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July/August 2005 Sivan/Tamuz/Av, 5765 Volume 2 Issue 8 Serving the English speaking community of Modiin and the surrounding neighborhoods

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Modiin children featured in the latest Dudu Fisher video See page 5

Summer Safety Why We Live in Israel: One Year Later Plus more!

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New In Buchman:

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July/August 2005 n Sivan/Tamuz/Av, 5765 n Volume 2, Issue 8

Summer Safety

Water Safety Death from drowning is always a shocking tragedy and is usually completely preventable. Unfortunately, though, this is something that occurs every summer. Parents need to remember that even good swimmers should not swim alone, but should have a “buddy”. Also, a lifeguard or another adult needs to watch swimming children at all times. Younger children should be more closely supervised – never more than an arm’s length away. It cannot be overemphasized that a parent should never leave a child alone in or near a pool, even for a Continued on page 7

By: Freddy Schwartz, MD For many, summertime conjures up images of warm weather, outdoor activities, BBQs, and fun vacation time. In the Pediatric Emergency Department, however, summer is the peak time for serious illnesses such as dehydration, near-drowning, burns, and head trauma. Although these are all potentially life-threatening conditions, in most cases they are preventable and can be avoided by careful supervision. This article will review these common summer diagnoses, including how they can be prevented, and when to seek medical care.

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Welcome to ModiInfo’s first full-color edition, while giving added interest to the reader. We believe that full-color will provide added value to our advertisers and further promote their businesses. Special welcome to all the new families who have moved to the area from within Israel and all parts of the world. We hope that as an English speaker this magazine eases your adjustment and keeps you well informed. The thousands of printed copies of ModiInfo can be found in Modiin, Hashmonaim, Nof Ayalon, Mevo Modiim, Shoham, Beit Shemesh and olim centers in Jerusalem. You can also find us on the web at .

Dehydration is prevalent this time of year. Mostly, it is the result of prolonged exposure to warm weather. Another contributing factor in young children is certain viruses (eg. Coxsackie) whose peak incidence is summertime, resulting in the child restricting his fluid intake. Because a child’s body-surface-area is greater than an adult’s, children are at greater risk of becoming dehydrated. Before physical activity children should be well hydrated and drinking should be enforced. Signs of dehydration include dry mouth, crying without tears, and fatigue. More advanced indicators include dark and then decreased urine output, and lethargy. It is important to recognize the early signs of dehydration; if untreated, serious medical consequences and even death can occur.

Thank you for your continued support. We wish you a happy and safe summer!

Treatment revolves around proper rehydration. Move the child to a cool environment and have him drink plenty of cool fluids. The choice of fluid is generally less important than the amount. If your toddler will resist taking Pedialyte and will happily guzzle juice, do not fight with him. Remember that frozen ices and ice cream count as fluids too. The key to successful rehydration in infants is giving frequent, small sips. How often? Enough so that they remain alert and produce clear urine.

Daniella Hellerstein and Caryn Meltz, 052-6404-414, 052-3868-768 Graphics by Ellen Perlis 08-971-6012 ModiInfo is an independently owned, advertiser supported publication distributed monthly to Modiin and the surrounding neighborhoods. ModiInfo welcomes all articles and ads but reserves the right to edit or reject submissions. The views expressed by writers and contributors are not necessarily those of ModiInfo. ModiInfo is not responsible for facts or claims made by ads or authors, nor for any typographical errors. Work produced by ModiInfo is the property of ModiInfo and may not be reproduced without consent.

If your baby has not passed urine for eight hours, or if your child is lethargic, seek immediate medical care. Often, intravenous fluids are necessary.

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Dudu Fisher Finds Hidden Talent in Modiin By: Daniella Hellerstein If you’ve noticed camera and filming crews on the local streets of Modiin recently, it’s not because the City of the Future has turned into Hollywood. Nor have famous actors been brought in to film the latest Israeli soap opera. The “stars” of this production are Modiin residents with no prior acting experience or training, all ages 6-11. At the center of the soon-to-be-released CD/video/DVD is Dudu Fisher, world-renowned Israeli singer and chazzan.

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In recent years Fisher has released a series of six children’s videos and music albums titled “BaGan Shel Dudu”. Each is centered on a theme such as honoring your parents or loving your neighbor. There’s a message of kindness in the music and in the content of the videos that impacts children at an age when they are most impressionable. Parents appreciate the message and children adore the songs and entertainment. The videos are so popular they have been sold all over the world with English subtitles.

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9 Re c h ov C h a t i va t G o l a n i S o l o m o n C e n t e r – F i rs t f l o o r 0 8 - 9 2 6 - 8 1 0 1

Until now the videos were filmed on kibbutzim using the kibbutz facilities as well as the children living there. For his two latest productions, Fisher wanted a Continued on page 8


July/August 2005 n Sivan/Tamuz/Av, 5765 n Volume 2, Issue 8

The Consumer Corner Money at Work

The only drawback of a Makam is that one pays a commission of 0.1% on buying and selling it and safekeeping fees of up to 0.5% per year (negotiable). It is therefore recommended to buy a Makam for a period of at least a few months.

By: Sammy Fejbusch Moving to Israel involves getting used to a different banking system including new products, services, vocabulary and mentality. What makes adapting tricky is the fact that bank employees are not necessarily the best source of information and advice. The reason for this is the bank’s interest to promote its own products and services.

If you ask friends whether they have ever heard of a Makam, you will find out that very few of them have, even those living in Israel for many years or born here. The issue of conflict of interest between banks and their clients is not unique to Israel. Indeed, this problem is being raised in the countries we made Aliya from as well. One should just remember that Israel is no different in this respect. Therefore, one should gather information and advice from other sources like friends, professionals and dedicated websites before stepping into a bank.

For instance, if one is looking for a way to put some savings to work (i.e. earn some interest) the bank will probably recommend an unattractive interest-bearing deposit. The investment clerk will generally not mention the available alternatives on which the bank is making less profit. As an alternative to a bank deposit one could consider a short-term debt instrument issued by the Bank of Israel called “Makam�, which can be purchased through any bank. A Makam yields a higher interest rate than a bank deposit over the same period and has daily liquidity as opposed to a bank deposit, which cannot be terminated before maturity without a penalty. Also, a Makam is safer than a bank deposit since it is issued by the Bank of Israel and not by a commercial bank.

If you would like this column to address a specific topic or answer your questions, feel free to email Sammy at: Sammy Fejbusch is the founder of New Insight Consulting Ltd. advising corporate and private clients on financial issues. He is a Certified Public Accountant and has an MBA in Finance from Hebrew University.

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Safety, Continued from page 4 moment. Unlike adults, most children who drown do not thrash about or yell, rather they quietly sink under the water and don’t come up. Often, there was an adult nearby who simply was not paying attention.

Burns Although burns can occur throughout the year, the summer brings two familiar sources: exposure to the sun and touching a hot barbeque. Besides intense pain, consequences of burns include fluid loss (dehydration) and infection. To help avoid sun burns, all children should wear sunscreen (SPF>15), a hat, and sunglasses. Babies under six months should avoid the sun completely. First-degree burns, such as most sun burns, are relatively minor and just involve the most superficial layer of skin. Proper treatment includes applying cool cloths and a soothing lotion that contains aloe vera. Often, 1% hydrocortisone is useful as well. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen helps to alleviate the pain.

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Second-degree burns are deeper and very painful, often resulting in blister formation. Third-degree burns affect all the layers of skin as well as the tissue beneath. The following burns should prompt one to seek immediate medical care: any third-degree burns; a second-degree burn that affects at least 10% of the body; a second-degree burn that is on the face, hands, feet, or groin; or one that completely encircles a limb. All of these burns can have serious consequences if left untreated.

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Head trauma is a very common phenomenon in children. Most often it results from minor falls. High impact injuries, on the other hand, such as from car accidents and contact sports (in older children) can lead to brain injury. Once again, the key is prevention. Young children should always be properly restrained in appropriate car seats which unquestionably save lives. All children should wear helmets on every bike ride, no matter how short or close to home. Additionally, children should not dive from diving boards as they may risk hitting their heads on the board.

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When the child does hit her head, there is often an impressive amount of bleeding. This is because the face and scalp have a large supply of blood vessels, so that even minor cuts can bleed quite a bit. Simply applying steady pressure for 5-10 minutes will usually suffice. If the bleeding persists, seek medical care.

Gary 050-668-7889


Many parents also become concerned by the extent of their child’s head swelling after trauma. Fortunately, this is actually of minimal clinical significance – there is no correlation between the amount of swelling one sees on the outside of the scalp and the degree of brain injury underneath. What is important, however, is how the child is acting following a head trauma. Symptoms of a concussion include loss of consciousness, vomiting more than two times, amnesia, confusion or dizziness, blurred vision and slurred speech. In infants, crankiness Continued on page 13

Head Trauma


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July/August 2005 n Sivan/Tamuz/Av, 5765 n Volume 2, Issue 8

The new albums/videos, “Shabbat” and “Chagim”, are geared towards a slightly older audience than the previous series. Each one takes you through the entire experience of the occasion, from preparations to havdalah. The music consists of 85% original lyrics and melodies and 15% traditional holiday songs and tefillot. Much of the original music was written and arranged by Amit Sofer, a well-known trumpet player who has his own band and has performed with famous singers ranging from Mordechai Ben David to Shlomo Artzi.

Dudu Fisher, Continued from page 5 new look and a different setting. He chose Modiin, a modern city rich with ancient history, as the perfect backdrop for his two new titles, “Shabbat” and “Chagim”. Fisher made use of archeological sites in the area such as Kfar Chashmonaim to make the scenes authentic. The ancient olive press, the old structures, the beautiful views and surrounding nature transports you back in time in a very real sense. No artificial scenery or sets are needed, aside from the costumes that were worn to reflect the time period.

Sofer, one of the video’s music producers and Modiin resident, says Modiin kids are very talented. He explains that although the children had no prior experience, they possess a raw talent that is naturally expressed once filming begins. It’s something that parents don’t necessarily appreciate until they are given the opportunity to watch their children in action. Fisher welcomed parents to the set to share the once-in-alifetime experience with their children. The talented film crew, imbued with an uncanny level of patience, also enjoyed the look of pride on parents’ faces as they revel in the talent of their children. They are well aware that every grandparent and relative has been notified of the newly discovered family star and is anxiously awaiting the footage to prove it.

The children, who surround Fisher throughout the video and often take center stage, are an equal mix of native Israelis and Anglo olim. This was a deliberate choice by the producers to reflect the heterogeneous makeup of the city and to appeal to Fisher’s audience abroad. Fisher himself hand picked seven-year-old Ariel Fisher (ironically of no relation) to play the part of a young school-age Dudu Fisher in a segment of the video that tells of events from Fisher’s childhood. Fisher chose Fisher immediately after meeting him remarking on the strong resemblance between Ariel and himself as a child. In keeping further with the video’s authenticity, additional scenes were filmed in the children’s school, Mesuat Neriah, and in their own homes in Modiin as well as the Beit Knesset in Reut.

To purchase a CD/video/DVD, please call Amit Sofer at 054-444-0240.

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Why We Live in Israel One Year Later By: Chani Turk Making Aliyah is one of the biggest decisions a person can make. It means uprooting from all that is familiar and “easy” to move to a country where everything is different. Recently, someone asked me why I made Aliyah. Surprisingly I couldn’t come up with an answer right away. Was it that youthful idealism I had during my post high-school year of study at the age of 18? No, probably not, marriage, a family, and a good dose of reality cured that. I guess the answer lies in the little things. The day to day occurrences that reassure me that we made the right decision. This starts with the mazel tov’s from security guards to bankers to cab drivers when they heard that we were olim chadashim. Then there was the feeling we had as we celebrated our first of the Shalosh Regalim, Sukkot, here in our new home. It wasn’t L’Shana Ha’Bah B’Yerushalayim anymore. We were here, we had landed. It was now.

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As the year progressed so did our feelings about being here. The kids started coming home from gan singing songs in Hebrew with an Israeli accent. That was something to show off to the grandparents! Shabbat Shalom to all, including the mailman, the grocery clerks and the neighbor walking out to his car on Saturday morning. Next was Chanukah. What a difference! Now it was our turn to go to the zoo and instead of ornament decorating, we made chocolates in the shape of dreidels. At Neot Kedumim, with Chanukah tunes cheerfully playing in the background, we joined hordes of people making mosaic chanukiot and dipping candles. This winter season there were no questions from the kids about Santa Claus and Christmas trees. Instead we took them to the old city to see the Chanukiah lit high above the kotel, brightening the entire.

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of the shul onto the Holy Land of Israel where the very first brit milah took place, and I was overcome with an awesome feeling of how right it was for us to be here in Israel to perform this incredible mitzvah. Blessed is an inadequate word to describe how I felt on that day. The year continued to pass and the experiences piled up daily. A ride in a taxicab with a driver who had fought in all the wars since 1948 – a hero. A meal in Sbarro’s restaurant where the memorial plaque and yarhtzeit candle bring tears to the eyes. Yet the restaurant is open and busy – an act of heroism. A bus driver who met me at a bus stop with a very important delivery all the way from Jerusalem - our house key (don’t ask!) – my own personal hero. The group of teenagers standing at a bus stop on a Thursday afternoon, all clad in the same olive green Continued on page 12

Later that winter we had our own personal simcha to celebrate. Hashem blessed us with a beautiful, bouncing baby sabra. We stood at his brit, surrounded by our new and wonderful group of friends. I looked out the window


July/August 2005 n Sivan/Tamuz/Av, 5765 n Volume 2, Issue 8

New project exclusive through Tivuch Shelly Be the first in Modiin to sign on Tivuch Shelly along with EuroIsrael and leading architects have collaborated to design superior plans with attention to every detail 144 EuroIsrael cottages for sale on one of the highest mountains in South Buchman All cottages are approximately 170 meters, all have gardens and all have panoramic views Special deal available for the first families who buy Occupancy in the summer of 2007 Call now for more details:

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Home Maintenance Corner By: Shimon Zack and Ittai Eren Welcome to a new series of articles about home maintenance. In these articles, we will provide you with useful tips on how to maintain your home on your own and when to know to call in the professionals. We will also provide you with helpful pointers on how to maintain your electrical system, household appliances and general home maintenance. Summer is officially here and just like you take your cars for regular service, you also need to have the electrical boards of your homes checked. Before the summer and winter it is advisable to call in a qualified electrician to check the boards and to tighten all the screws of the breakers and wires. The air conditioners will be running and all the powerful appliances draw a great deal of electricity. Loose connections or wires can cause overheating which can cause a fire. It is very important that the electrical boards are within easy access at all times in case of an emergency. There is an important device called a Ground Fault Protector or in Hebrew Pe’chat, which is located next to the main switch. This device should be checked every couple of months, which you yourself can do. Press the test button which is on the unit and this should immediately trigger the switch and all the electricity should go out in the house. If this happens then the GFI is in working order, if not, call your electrician. To restore the electricity, just flip up the switch. NOTE: Before performing this test, make sure that your computer and TV are off and that not many heavy appliances are running. Here are a few important tips for your air conditioner. You should clean your filters every month. Remove them and wash them through, let them dry and put them back. This will enable your air conditioner to breathe and provide you with cool air. If you have a central unit, then you need to clean out the dust from the grill as this gets swallowed into the air conditioner and creates problems. Make sure that there is nothing covering the motor outside (i.e. on your balcony) or blocking the air around it. The filters are usually located in the lowered ceiling. If you have a split wall unit, the filters are located either in the front behind plastic doors or on the bottom of the air conditioner. Slide it out to clean. Running fans or ceiling fans in tandem with running air conditioners is very useful and economical. Fans spread the cold air around and alleviate the work of an air conditioner. You can save up to 15-20% on the cost of running your air conditioner. Wishing you a happy, safe and cool summer!

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July/August 2005 n Sivan/Tamuz/Av, 5765 n Volume 2, Issue 8

Why We Live in Israel, Continued from page 9

The Center for Healing Emotional Eating

with guns slung over their shoulders, ready to go home to rest for a few nights so they can return with renewed strength to protect us and our country - a generation of heroes. A siren that sounds, not once, not twice, but three times in two separate days to remind us of all the heroes past and present that we have lost just because we are Jewish. The whole country stops to remember.

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I know some say the first year is the honeymoon year and that you are blind to all the mundane everyday realities by the excitement of being here. That may be true, but I have to say, that I for one hope these feelings never go away. That whenever I glimpse a view of the surrounding mountains I will always feel that same contentment I do now, or that I will always try to at least enjoy a little bit being stuck in a traffic jam on Chol Hamoed because the rest of the country is celebrating the same holiday I am, or that I will never ignore the catch in my throat that arises every time I see my kids, dressed in kachol v’lavan on Rosh Chodesh, trooping into class with a myriad of other children in blue and white.

for more information, call 0546-720-213 Tamar Varon M.S., Rivki Kern M.S.W., C.S.W. Debbie Goldberg M.S. Rochel Sussman M.S.W.

I guess I can now answer my friend. On Lag B’Omer standing around our bonfire watching the many other bonfires being lit, a friend turned to me and simply said, “We are so lucky.” And you know, she was right. We are so lucky. For the simple reason that we are living in OUR homeland. The land of the Jewish people. The land of me. And most importantly the land of my children.

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Safety, Continued from page 7


or simply not acting themselves may be the sole manifestation. Any of the above symptoms should trigger prompt medical attention. Otherwise, the child who has sustained a head trauma should be closely monitored for the first six hours, and then watched for 24 hours as well.


Although all potentially serious, the conditions discussed here all largely avoidable. It is our job as parents to ensure that our children have a fun and safe summer.

08-976-2355, 052-8641-130

Dr. Schwartz’s specialty is Pediatric Emergency Medicine. He and his family reside in Modiin.

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July/August 2005 n Sivan/Tamuz/Av, 5765 n Volume 2, Issue 8

Yeshivat Hesder to Open in Modiin

AACI Klita Counseling Beginning this summer, the AACI (Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel) will be sending a klita counselor once a month to Modiin. New immigrants will be able to meet individually with an AACI counselor to discuss all aspects of their aliyah. These meetings will take place at the Modiin klita office on Tuesdays from 16:00-19:00 (July 26, August 23 and September 27). To arrange an appointment, please call AACI in Jerusalem at 02-561-7151.

By: Joseph Z. Hellerstein This coming Rosh Chodesh Elul, a Yeshivat Hesder will open in Modiin. The yeshiva will be led by Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Eliezer Shenvald, who has been a rosh yeshiva in the Golan Heights for the past 15 years. The institution will be named Yeshivat Meir Harel in memory of two fallen soldiers – Sergeant Meir Shenvald Z”L, Rav Shenvald’s brother, and Lieutenant Harel Shrem.

Rosita Berlin, Director of Absorption, 08-972-6198

The yeshiva will commence this coming school year in the Yeshiva High School Beit Midrash (behind the Ulpana) and will move with the Yeshiva High School to its new location in Buchman. Rav Shenvald sees the Yeshiva Hesder contributing to the quality of the Yeshiva High School and taking part in the Modiin community. The 40 students and 15 kollel members presently enrolled in the yeshiva for its first year of studies will be expected to contribute to the community by teaching and participating in community activities. Students will live in rented apartments in the area.

From the people who bring you


Rav Shenvald, a Reserve Colonel in the IDF tank corps is a former student of Yeshivat Merkaz Harav Kook and has authored books both on Torah and military subjects. The yeshiva will stress in-depth study of the Continued on page 15

The only English phonebook serving the community of Modiin and the surrounding neighborhoods Contact us now to reserve a spot for your business or service Caryn: 0523-868-768 • E-mail: • Daniella: 0526-404-414

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Hesder, Continued from page 14 Talmud coupled with periodic review of material so as to retain knowledge. Students will also learn practical halacha, Jewish philosophy and love of Israel. The yeshiva will join a group of yeshivot that have opted for a six-year combined army-yeshiva program rather than the standard five-year program. The sixyear program begins with a year and a half of yeshiva, continues with 10 months of army service, followed by an additional 10 months of yeshiva, a year of additional army service and culminates in two years of yeshiva. Rav Shenvald explained that by committing to an extra year of yeshiva, students/soldiers are expressing the importance of army service combined with increased, intensive Torah study. According to Rav Shenvald, many students choose to stay in yeshiva an extra year, and this program allows them to conform their army service to a six-year program. Rav Shenvald would like to develop a program for overseas students which exists in other Hesder yeshivot. However, Rav Shenvald stressed that the yeshiva would be looking for overseas students who are serious about making aliyah and not simply coming to study for a year. For more information, please visit their website at

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July/August 2005 n Sivan/Tamuz/Av, 5765 n Volume 2, Issue 8


Summer Reading By: Debbie Sedley No more pencils No more books No more teachers’ dirty looks

The appropriate amount of daily reading time depends on the individual child, but here is a suggestion for the students at the elementary school level: 5 minutes for 1st and 2nd grades; 10 minutes for 3rd and 4th grades; 20 minutes for 5th and 6th grades. This reading chart has been proven successful by both my students and my own children.

This poem was recited by most of us at some point during our school years. Summer is here and school is out. Two whole months of vacation. No homework. No school. Nothing to do except laze around and spend time with friends. That is the summer dream of most kids. However, two whole months without any constructive “input� could be rather detrimental to their development.

2. A Book Swap Organize a group of students, who, weekly or biweekly, get together to swap books. The Book Swap can be hosted each time by a different student who is then responsible to create an activity for the meeting. Have the students recommend books to each other or give a small presentation about the book. Having students write a short paragraph about their book is also a good idea.

In order for students to build upon some of the academic strides they achieved during the school year, it is important for them to keep up their independent reading. Here are a couple of suggestions that may be used to encourage the unenthusiastic reader: 1. Reading Chart Create a reading chart. Every time your child reads for a set number of minutes your child earns a checkmark. Decide with your child on an incentive which they would like to earn (this could be anything from an ice cream cone to a trip to the movie theater), the amount of time needed to earn one checkmark and how many checkmarks are needed to earn the reward.

Debbie Sedley has a teaching certificate and a BA in special education. She taught English this year to English speaking students in Mesuat Neriah. Debbie provides private tutoring to elementary students at all levels, individuals and small groups, and special needs students. She is available year round. She can be reached at

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Amber Brown Series, by Paula Danzinger Goosebumps Series, by R. L. Stine Harry Potter Series, by J. K. Rowling The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo, Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing (and the other Fudge books), and Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, by Judy Blume Chocolate Fever, and Bobby Baseball, by Robert Kimmel Smith The Little House on the Prairie Series, by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Here is a list of books also recommended by my students: The Zac Files Series, by Dan Greenberg Grimstone’s Ghost, by Mary Arrigan The Magic Tree House Series, by Mary Pope Osborne Artimus Fowl Series, by Eoin Clofer The Railway Children, by E Nesbit George and the Marvelous Medicine, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl

Ariel Mensh, 4th

Grade, Mesuat

Below are a few books reviews by my students:

Neriah False Bunny, by Deborah an d James How e Bunnicula, written by and James H Deborah owe, is a fun ny book. It is written as a mystery. The animals take on human ch aracteristics. The cat and dog are tr yin g to figure ou t if the bunny is a vampire. T he bunny does all the same things that a vampire does li ke escaping from his cage without open ing the door or breaking any bars. The cat and dog investigate fu rther and find the bunny to be a vampi re but instea d of sucking blood it suck s vegetable ju ice. This is a book that mad e me laugh a lo t. If you like mysteries or sc ar y books, yo u should read Bunnicula.

Bunnicula, T he

Book Reviews Yehuda Mayer, 4th Grade, Mesuat Neriah

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl Roald Dahl’s book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, was very interesting. It also has all these unreal candies and chocolate. The book has simply every single candy you can think of and more: gum that never loses its taste and sucking candies that never get any smaller. It’s really about a poor boy whose luck finally changes.

at Neriah rd Grade, Mesu 3 , ow , Alon Yarr in Through

even W The Secret S

ton by Enid Bly Seven look , the Secret k o o b is th In ey find g place. Th in et e m ew der steals for a n ut an intr u b e av c y were a nearb While they s. g in g n o ings, their bel missing th r ei th r fo the searching ail and help m n le o st er y they discov e book is ver the thief. Th ch er at ev c n l ce li po der wil and the rea n until the interesting e book dow th t u p to le ever ybody be ab d. I think e lv so is y myster this book! should read

Classifieds • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • TO RESERVE BURIAL PLOTS ANYWHERE IN ISRAEL CALL… Achuzat Kever (reg. amuta 580428464)


YOGA FOR PREGNANT WOMEN AND AFTER BIRTH Call Zahava (Wingate-certified teacher)

0 8 - 9 2 6 4 6 70

TUTOR: Warm, caring teacher for Jewish and religious studies. Ages 5-13. Call Shloimie at 08-974-4584, 057-314-4584. References available.

PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SPACE for lease, 3-5 year term. Centrally located in Modiin, across from train/bus. Parking, waiting room. Please contact Jodi at 054-530-0297.

The Center for Healing Emotional Eating

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the only English business and service guide in the area.

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Professional therapy and support Special groups for teen girls Eating disorder prevention program ages 11-14 Tamar Varon, M.S. 0546-720-213

Experienced house and office painter Quality work at reasonable prices Call Michael: 054-672-0234


QUALIFIED ENGLISH TEACHER Specializing in remedial reading Call Chana at 054-497-2328

Professional Dressmaker Alterations on men’s and women’s clothing By appointment, not on Shabbat 08-970-7194


July/August 2005 n Sivan/Tamuz/Av, 5765 n Volume 2, Issue 8

Recipe Corner

Red Fruit Dessert Topped with Sabayon By: Michal Alhalel This is an elegant dessert great for dinner parties with its wonderful taste of white wine in sabayon.

Ingredients: 500 grams of frozen mixed red fruits 1/4 cup of sugar 1 cinnamon stick

1 tablespoon of corn flour 1/2 cup white wine 3 egg whites 1/2 cup sugar

Preparation: 1. In a medium size pot, heat the fruit, sugar, 1/2 cup water and cinnamon until it boils. Mix the corn flour with a 1/4 cup of water. Add the corn flour mixture to the boiling fruit and mix well for about two minutes until thick. Remove from the flame and let it cool in room temperature for about five minutes. Pour into five dessert glasses or large glasses. 2. In a double pot (fill the medium pot with 1/2 liter of water and place above a stainless steel or Pyrex pot that doesn’t touch the water). In a bowl, mix the wine, sugar and the egg whites and place on a medium flame and whip with a hand whipper until it turns into a foamy white mixture. When the cream is firm, remove it from the flame. Place the sabayon over the red fruit and serve hot. 3. The berry mixture can be made a day earlier and chilled in the refrigerator. The sabayon should be made right before serving. Michal Alhalel studied at the Culinary Art School in Cambridge, MA and at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. She has written two cookbooks and is the owner of Duet Catering & Israeli designer clothes outlet located in Ligad Center. 08-926-8570. See ad page 12.

Candle Lighting July 1/24 Sivan Parshat Korach Parshat Mevarchin Candle lighting 19:29 Shabbat ends 20:29

July 15/8 Tammuz Parshat Balak Candle lighting 19:25 Shabbat ends 20:28

July 8/1 Tammuz Parshat Chukat Candle lighting 19:28 Shabbat ends 20:31

July 22/15 Tammuz Parshat Pinchas Candle lighting 19:22 Shabbat ends 20:24

July 29/22 Tammuz Parshat Mattot Shabbat Mevarchin Candle lighting 19:17 Shabbat ends 20:19 August 5/29 Tammuz Parshat Massai Rosh Chodesh Candle lighting 19:12 Shabbat ends 20:12

August 12/7 Av Parshat Devarim Candle lighting 19:05 Shabbat ends 20:05 August 19/14 Av Parshat Veetchanan Candle lighting 18:58 Shabbat ends 19:57

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July/August 2005 n Sivan/Tamuz/Av, 5765 n Volume 2, Issue 8

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