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SCARY ROCTOBER! by Chris Murphy

Modesto is special because of the many innovative and creative people in our community. There are those that do and those that talk about doing and ModestoView loves the people that DO things, make things happen, and create things.  Since this is October and we love Halloween, we are going to celebrate this month as much as we can and since this is ROCKtober as well, we will be celebrating the music in our community at the MAMA Awards and also with the California Women’s Music Festival.  We would like you to meet two amazing people that make this season special, Dana Walters of DayDreams and Nightmares and Victoria Boyington, of the California Women’s Music Festival. Daydreams and Nightmares on 7th St is mission control for every dress up event and is the epicenter of all things paranormal in our community. We can always count on them to support our crazy cover and theme ideas and they can make any event you can think of special. Plus they give back to our community with the Every 15 Minutes program and so much more.  Plus, DayDreams is located where a crematorium used to be.  Let’s meet Dana.     ModestoView: What excites you most about this time of the year? Dana Walters: This time of year I get excited watching the people of Modesto come into my shop excited about the parties they are having & how they want to look the best at their parties with costumes & make-up.   MV: You participate in the supernatural all year long, what are some of the things that give you chills in the night? DW: Hearing footsteps behind you & no one is there. I sneezed one time at the shop & someone said “bless you” ! I was alone at the time. When I first bought the building (funeral home) I was there by myself & felt like someone was in the shop with me , so I took out my camera took two pictures 1st pic looked normal , the second one had a weird light showing & you can see a man standing in the doorway! That scared me & I left quickly.   MV: What are some of the craziest costumes you have done for people? DW: One of the craziest costumes we did was for Anderson’s towing company! They came to us & wanted a tow truck costume! We made it for them! It matched their trucks they use everyday!  We also made a toothbrush for a local dentist.


Dana Walters (l) and Milan Motroni

MV: Since you are located in a former crematorium, does that make this kind of work extra special? DW: I feel being in an old funeral & crematorium adds to my shop, there is history & stories here. Just like with each & every costume we have. For example I have some of my mother’s old 1950’s authentic clothing. In perfect shape & ready for rentals. My mother used to always sing on the radio with her father & brother who went on to play at the Grand Ole Opry.   MV: What is something you want everyone to know about you and DayDreams and Nightmares? DW: Not only are we a costume & make up store but we do far more through out the year. We work with the police dept. helping doing mock shooting drills. We also do the make up at a lot of the high schools for the Every 15 Minutes program. So when we are helping a customer we can tell you by experience what works & what doesn’t! We don’t just sell the products, we use and create them.   We are also active in Stanislaus county foster care program. We volunteer doing make up for the county Foster kids at the annual backpack parties. We use costumes & come to the annual Christmas Parties & the community donates at our shop during Christmas for the kids with no permanent homes!  We donate to helping Enoch’s High School Forensics & Bio Tech Classes, by doing zombie lab mishaps for educating kids of Stanislaus County.  Daydreams and Nightmares Day Dreams and Nightmares 1219 N 7th St.  209-575-0023



Music Fest

5 question with Victoria Boyington I was raised in a family of women and my wife Rebecca is a champion of raising strong girls and we celebrate their accomplishments and their possibilities. It is in this vein that we celebrate the amazing women in music and want to encourage people in our community to support the California Women’s Music Festival and Workshops on October 22 at the Gallo Center. We caught up with event chairperson Victoria Boyington; who not only is the chair, she is a mother if eight, is in multiple bands and is a teacher; for some additional insight on this event.    ModestoView:  Why a women’s music festival? Victoria Boyington: This event is all about supporting women in music and all areas the music industry. California Women’s Music Festival gives women in this area a chance to gain skills necessary to host a larger scale event. This year we have reached out to Central Valley High School and UOP music, photography and film students expanding the opportunities for mentoring young women. Central Valley High School’s Kari Copley will be bringing in young women interested in film and photography giving our youth a chance to utilize their skills in a live setting. This event is all about creating opportunities for women.   MV: What do can people expect from this event? VB: People can expect an excellent show with amazing women in music. We have Grammy Award Winning Songwriter Paula Cole, Blues Guitarist Samantha Fish, Dilana from RockStar Supernova, an all female Zeppelin band and an amazing bluegrass touring band, Urban Pio-

neers, not to mention all the talented daytime performers coming to us from Los Angeles, Napa, Tennessee, and from The Central Valley. Music lovers will enjoy a variety of female headliners at a time when large festivals are not billing women as headliners. We also have presentations by Without Permission, a local anti-human trafficking organization  and Alana Scott of WELL to help build awareness about women’s issues. Expect a day filled with great music and education.   MV: Is there an age where it is toll late to get involved? VB: There is no age limit. This year we go back to our roots and encourage women of all ages to come support women in music, business, education and the fine arts. Our organization is dedicated to helping women across the life span. This is an event where you can bring your daughters, mothers, brothers, and the whole family to enjoy women musicians.   MV: What can you learn? VB: You will learn about the anti-trafficking organization Without Permission and their efforts to help free women from trafficking in our community. I think people would be amazed at what is going on throughout the central valley. It’s a national problem that begins with education at the micro level, which starts here at home. We will also have information about Sacramento Girls Rock Camp and Soundgirls. org.   MV: What are you most excited about for the California Women’s Music Festival? VB:  I am excited about the venue and the outstanding job they have done so far. We are lucky to have such a beautiful venue in town. We are also excited about all of the exceptionally talented women coming to Modesto this fall. This year’s festival is going to be amazing. I hope people take advantage of the opportunity our town has to host such a landmark festival. This is California Women’s Music Festival and it is happening here.  

California Women’s Music Festival – Gallo Center – Oct 22 Featuring  Paula Cole, Samantha Fish, Dilana, Zepperella, Big Earl, & Urban Pioneer

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