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Back-to-School Safety Advice from Experts in Kentucky Security Systems With a new school year approaching, it is time to start thinking about reviewing safety rules with your school-age children. Kentucky security providers understand the importance of safety rules. A few minutes taken to discuss some basic safety measures may be the difference between life and death. 1. Walking to School: Getting to school safely should be one of the first concerns you need to address with your child. Children who walk to school should always walk with another group of children or an adult, if possible. Always walk on a sidewalk, or if there is none available, face traffic while walking in the street or at the side of the road. When crossing the street, always cross at the intersection. Younger children who are under ten years old need to cross the street with a crossing guard or other capable adult. When crossing, look both ways at least two times to make certain there are no approaching vehicles. Do not run out from behind a parked car. Never run when crossing a street as you may fall, and never accept a ride from a stranger. 2. Riding A Bicycle: When riding your bicycle to school, always wear your helmet. Know the biking rules of the road. Ride in the same direction as vehicles in a single file. At a stoplight, follow the light as if you are driving a car. Wear bright clothing. Do not ride at night unless you have a light and an adult is with you. Use the proper hand signals, so drivers know what you intend to do. Make sure you have the riding skills before you take to the streets. 3. Riding the Bus: When waiting for the bus, wait at least six feet from the curb at the designated bus stop. Watch for the bus driver to motion you when it is safe to cross in front of the bus when boarding. Allow at least ten feet of space between you and the bus. Alert the driver if you drop an item so he/she is aware of where you are at all times. Never go behind the bus or near the wheels. When riding the school bus, children should be observant of bus rules and follow these rules at all times. Bus drivers will be able to keep their attention on driving and not be distracted by unruly riders. 4. In the Classroom and on the Playground: When your children are at school, encourage them to always follow the classroom rules. Never leave the school grounds without a trusted adult. Come directly home from school and check in with the caregiver before going out to play. There are times when older children will need to be home after school by themselves for a short time. This is where a good Kentucky security system would be invaluable. Honeywell dealers can have your

security set up, so your family will be safe. In an emergency situation, you would be alerted immediately and help would be just a call away. You and your child would have the peace of mind that good Honeywell dealers can provide.

Back to school safety advice from experts in kentucky security systems  

Kentucky security providers understand the importance of safety rules. A few minutes taken to discuss some basic safety measures may be the...

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