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March 2004 Adar 5764 Volume 1 Issue 3

Servicing the English speaking community of Modiin and the surrounding neighborhoods

Healthy Children and Chinese Medicine

By: Jodi Marder As a certified practitioner of traditional Chinese Medicine and a licensed clinical dietician for the last thirteen years, I have treated people for all sorts of illnesses and disharmonies. Many of my patients, who are also parents, often asked me what I could do for their children. I, too, was concerned for my own children's health. Already practicing acupuncture and other Chinese medical remedies on adults, I became interested in the field of Chinese pediatric medicine. PEDIATRICS IN CHINESE MEDICINE:

Pediatrics has been a professional specialty within traditional Chinese Medicine since the Song Dynasty (960-1279) when the great doctor Qian Yi recognized the differences between children and adults in diagnosis and treatment. According to Chinese medicine, infants and young children are not just miniature adults anatomically or physiologically, rather children are believed to be immature both physically and functionally. Most of the common pediatric complaints are due to this immaturity, or weaknesses in their digestive and respiratory systems. This explains why children so often have digestive disorders like colic, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion and stomachaches as well as upper respiratory tract complaints such as colds, coughs, earaches, allergies and asthma. CHINESE MEDICINE and PEDIATRICS:

In Chinese medicine there are four main methods of treating children: acupuncture, nutrition, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese pediatric massage. Generally, at the first visit the practitioner will try to

Modiin Highhlights

By: Alex Weinreb Tu B'Shevat On Friday, February 6, city officials, along with members of the community, members of Hagana L'Teva and the Organic Chava, planted trees for Tu B'Shevat on Churvat Regev. Keren Kayemet L'Israel donated over 4,000 trees to replace those that were burned in the forest on the eastern part of Modiin over a year ago. The area today is growing many beautiful types of flowers and there are archeological finds there as well. There is a beautiful panoramic view from the top of the Regev mountain. The Ministry of Housing and Construction has plans to build highway 4 there and I am trying to find an alternative path for this road. The planting of trees was significant for two reasons: 1) It is nice for city officials and members of the community to have a connection with one another. I plan on organizing joint functions in different capacities every month or two. 2) Over 50% of Modiin is "green" area and we have many important areas to preserve for generations to come. CellularAntennae Until recently companies looking to put up cellular antennae in Modiin had to receive permission from City Hall. In many cases, City Hall was also responsible for determining the location of antennae, making sure they were not placed too close to homes. As of May 2003, a law was passed giving cellular companies the right to place antennae wherever they pleased without requiring consent. City Hall now feared that an excessive number of cellular antennae would be placed within the city. We have inquired into potential health risks resulting from

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March 2004

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Volume 1, Issue 3


Eight Treasures: Family Clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine


Nutritional healing

Chinese herbal remedies Weight Loss Management Women's Health

Jodi Marder,

Lifestyle Counseling Pediatrics

C.Ac., Ch.Hb., R.D.

25 Rehov Hatirosh, Chashmonaim


Letter to the Editor

I was pleased to read Rashi Kuhr's (educational psychologist) article: "The Hebrew Will Come". This article spurred many reactions in the English speaking community. In the course of my work, as a Hebrew teacher for new olim and multilingual children, I meet too many children with difficulties in Hebrew due to insufficient exposure to the language (and not language disability). Sometimes I meet children that were born in Israel and at the age of 6 cannot say one whole th sentence in Hebrew, or children that in 8 grade rd read at 3 grade level! In some cases parents hope that the language will develop on its own, in other cases parents attempt to make their children's English level equal to that of children in their country of origin. Either way the attention given to developing the child's Hebrew skills are insufficient. A child not knowing enough Hebrew can become insecure, may not participate in class, may not get a full understanding of what's going on in class, and may not read at a high level. Sometimes the child's social situation may be affected as well. The Hebrew should be developed to the level of a mother tongue, in order to give the child an equal opportunity. What can be done? A lot! We must be conscious of the need to know Hebrew, encourage our children to play with Hebrew speaking children, join the local library, read them stories in Hebrew and discuss these stories in Hebrew, watch Hebrew programs/movies on TV/video, send them to chugim that are in Hebrew, and when necessary, to chugim for language enrichment. Shira Meyer, Hebrew Teacher To advertise Please call


Dear Readers,

Due to popular demand we are pleased to announce that ModiInfo can now be found on the Web at Now, not only do we service the English speaking community of Modiin and the surrounding neighborhoods, but communities worldwide as well. It seems our neighborhood is not confined to specific boundaries, rather, it is extended to those Aliyah-minded families living in chul with their eye on our area. We look forward to continuing to be a source of information to those living here and abroad. As always, we welcome your comments and letters to the editor. Thank you for always letting our advertisers know you saw their ad in ModiInfo. Best wishes for a joyous Purim, Daniella Hellerstein and Caryn Meltz Co-publishers and editors 064-665-881, 053-868-768; ModiInfo is an independently owned, advertiser supported publication distributed monthly to Modiin and the surrounding neighborhoods. ModiInfo welcomes all articles and ads but reserves the right to edit or reject submissions. The views expressed by writers and contributors are not necessarily those of ModiInfo. ModiInfo is not responsible for facts or claims made by ads or authors, nor for any typographical errors. Work produced by ModiInfo is the property of ModiInfo and may not be reproduced without consent.

Pearl Skolnik Realty Associates Efraim Weiss, realtor Sales …. Rentals…. Commercial …. Investments …. Building Plots …. Property Management We are proud to announce that we have joined together to serve our many friends and clients in Modiin and the surrounding area. Our office offers you 23 years of professional experience and native-English-speaking licensed agents, dedicated to assisting you in finding your home in Modiin, Ramat Beit Shemesh or greater Jerusalem. Please give us a call.

We look forward to meeting you!

Pearl, Efraim, and staff 053-868-768



ister! Hurry and reg the day

alid from Membership v rch 31, 2005 a M l ti n u n o of registrati

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mbers e m o t t n Discou " and the r e v e h C " of ociation s s A e c i l Po

Best membership rates in the area Office hours: Sunday-Thursday from 9:00-14:30; Fridays from 9:00-12:00 To register: Bring one passport picture and teudat zehut cards for each member of the family.

We would be pleased to give you additional information: 08-926-1165, 08-926-1966 ModiInfo

March 2004

Adar 5764

Volume 1, Issue 3

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overexposure to such radiation. As a result, the Knesset looked at Modiin and others as sample cities to assess the situation. They discovered that there are more than enough antennae to meet the needs of the community thus exposing Modiin citizens to unnecessary radiation. I am working to find a happy medium between meeting the needs of the population and limiting any potential health risks. There are currently eight cellular antennae in the city. My goal is to move four of them out of the center and to the outskirts where they pose less of a threat. The four remaining ones will be sufficient in providing adequate service without putting people's safety at risk.

Jodi Wachspress M.A. Creative Art Therapies for adults and children in English or Hebrew

Specializing in: Self-esteem Peripartum Adjustment to a new country Communication difficulties

Tel: Cell:

Ask Alex

Question: Ilana C.: When are we going to get a post office suitable for a city this size? We are still functioning on the same size post office as we were when we moved in six and a half years ago. Half the time there are only two people staffing the place and the queues are out the door. Will something ever be done about this? (And I know about the one on Devoranit. It doesn't really solve the problem as it is not a real post office.) Alex: The question should be sent to the postal authority. All they have to do is rent a store and

open shop. The general manager of the postal service met with the mayor to allocate an area where they can build a major distribution center. This will not only serve the center of the city, but would offer regular postal services as well. Let's hope this ends up successfully. If there's a question that you would like answered, please feel free to e-mail me at Till next time, Alex Weinreb, Deputy Mayor of Modiin

Ram Or Design and Construction Custom made:

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The Consumer Corner Buying onAuction Sites in Israel

By: Sammy Fejbusch People uncomfortable with buying online or those not used to buying on Israeli Web sites, should know it is usually a good way to buy goods at reasonable prices, in a secure environment and with quite reliable service. Price: It is hard to find high street shops with prices that compete with those on the Web. Most of the Israeli auction sites offer the customer the opportunity to buy goods through an auction platform and/or a group purchase. Some Web sites (like compare prices for you between different providers of auctions and group purchases. It is important to stress that one should check the credentials of the Web sites offering the desired product and not rush blindly to the cheapest one. Be aware of the extra shipping costs that are usually not included in the advertised price. Service: Delivery of the goods is usually smooth and within the preset time frame. The after sale service and guarantee on the product is provided by the product's importer or manufacturer, similar to purchases in high street shops. Computers are better purchased locally because of the clear advantage to dealing with a local shop for any software or hardware problem. Also, the price difference of computers between online sites and local shops is quite small due to the harsh competition in the industry. Security: If you feel uncomfortable giving your credit card details online for a transaction, you should note the following: 1. On all reliable Web sites, transactions are processed by secure servers using the widely used SSL technology, also used for Internetbanking; 2. The law on credit cards in Israel protects the cardholder and therefore the risk is minimal,

To File or Not to File

By: Michael Barth The United States taxes its citizens on their worldwide income. All US citizens with gross incomes greater than $7,800 for single filers, or $15,600 for those filing joint returns (in 2003) are required to file US income tax returns. Practically speaking, a majority of Americans living here don't bother filing their income tax returns for one of two reasons. Either they are under the assumption that because they are not living in the US they are not required to file, or since they know that they qualify for the $80,000 income exclusion, they feel they have no tax liability. BIG MISTAKE!!! Not necessarily because you will get into trouble for not filing (though this is a possibility), but because you might be missing out on an opportunity to get a tax refund from the US despite not having worked there or paying any US income tax during the year. This refund is from the Child Tax Credit. How does this work? Due to a change in the US tax laws in 2001, all US citizens with children (who are also US citizens) under the age of 17 are entitled to apply for this credit. The credit is up to $600 per child for the 2001 and 2002 tax years and has increased up to $1000 for the 2003 tax year. The credit is subject to certain minimum and maximum income qualifications (in 2003 you need to have earned more than $10,500 in order to qualify for the credit). There are no US residency requirements for the credit (meaning that all of us living here in Israel still qualify for the credit) nor do both parents need to be US citizens. The requirements to apply for this credit are: At least one parent being a US citizen,

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Open Sunday through Thursday 9:00 am till midnight Friday 8:15-14:00, Motzei Shabbat until midnight


March 2004

Anthony Galgut: 08-973-0223 Adar 5764

Volume 1, Issue 3

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establish the general nature of your child's complaint, and will make a diagnosis in terms of Chinese medicine. This is done by observing your child, taking your child's pulse, and asking various questions to determine the main energy imbalance. The first visit lasts about 30 minutes including treatment. Follow-up visits, when needed, are 15-20 minutes and start with a few questions and reexamination to determine your child's progress, followed by treatment. The number of treatments depends on your child's patterns of illness and his/her energy level. ACUPUNCTURE:


Acupuncture is a wonderful medicine for children. With a continuously developing history of over 2500 years, the principles of diagnosis and treatment of disease has been refined to a high degree of accuracy by the cumulative experience of centuries of Chinese doctors. Chinese medicine works on very different principles from Western medicine and can often help a very wide range of conditions which cannot be helped by traditional medicine. Being holistic and curative, acupuncture also has the great advantage of being safe and noninvasive, and is free from the weakening sideeffects of medications. The child's spirit, happiness, energy and immunity all improve during the course of treatment. The long term effects are to strengthen the child, maintain health and to help him get through all the changes he undergoes in life. NUTRITION:

CALL TODAY IN ISRAEL 1-700-70-70-92 ZEEV: 051-258359 YAEL: 068-693962

OUTSIDE ISRAEL 972-8-9760-760

Diet and proper eating habits are pivotal in the health of young children. Often overfeeding, inappropriate foods and amounts are the cause of most pediatric diseases. Most pediatric diseases and illnesses can be relieved by simple dietary changes. For example when children are overfed their digestive system becomes inundated with too much food that can't be dealt with resulting in chronic stomachaches, constipation or earaches. Feeding on a schedule, good quality food, and in smaller amounts can significantly decrease these illnesses, or any other that arise such as coughs, colds, waking up the middle of the night and hyperactivity. Limiting sweets and dairy foods is so important to a child's health. Sweets weaken the digestive system and dairy produces dampness. When a child is sick these foods should be greatly reduced or eliminated from the diet. cont. on page 10

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Dr. Dan Cheifetz

even if fraud is committed with your credit card details. If you still feel uncomfortable buying online, you should at least check prices on Web sites for the desired product. This only takes a few minutes of your time and gives you valuable information before entering your local shop. My favorite Web sites for online shopping are: Wallashops (, Olsale ( and Netaction ( Enjoy your shopping! If you would like this column to address a specific topic or answer your questions, feel free to e-mail Sammy at: Sammy Fejbusch is an independent financial consultant. He is a Certified Public Accountant and has an MBA in Finance from Hebrew University.


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March 2004

Adar 5764


Volume 1, Issue 3

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Children under the age of 17 who are US citizens with social security numbers (these can be obtained via the US embassy - see their website at for what documentation you need in order to obtain a social security number), Earned income in excess of $10,500 for the year, Filing a US income tax return with the proper forms. Even if you have already filed income tax returns for the 2001, 2002, and 2003 tax years, and did not apply for the credit, it is not too late to check your returns to see whether or not you would qualify for the credit and receive a present from Uncle Sam. Previously filed returns which did not apply for the credit can be amended by filing a Form 1040X for each and any of those tax years. However, it should be noted that filing for a refund must be done within three years from the time the original tax return was due. Thus a claim for a refund for the 2001 income tax year (either by filing an initial return or an amended return) must be done by April 15, 2005. But, if you've got money waiting for you at the IRS, why wait until 2005?

It should also be noted that while the credit is for up to either $600 or $1,000 per child (depending on the tax year), there are a number of other factors that determine whether or not you qualify for a full, partial or no credit. These include the geographic location of your sources of income, your total income and your being subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). All these factors (and others) interact with each other to determine the actual credit you are entitled to and ultimately receive as a refund. Once you file your returns, you should start receiving your refund checks in the mail (or by direct deposit into your account if you so desire) within a few months (amended returns take a bit more time than initial filings and direct deposit refunds are a bit faster than check refunds). So if you need to start saving for your son's bar mitzvah, daughter's bat mitzvah, a family vacation or whatever here's a great way for Uncle Sam to help finance it. We spend plenty of hard earned money on our kids, so isn't it great to have the opportunity to get money back just for having them? Michael Barth, CPA US & Israel, is the Controller for dsIT Technologies Ltd., 054-202-878.

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Voices For Israel

Voices For Israel is a collaborative effort of over 50 Jewish music artists from throughout the international Jew ish com m unity. The musicians joined together in an inspiring expression of solidarity with Israel. The 2-CD set was produced by Jordan B. Gorfinkel of Beat'achon, the Jewish A Cappella group, and arranged by the recording artist Yehuda! The set also features Avraham Fried, Dudu Fisher, Safam, Paul Zim, Abie Rotenberg (Dveykus, Aish), Yossi Green, the Chevra and Blue Fringe, plus more. The profits will be used to assist Israeli victims of terror and their families. “Chazak Amenu: We Stand As One”, combines the voices of over 50 contemporary Jewish Music recording artists, and stands to revive the hope of all Jewish people for unity and peace. One song in particular generates a lot of emotion. “Shir Lismoach: Malki's Song”, was written by Israeli teenager, Malki Roth, just months before she was killed in the Jerusalem Sbarro bombing at the age of 15. Months before she died, she wrote this song which she planned on entering into a contest. During the shiva, friends told the family about the song. Malki was active in Ezra and was also dedicated to helping disabled children inspired by her severely disabled younger sister. As a result, The Malki Foundation was formed to help the disabled ( The artists also recorded a video, “Chazak Amenu”. Gorfinkel said, “The purpose of the video, as with the song, is to remind us of why we love Israel, and to show the rest of the world just how beautiful this flower is in the desert.” The video is embedded on the first CD and should play on any computer. The CD set is being used as a fundraiser in Israel by Ezra and BneiAkiva. For more information about Voices For Israel, please visit the Web site at or email To purchase a copy of the CD set in Israel, please call Yaakov Kessler at Ideas Creative of Jerusalem, 02-621-2149.

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March 12 19 Adar Parshat Ki Tissa Shabbat Parah Candle lighting 17:25 Shabbat ends 18:22

March 19 26 Adar Parshat Vayakhel/Pekudei Shabbat Mevarchim Candle lighting 17:30 Shabbat ends 18:27

Ta'anit Esther Employment centers for olim up to 10 years in Israel. Counseling, placement, workshops, ulpan, computers. Free of charge. 02-537-3929, 02-537-1186. ModiInfo

March 2004

11 Adar Thursday, March 4 Fast begins at dawn (4:45) Fast ends at nightfall (18:15) > >

Adar 5764

Volume 1, Issue 3


14 Adar Motzai Shabbat, March 6 and Sunday, March 7

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Month at a Glance


Chinese herbal medicine is one of the most sophisticated herbal medicine systems in the world. The ingredients in these formulas are crafted together to act synergistically to restore health and balance. Chinese herbals can be taken as pills, powders, tinctures or teas. Often I can recommend herbal teas that are probably in your house to treat many symptoms as they arise.

Please join us on Motzei Shabbat, March 6 for Megilla reading for the religious and secular. Megilla will be followed by a family Purim party. Minimal fee. For details, please call the Matnas, 972-2210.


Senior residents are invited to Megilla reading followed by a lecture about the Megilla on Motzei Shabbat, March 6. Free entry. For details and registration, please call the Matnas, 972-2210.

Tui-na, Chinese pediatric massage is another highly effective modality for treating commonly encountered children's illnesses. First done in the clinic this technique can be taught to the parents who then can continue the treatment at home on a daily basis or as long as needed. Now when I treat young children they want to know what I can do for their parents! Chag Purim Sameach!! Jodi Marder, C.Ac., Ch.Hb., R.D., 25 Rechov Hatirosh, Chashmonaim, 052-518-362.

Rav Ofer Erez shlita, will teach "Rabbi Nachman Tales" every Thursday evening at Beit Knesset "Kol Yaacov", 22 Rechov Hanevi'im, Shimshoni, Modiin at 21:30. Project Seed, chevruta learning for women of all levels. Monday nights, 8:30 pm at the Kipudan shul. For more information, please call Ilana Cohen, 08-972-3299.

QUIZ NIGHT! Amutat Yididay Mesuat Neriah invites you to a fundraiser for Ezer Modiin and Beit Sefer Mesuat Neriah Motzai Shabbat, March 20 at 8:30 Location and prizes to be announced.

If you have an activity you would like to post, please e-mail ModiInfo at


Original hand made Judaica. Private classes and workshops. Party activities. Silver repairs.

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ENGLISH SPEAKING MOHEL Rabbi Morey Schwartz 08-976-2355, 058-641-130 Experienced, compassionate, professional. Highly recommended. Topical anesthetic. Home visits before and after brit.

DALIA'S DESIGNS Professional dressmaker, alterations on men's and women's clothing. By appointment, not on Shabbat


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WANTED Donations for new library. Office chairs, shelves and books in good condition.

Promotional-video slideshow for Bar/Bat mitzvahs & birthdays. Trasferring video to CD.

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Baba (an Iraqi Purim pastry)

orner Congratulations to Noam Shimoni and Ariel Finkelstein! Noam and Ariel are the winners of ModiInfo's writing contest. They each won two free games of bowling at Cosmic Ball in Ligad Center. Purim is a time of joy, For every girl and boy. Purim is a time of cheer, We wait for Purim every year. Esther saved us from Hamen, So today we can say "amen". Wear costumes, eat hamentashen, And have a very happy Purim! Noam Shimoni, age 10, Beit Sefer Yachad Modiin Hooray, today is Purim! I am going to school and I am going to see everyone's dress-ups. My costume is a Kinder Egg. I wonder what is in it. May be it is a chocolate cake or may be a packet of biscuits. I love Purim because I like hamentashens. Ariel Finkelstein, age 7, Beit Sefer Mesuat Neriah

Deadline for all ads: March 10, 2004


March 2004

On a quest for something slightly different to serve for Purim this year, I had a look at some family traditions. Actually, I went to my husband's family and found a pastry prepared by the Iraqi Jews of Baghdad for Purim. I gave it a test run, devoured about five of them and decided that they are really 'good tucker' and worth a bit of fussing around with the yeast dough. This recipe makes around 70. Dough: 1 kg plain flour, sifted 50 g fresh yeast 1 3/4 cup warm water 200 g margarine (block), cut into cubes 2 Tblspn. oil Vanilla sugar (two sachets) 3 Tblspn. sugar Filling: 500 g pitted dates 200 g walnuts, ground 1 egg beaten with a little water for glazing sesame seeds 1. Combine water with yeast, sugar and a handful of flour. Allow to sit in a warm place until it becomes frothy (around 10 minutes). 2. Add the cubed margarine, oil, vanilla sugar and most of the flour. Knead with a dough hook and add the remaining flour. Continue kneading until combined completely and the dough is smooth. 3. Remove the dough hook and oil the bowl (use oil spray). Return dough to the bowl and cover with a cloth. Stand in a warm place until dough has doubled in bulk (around 他 hour). 4. Prepare the filling by combining the walnuts and dates in the food processor. Set the oven to 180 Celcius. 5. Divide the dough in half and roll out to 3mm thickness. Cut into rounds with either a scone cutter or a glass. Put a small teaspoon of filling in the centre and pinch the sides together. Arrange on a greased tray and stand again in a warm place to rise (about 10 minutes). Brush with eggwash and sprinkle with sesame seeds. 6. Bake in oven for 8-10 minutes until golden brown. Enjoy and Purim Sameach!

Ilana Cohen is a qualified chef who worked in five-star hotels both in Israel and Australia. She now wishes she had her own fivestar chef working in her own kitchen so that she didn't have to bother.

Adar 5764

Volume 1, Issue 3

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CHINESE MEDICINE and PEDIATRICS: Servicing the English speaking community of Modiin and the surrounding neighborhoods In Chinese medicine th...