have a history of minimizing aliyah and Israel and I told him that if he wants to be remembered for doing something significant for the Jewish people then now is his time to bring Reform Jews to Israel. ModiInfo: In an interview with the Jerusalem Post you were asked how you think the Orthodox community of Modiin will receive an influx of reform Jews. You answered, “We must all learn to get along.” Don’t you Continues on page 10


Sept 2007

| Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9


Headline Old Malibu

By: Author By: Ruthie Lang

One of the great neighborhoods in Modiin, perhaps even the greatest is Malibu! (Sometimes fondly referred to as Old Malibu ("Malibu Ha'vatika") to distinguish it from the Malibu project in Buchman.)

‡ Down the street:Three elementary schools (one of them religious), and the still-in-planning religious high school. ‡ Comfortable walking distance to ALL the following: supermarket, synagogues (many types and flavors),

There are times when people ask about the different

eateries (milky, meaty - you choose), hairdressers,

areas and Malibu isn’t even mentioned in the conversation.

video store, Holmes Place, mikva, central clinics of

To be fair, the oversight may be due

leading Kupot Holim, municipal library and, within a

to the fact that sometimes Malibu

few weeks, Modiin's newly-constructed Heichal Tarbut

is lumped together with the Center

(concert hall/theater). That means that residents of

("Prachim"), as Malibu went up, if I'm

Malibu will never have to fight for a parking space!

not mistaken, at about the same time.

‡ Also, when there's a great Modiin event at the Amphi

Yet, the area that stretches from the Fish Park and Amphi up Emek Dotan

on Emek Ha'hula (e.g. summer evening happenings, Yom Ha'atzmaut), we never need to take the car!

(flanked by the unique historical-archaeological treasure,

‡ On the subject of transportation, we are right on the

Titora Hill - Modiin's only genuine picnic and trek terrain)

bus routes out of town - my family manages fine with

and Emek Hahula, up to the main road to Maccabim-Reut

one car because we're so close to the bus stops.

has its own special and arguably unbeatable features:

Honestly, Malibu residents feel at the center of all the

‡ Properties of different sizes and types - large and small

best that's going on in Modiin. We tread the pavements

single-family homes, spacious and cozy apartments.

in a sporty fashion along Yair Pereg Road (main road to

‡ Lively mix of religious, non-religious, elderly couples

Maccabim-Reut), stroll or cycle to the Modiin Center,

and singles, maturing families, young families,

hop over to the Youth Club (next to the mikva - very

newlyweds, Israelis, veteran immigrants and new

convenient), walk the kids to chugim in the neighborhood


schools or sit with them in the park down the road ... I

‡ Green and flowering parks that have the feel of real


frames, swings, slides and sand boxes.

could go on and on.

recreational spaces (as opposed to dusty patches of

Finally, and my neighborhood friends will excuse me if

grass that have been hastily installed), and that boast

I speak on their behalf, Malibu folks are nice and friendly

benches, drinking fountains, basketball courts, climbing



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Shmita Indoor Plants and Potted Plants During the Shemittah By: Rav Gideon Weitzman Last time we discussed the basic laws of the Shemittah year, the seventh year when the land must lie fallow. This time we will look at whether these laws are applicable to all plants, especially regarding those that grow indoors or in pots and are not connected to the ground. The laws of Shemittah apply to non-fruit plants as well as to fruit trees, thus we cannot plant flowers nor can we develop a nice lawn on the seventh year. However, the Yerushalmi (Orlah 1:2) makes a distinction between those laws of the Land which the Torah prohibits using the word “your Land� such as the laws of Orlah Continues on page 16


Sept 2007

| Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9


‡ Continued from page 7 think we already get along and that is why Modiin is such an appealing place to so many people? Mayor Spector: Yes. In Modiin we have all different kinds

speaking engagements that were arranged for me but I have a close relationship with Rabbi Joshua Fass from

of people and everyone can live as they please. Those

Nefesh B’Nefesh and we meet several times a year.

who are observant can go to shul, to the mikvah and lead

ModiInfo: Is Modiin looking for more olim from North

their life the way they want. Those who are secular are

America and why?

free to live the way want to also. Everyone is welcome

Mayor Spector: Yes, of course. The North Americans

and everyone lives together. There are no neighborhoods

are well educated. They are doctors, engineers, lawyers,

where the streets are closed on Shabbat, for example.

professionals with much to contribute to society.

ModiInfo: You traveled with Rabbi Kinneret Sharon, the rabbi

ModiInfo: Do you think they will play a role in the next

of the reform congregation in Modiin (Yozma).What is your


relationship with the Reform community of Modiin? Mayor Spector: I was surprised to learn that Rabbi Kinneret


Mayor Spector: No, I was extremely busy with the

Mayor Spector: Yes, who knows maybe an oleh will be elected mayor!

was the first woman rabbi in Israel. I didn’t know that before

ModiInfo: Did you have a chance to enjoy any Israel

this trip. When they wanted to start their own educational

Baseball League games this summer and support the

track in our school system, the city was opposed. They had

Modiin Miracle?

to take the case to the Supreme Court where they won.

Mayor Spector: Oh yes. I even showed the groups

Interestingly, 90% of the congregation is made up of Israelis.

in America our CD and on it were pictures of baseball

ModiInfo: While you were in America did you have a

which got everyone cheering.

chance to meet with other aliyah organizations?

ModiInfo: Thank you.


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Sept 2007

| Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9

11 [

[ Gezer field ]

Field of Dreams By: Caryn Meltz

Before my family and I went to our first Modiin Miracle baseball game at Kibbutz Gezer, I had asked someone what the stadium was like.The response was, “Stadium?!” When we drove up to the Gezer field, I understood why. The first thing that came to mind was the movie “Field of Dreams”, “If you build it they will come.” Here stood a baseball field in the middle of a kibbutz with plastic chairs for the fans to sit on. However primitive the accommodations, the experience was one that everyone in my family treasured. Excitement was added to the games by being able to sit up close to the field and the team. The Gezer field was the home field for both the Modiin Miracle and the Beit Shemesh Blue Sox. The Modiin


12 [

Nate Rosenberg, age 17 and the youngest member in the league is a native of Kibbutz Gezer. At age seven he started playing baseball and tried out for the league at Yarkon. The baseball field is two minutes from his home. He remarked that it was like a dream come true having the league play in his backyard. When I asked if his family came out to see him play, he motioned me to turn around and there were his parents waving at me. Nate said, “It is a big honor to be in the league – and to be the youngest player.” Matt Bennett, pitcher and outfielder from NSW, Australia, said that he heard about the league from Australian baseball coaches. This was his first time ever in Israel and enjoyed the experiences that came with it including meeting people from all over. He said that the league took them on several trips to see the country – when they were not playing a game.

Miracle was led by former Major Leaguer Art Shamsky

Upon hearing that the team had yet to see Modiin,

of the Mets (see July/August issue of ModiInfo for full

the team they were playing for, Hazel and David Brief

article). The players came from all over the globe, United

(integral in Modiin Little League) with the help of Assistant

States, Canada, Australia, Dominican Republic and Israel.

Coach Dan Saltzman from Chicago, organized a tour of

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[ Championship Game ] [ Sponsored lunch at Holy Bagel ]

the city. It took place on August

to the Championship Game. The first playoff game was

6 and was led by Deputy Mayor

against the Petach Tikva Pioneers with Craig Eagle from

Alex Weinreb followed by a

San Diego, CA as pitcher and Modiin won the game. The

“meet the players” at Modiin

second playoff game was against the Tel Aviv Lightning

City Hall. Fans were welcome

and with Matt Bennett’s pitching and great batting and

to come and have the Miracle

outfielding by the rest of the team, they won. The Modiin

players sign their paraphernalia.

Miracle was off to the Championship Game against Beit

Shuki Levy of Holy Bagel Cafe


in Kaiser sponsored lunch for

There were over 2500 fans at the Championship Game

the team before they had to go

at Baptist Village, outside Petach Tikva. It was the first

off and practice for their game

nine inning game – all the others were seven innings. The

which they won that day against Raanana.

cheering section for Modiin included (outfielder) Greg

At City Hall Art Shamsky addressed the crowd and

Marlett’s parents from Orange Park, FL. At the top of the

said that he was proud to be part of the experience in

seventh inning the fans started to sing for the Miracle “al

the Middle East. He said that the Miracle represented

hanissim” but then switched to a

Modiin as best as they could and that we should be

song that the team would be more

proud of our team. He continued by making Aviel and

familiar with – “hava nagillah”.

Yona Brief (ages eight and six) honorary members of the

Maximo Nelson from the

Modiin Miracle. It should be noted that upon winning one


of the IBL baseball gloves in the raffle Aviel “graciously”

a great game. At the awards

passed it along to another deserving party.


Ian Okorosky, a pitcher and first base coach, from

[ Andre Sternberg, Nate Rosenberg & fans ]





Rodriquez won three separate

Ontario, Canada and Noah Walker, infielder from Oakland,




CA individually told me that they were impressed with

defensive catching.



the architecture of Modiin.They found it to be one of the

Although the game ended in

nicest cities in Israel in that

3-0 for the Blue Sox, the Miracle

it has the modern touch

didn’t let their fans down. It was

along with the preserved

Modiin’s personal miracle to have a team of their own in

sites. The only thing that

a field of dreams. Stay tuned for season two,

[ Art Shamsky and fan ]

was missing in Modiin

was… a baseball field.


Having slipped into third

“Championship Game” was photographed by Yissachar Ruas, a

place and staying there for

versatile photographer who shoots smachot as well as photojournalist

some time, it wasn’t clear

type events. More of his work can be seen at

that Modiin would make it


Sept 2007

| Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9


13 [

In and Around the City

Modiin’s Commercial Development By: Caryn Meltz As Modiin grows from a town into a full blown city

to speak to at the center. Space is already being reserved

commercial real estate will continue to play a critical role.

and is slated to open in a year.

Some of the most important commercial real estate sales

Bidding began two years ago for the land behind the

to date are the Azrieli mall, set to open mid 2008 along

current Yishpro Center intended for commercial use.

with adjoining offices and stores and Yishpro and Ligad

Currently there are investment properties for sale of

Centers which have already begun their next stages of

three dunams and more. The structures will be either


two or three levels depending on zoning laws. Several car

Several real estate agencies are responsible for the

dealers such as UMI have bought land in the area.Though

offices and stores being built next to the Azrieli complex,

most of the land has been bought by private individuals,

such as Hod Realty, a construction, management and

a business which is interested in buying property may

development agency.They have taken acquisition of 1600

contact realtors such as Hod Realty who will make the

square meters which is allotted for a medical center as

match between the buyer and seller. In addition to selling

well as other business offices. One of the unique features

the land, the realtors help with the licensing from the

of the medical center will be the common reception area

city and the minhal (government) as well as design and

for all doctors from all kupot. This means that even on


the days your doctor is not in there will still be someone



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Sept 2007

| Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9

15 [

‡ Continued from page 9 and those for which the Torah uses the

grow indoors or in pots are not liable to the laws of

word “your field”, such as Ma’asrot. For

Shemittah (Pea HaShulchan 20:24) but most opinions are

those that are forbidden in the Land this

that only plants that grow indoors in pots are not liable

includes even plants that grow inside

to the laws of Shemittah, i.e. we need both potted plants

the house, therefore a plant that grows

that grow indoors in order to not be liable to the laws of

in a greenhouse is still obliged in the

Shemittah (Chazon Ish, Shevi’it 26:4 and others).

laws of Orlah. However the laws that

There is a discussion as to why plants that grow indoors

are dependant on the Land where the

are not liable to the laws of Shemittah. Some say that this

Torah uses the word “field” these are only

is as such plants do not receive proper sunlight and rain

applicable when the produce grows in the

and therefore they grow in inferior conditions and are of

field and not indoors, therefore food that

an inferior quality. (Chazon Ish Shevi’it 22:1) While others

grew indoors is not liable to ma’aser.

say that the Talmud learnt it from a verse and thus it is a

When we come to Shemittah we find

Torah law that any plant that grows indoors is not obliged

that the Torah uses both the word “field”

in the laws of Shemittah. (Har Tzvi, Zeraim Volume II, 34)

(Vayikra 25:4) and the word “Land”

The practical difference between these two would be a

(Vayikra 25:2). Thus the Yerushalmi leaves

roof that does not block sunlight and rain such as an open

the question open as to whether the

greenhouse roof. Another difference would be whether a

laws of Shemittah apply to indoor plants

house is defined by the roof or by the walls as well.

or not. Some opinions are that plants that


Practically in order for a structure to be called indoors

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it must have a roof that covers at least 50% of the surface area, such as a roof that is good for a succah, and have walls that are at least 90cm high. Therefore if one has potted plants under a pergola that has a roof and walls even though he does not consider it part of his house, it is halachically defined as a house and the plants are not included in the laws of Shemittah. Even though the laws of Shemittah do not apply in such circumstances one should refrain from planting plants in this way throughout the Shemittah. In addition one should not take indoor plants outside during the Shemittah nor should they bring indoors plants from the outside. If one bought plants from a nursery they should put them in a bag and carry them to their car and from their car to the house. Enjoy your indoor and outdoor plants this year and every year. In the next issue of ModiInfo, we will discuss buying fruits and vegetables during the Shemittah year.


Rav Gideon Weitzman is the Rav of Beit Knesset Merkaz Modiin (Bunker Shul) and gives weekly shiurim in both Hebrew and English.


Sept 2007

| Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9

17 [

‫‪Hebrew Enrichment Corner‬‬ ‫‪Shalom Kita Aleph By: Shira Meir‬‬ ‫‪ = event‬אירוע‬

‫הורים יקרים‪,‬‬

‫‪ = exciting‬מרגש‬

‫היום הראשון של כיתה א' הוא אירוע חשוב ומרגש‪( .‬לפעמים הוא‬ ‫אפילו מרגש יותר להורים‪)...‬‬

‫‪) = excited, I was excited‬להתרגש( התרגשתי‪ ,‬מתרגשת‬

‫אני זוכרת את הלילה שלפני היום הראשון ללימודים של הבת הבכורה שלי‪:‬‬

‫‪ = ahead of time‬מראש‬

‫ש'‪ .‬הכול היה מוכן‪ :‬הילקוט החדש‪ ,‬הקלמר‪ ,‬הספרים והמחברות החדשות‪.‬‬

‫‪) = slept‬לישון( ישן‪ ,‬ישנו‪ ,‬ישנה‬

‫אפילו פגשנו מראש את המורה החדשה איילת‪ ,‬שהייתה נחמדה מאוד‪.‬‬

‫‪) = I [didn't] succeed‬להצליח( [לא] הצלחתי‬

‫הבית היה שקט‪ ,‬כולם ישנו‪ .‬גם ש' שעולה בבוקר לכיתה א' ישנה‪.‬‬

‫‪) = I woke (someone) up‬להעיר את( הערתי‬

‫רק אני לא הצלחתי לישון‪ .‬התרגשתי וגם דאגתי‪ :‬היא רק בת ‪...6‬כל כך‬

‫‪) = smiled‬לחייך( חייכה‬

‫הרבה ילדים‪...‬יהיו לה חברים?‪...‬‬

‫‪) = I accompanied (her), went along with‬ללוות את( ליוויתי‬ ‫‪) = I took a picture of‬לצלם את( צילמתי‬

‫בבוקר הערתי את הילדה הגדולה שלי‪ .‬היא התלבשה מהר‪ ,‬שמה סרט‬

‫‪ = again‬שוב‬

‫יפה בשיער‪ ,‬אכלה והייתה מוכנה עם הילקוט על הגב‪ .‬ש' שמחה כל הדרך‬

‫‪) = I stayed‬להישאר( נשארתי‬

‫וחייכה‪ .‬ליוויתי אותה לכיתה‪ ,‬צילמתי אותה שוב ושוב‪ ...‬חלק מההורים כבר‬

‫‪) = I understood‬להבין( הבנתי‬

‫הלכו‪ .‬אני נשארתי‪ .‬שאלתי‪" :‬ש'‪ ,‬את מתרגשת?" והיא ענתה בדיוק כך‪:‬‬ ‫"רק את מתרגשת‪ ,‬אמא‪ .‬את יכולה ללכת אם את רוצה‪ ".‬נתתי לה נשיקה‬ ‫והלכתי‪ ...‬פתאום הבנתי שהילדה בת ה‪ 6-‬שלי לא כל‪-‬כך קטנה‪...‬‬

‫‪Shira Meir is a Hebrew teacher and a special education teacher.‬‬

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Kids Corner Dancing at Karmiel By: Arieh Sherman, age 10½ My dance company Zooz B’Machol and I went to Karmiel

we had ever danced it in front of an audience that wasn’t

to dance in the National Dance Festival. It is held every

parents. I was quite excited but not really nervous as we

year in the summer. I woke up very early on Thursday

have practiced it over and over and over!

morning so that I could be at the sports hall at 6:30 to

When we finished dancing we sat and watched other

meet all the other dancers. I am lucky that I live right by it!

groups. Even a group from Turkey was dancing; they were

I had to take a huge bag with my costume, dance shoes

excellent. For lunch we ate burgers and then had pool

and Mum packed a BIG breakfast and some snacks.

time with other dance groups. It was so much fun to be

It was really exciting traveling to Karmiel with all my

wet, cool and relaxed before dancing again in the night.

friends from ‘Avivim’ (my dance group). When we got

After the pool, we practiced the dance and after a couple

there we walked to an auditorium where we danced our

hours we performed in the big finale. There were about

first dance of the day. There were about 400 people

1000 people in the audience. Tired and happy we arrived

in the audience. We danced the dance ‘Shir ha’Schuna’

home at 11:30 pm.

(Dance of the neighborhood), which was the first time

It was a great experience that I’ll never forget.


Blood drive Monday, September 10, 18:00-22:30 at Beit Sefer Mesuat Neriah, 21 Nahal Tzalmon. Bring Teudat Zehut. Ages 18 and up can donate and 17-year-olds with written permission from a parent.

Sports Israel Baseball in Italy By: Modiin Staff The Israel National Cadet Baseball Team (ages 1315) competed in the European Tournament in Reggio Calabria, Italy with teams from Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania, Great Britain and San Marino and finished in third place, the best for an Israeli Team in these competitions. Our area was well represented with Micha Brief of Modiin along with Shlomo Zauderer, Yosef Zimmerman of Nof Ayalon, Noam Litt, Boaz Jaffe, Yosef Bentley from Hashmonaim and Ilan Suskind, Roi Davidovich from Kibbutz Gezer. For newcomers to baseball: Chugim through the [ Co-captains Micha Brief and Shlomo Zauderer, Yosef Zimmerman, Ilan Suskind and coach Noam Zwilling of Kibbutz Gezer ]

Matnas on Tuesday afternoons to learn the rules and skills. Team play for more experienced players through the IAB on Fridays with practices starting Oct 5th. Also this year we’re starting softball for girls for 4th through 6th grade. Contact for details.

Sept 2007

| Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9



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Recipe Corner Apple Crisp By: Daniella Hellerstein I have been making this dessert for Rosh Hashana since I was a child when it was given to me by my third grade teacher, Rosalie Berman. It is delicious and obviously easy. Serve it warm or room temperature with or without a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. 4 or 5 apples ¾ C flour ¾ C brown sugar ½ tsp. cinnamon ½ tsp. nutmeg

Peel and cut up the apples. Put the pieces in a 9-inch pie

¼ tsp. salt

pan. Combine the rest of the ingredients and mix with

1/3 C melted butter or margarine

a fork (should be crumbly). Spoon the mixture over the apples, covering them completely. Bake at 375 degrees for 35 minutes or until the apples are soft.



Sept 2007

| Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9

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Candle Lighting Sept 7/24 Elul

Sept 12/29 Elul

Sept 13/1 Tishrei

Sept 14/2 Tishrei

Parshat Nitzavim/

Erev Rosh Hashana

Candle lighting: 19:26 Parshat Haazenu


Candle lighting: 18:30

Shabbat Shuva

Sept 21/9 Tishrei Shabbat & Erev Yom Kippur

Candle lighting: 18:36

Candle lighting: 18:28 Candle lighting: 17:18

Shabbat ends: 19:33

Shabbat ends: 19:24

Sept 26/14 Tishrei

Fall back one hour Erev Sukkot Shabbat Chol Erev Simchat Torah/ Parshat Beresheit Sunday, Sept 16 Candle lighting: 17:12 Hamoed Shmini Atzeret Candle lighting: 17:02 at 2:00 (between Chag ends: 18:08 Candle lighting: 17:09 Candle lighting: 17:03 Shabbat ends: 17:58 Motzei Shabbat Shabbat ends: 18:05 Chag ends: 17:59 and Sunday)


Sept 28/16 Tishrei

Oct 3/21Tishrei

Shabbat ends: 18:14

Oct 5/23 Tishrei

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Sept 2007

| Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9

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September 2007 | Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9 | FREE ] [ To Advertise “ 052-6404414 | 052-3868768 | |


September 2007 | Tishrei 5768 | Volume 4, Issue 9 | FREE ] [ To Advertise “ 052-6404414 | 052-3868768 | |