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Philosophy + Your Health


The Palisades Parks Conservancy


Paul Lamb + Rory Pinto + Anton Bluman

Dr. Kenneth Davis, DCM + Lisa Davis

Palisades Interstate Park Commission


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Advancing Your Career Anthony Fasano, P.E., LEED AP, ACC


Rockers Gone Bad


Following a Creative Wanderlust


Johnny Ciao

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Rockland World Radio the [local Internet broadcast leader] is gearing up for

its 8th season. No small task, considering the hold traditional media has had in convincing the public they’re the only game in town. The Internet will no longer be looked upon as a passing phase - digital is here to stay. Worldwide, the broadcasting industry is being turned on its head by the Internet. It’s no different locally, where technological advances — online and otherwise — are taking place at an unprecedented pace and leaving a wave of uncertainty in their wake. But it’s all about opportunity, not catastrophe. “For advertisers there’s the ability to better target audiences online where they are better defined. Financial people have a better idea of how their budgets are being used. For consumers there’s the ability to watch or listen to programming whenever and wherever they want — they decide, guided in some form by broadcasters.

Nothing illustrates this more effectively than the rise of YouTube, now owned by Google. Take the stats: YouTube receives approximately 2 billion views a day — more than double the prime-time audience of the three major American TV networks combined. Last year more than 13 million hours of video were uploaded to the site, and 35 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Put another way, more video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the three major American networks have created in 60 years.

Rockland World Radio is . . .




gaining a new perspective

Words by Paul Lamb, Anton Bluman & Rory Pinto

Hosts of New Perspectives on Rockland World Radio





Paul Lamb

By being aware of the quality and the feeling of our thoughts, to consciously and deliberately choose to reach for better feeling ones, and to consciously and deliberately choose to think and speak more of what we want and less of what we don’t want, we are gently tuning ourselves to the alignment of our pure positive potential and the health, energy, wisdom and life expression that we desire. By relaxing our body and calming our mind, we call forth our deeper self, our inner being, the timeless one. To practice harmonizing and balancing ourselves in this manner we are creating and receiving the energy, insights and appropriate natural chemicals that can help us heal and perfect ourselves.

Paul Lamb is Qigong Therapist, CertiďŹ ed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker, instructor Tai Chi, Qigong, co-creator of the Mind Body Wisdom program, (a Paradigm Shift in Health, Energy and Consciousness), producer & publisher of art instructional programming on video.


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Anton Bluman

As a holistic healthcare practitioner & New Perspectives Radio co-host, I subscribe to the philosophy that quality living is more than leafy green vegetables and wellness spas. For me, it involves a kind of spacious awareness, a coming into balance, a responsiveness that invites new experiences and rich exchanges. It is these direct encounters and confluence of individual ideas that we remember, savor, that guide our perceptions and actions. I feel an affinity with structured improvisation, previously as a performer in movement, sound, theater and more recently incorporated in our weekly radio show. Communication happens through words, the intonation of speaking, vibration of sound, music - and the spaces in between-as aspects of the art of conversation. In establishing rapport we create conditions for exchanges to occur. (As an example, listen to archived show 01/10/11, ‘World of Vibration’ with myself, Paul Lamb and special guest Jack Cain). Relating can be on different levels, including energetic correspondences, which we often talk of as ‘being on the same wavelength’, or ‘being in synch.’ Measurable and palpable, modern science confirms what we already feel and sense. In electromagnetic resonance, living beings oscillate more strongly at a particular frequency, and with brainwave entrainment we become more attuned to each other within the electromagnetic field. There is an energetic sharing, or a healing can be facilitated. This, in turn, is integral to my practice in Reconnective Healing, which uses new frequencies overlaid on energy lines of the body and beyond, and, in EEG Biofeedback, or Neurofeedback which I use to treat neurological conditions in children, adults, in stress-management and in energy balancing. In therapy, in art, in daily living, I feel it is the rich connections with oneself, with others, that can make the qualitative difference. Anton Bluman, MS, AIBT, Certified Practitioner is the host of New Perspectives live Thursday at 6:00PM EST on Rockland World Radio 12




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Rory Pinto

Valentine’s Day has come and gone,

a wonderful time to express gratitude and appreciation for those we hold dear. But the attraction that led us to our mates lives on and on. In the beginning of our relationships, the rise in heat and rapid increase in the charge that crackles between us excites us and raises our hopes: With stars in our eyes, stomachs churning, (and butterflies circling our heads), we believe that this new object of our attentions and affections will make us whole, perfect, and complete. At least this time, if only for a few brief shining moments. This is the implicit promise of romantic love. Our partners often appear to us as the source of All Good – as close as we can come, we imagine, to an experience of God. Quite naturally, we want to prolong and ensure this expanded state. Later on, - without even being conscious of it - whatever we didn’t get right in our relationship with our parents becomes fair game to play out in the relationship with our partners. Deep down inside is the desire, just this once, to win. Either way, we find ourselves trying to have power over our lovers and the conditions in our life. How often do we try to control what is beyond our control, and neglect what lies within our province? 14



Once again, we lose serenity and suffer. Suddenly we are tempted by the belief that ‘if only you, (my partner in this thrilling adventure), would get with the program (and conform yourself to my vision of you, or otherwise do as I desire) I could be happy.’ That’s a tough temptation for most of us to pass up, and we often go though many years of struggling for dominance, whether covertly or overtly, trying to get what we want. This life of struggle becomes the put downs, the competition, the ‘you always this…you never that!’ that we find ourselves voicing in increasing frustration. It becomes those accusations – expressed and not expressed - of our partners’ mal-intent. We think we know all about these special people in our lives and the motivations of their actions, (which, we believe, were mostly designed to hurt us or make our lives otherwise unbearable!). We believe what we want to believe, no matter how inconvenient the facts. All of this negative activity, all of this resistance to ‘what is’ is of course exhausting, and never truly makes us happy. Like smoke and fire, where there is fear of getting hurt or not getting what we need,

there is a desire for power and control. This is the state of material consciousness of humanity, expressed through each of us at one time or another in our intimate relationships, as much as it is on the world stage. The good news is that the pain of this struggle can wake us up, and we begin to yearn for more, without really knowing what that could be, or what that might look like. Sooner or later we become ready to wean ourselves from the never ending cycle of demanding, expecting, blaming, shaming, and manipulating that often passes for relationship, but wears away the delicate, precious fabric of trust, affection, and regard with which we began. What does it take to be in a thriving long-term relationship? A relationship that not only lasts but continues to grow is about more than the heat and charge we experienced at the outset. These are like herbs and spices that give zest to a recipe, but are nothing without the vital ingredients that provide nourishment and fulfill us. It takes love in many aspects to make our romantic relationship work: hearts and flowers and chocolates for sure – and much, much more… Love expressed as respect, empathy, and patience. Love expressed as the willingness to tolerate our discomfort and find its cause within - rather than rushing in to mask the symptoms or trying for a quick fix of our mates. Love expressed as a willingness to slog through those outof-phase times when there is disagreement, hostility, or outright strife – and still manages to be considerate and kind. It takes love expressed as deep listening - without judgment or criticism, making sure that our partners are heard and understood, even when we might not agree with their perspective or interpretation of events. When we can let go of our need to be right and to win, we can find peace. When we can ask for forgiveness of our trespasses, and in turn forgive others of theirs, we can find peace. This does not mean that we don’t set boundaries, or ask for change when it is necessary. It just means that we let go of our resentment and desire for revenge, or let go of the numbness that shields us from the consequences of our actions and the imbalance they have created. It means that we can experience the release of reconciliation, and be in the flow of the Light once again. Ultimately, we need to be willing to see through the, eyes, heart, mind and soul of another, and not make

the mistake of expecting our partner to be as we are, to see, feel, think, understand and act in the same way that we do. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at what a sticking point this can be, though it usually is not articulated. It just runs like a hidden program, and skews all of our perception, evaluation, and behavior! Our romantic relationships can become a spiritual path when we practice looking beyond the pairs of opposites –winning and losing, right and wrong, good and bad, male and female. We can look instead for that Essence that lies beneath their appearance. Then we are in the realm of the Soul, that spark of God within us whose nature is harmony and happiness.As we practice this, something shifts, and our life is no longer about me and mine. It wakes us up, and keeps us on our toes. It teaches us to discern, to wait patiently, to communicate and act at the right time, in the right place, with the right amount of effort. It helps us to grow in love, other-centeredness, selfhonesty, clarity, and truth. Like rocks rubbing against each other in a tumbler, we polish each other when we are willing to surrender and be fully engaged. Like jewels in the rough, we reach our potential through all of our relationships, and most especially in one so intimate and vulnerable. As we continue to open our hearts, we can relax, trust, and grow into a mature state of union. A committed, intimate relationship is a wonderful part of our Soul’s journey. The Love that brings us together is the same Love that wants to multiply itself in us, as us, and through us, going out into our families and into the world, touching everyone with whom we come in contact & many people that we may never even meet. The challenge of love is to find the Unity within our union. As that realization unfolds for each of us, we can share the Love and Light that we really are, and realize that what connects us with our Beloved connects us with everyone and everything . . .

Rory Pinto is a Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Interfaith Minister. He is a co-host of the New Perspectives Radio


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philosophy + your health

Dr. Ken & Lisa Davis

Davis Advanced Health System is dedicated to alternative healing and the presentation of a wellness based life style, utilizing advanced chiropractic and bio-vibrational techniques. Developed over the last 34 years, by Dr. Kenneth Y. & Lisa V. Davis, it provides a safe and compassionate environment for patients to achieve optimum health - physically, mentally and spiritually - first by analysis and correction of existing conditions, then by maintaining the path of wellness with education, products and a pro-activie attitude/outlook. We believe that wellness involves a two-way commitment, and the first step on the path is for the individual to accept responsibility for his or her health. Instead of asking, “How can I get rid of these symptoms?” the patient needs to retrain their mind and ask, “What is the root of my illness, and what can I do to change it?’. Davis AHS is dedicated to helping patients achieve wellness, but patients should be equally dedicated to making wellness a top priority in their life. In addition to its practice, Davis AHS features an educational branch: Natural Force Healing. Created by Dr. Davis and his wife, Lisa Davis, this is a revolutionary approach that utilizes energetic and vibra-

tional therapy in bringing body, mind and spirit into balance. NFH offers numberous programs such as seminars, lectures and business training in order to learn this process and open avenues for total well being. Philosophy As the stresses of daily life increase, the possibility of managing them is a constant process of search and discovery. Although we are physical, mental and spiritual beings, we tend to focus only on the physical symptoms and their alleviation, ignoring the other two aspects of our being. Each individual can be seen as a triangle of well being. If one aspect of this triangle is out of balance, all aspects distort, creating side effects such as physical pain, disease, depression, fear and lack of faith. Through advanced chiropractic and other alternative healing practices, Davis Advanced aids in peeling away the onion of distortions accumulated over a person’s lifetime, in order to promote optimal health and wellbeing.


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ith the desire to raise increased awareness of the Commission and its work to protect open space and offer recreation and education programs as well as to improve our facilities, the Palisades Parks Conservancy was created with the following mission: “This corporation is established exclusively for charitable objectives to receive and maintain funds and apply such funds for the improvement of and activities in the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, and for the purposes of promoting and expanding the preservation of natural, historical, and cultural resources in the Park for the benefit of the public.” History of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission

The Palisades Interstate Park Commission is among the oldest and most successful public-private partnerships in the nation. A federally chartered bistate system with jurisdiction over 20 state parks and eight historic sites, the Commission is comprised of five commissioners from New York and five commissioners from New Jersey, each appointed by that 18



state’s governor to staggered five-year terms. Preservation, education, and recreation form the core of the Commission’s services. Since its inception in 1900, more than 110,000 acres of forest, wildlife habitats, and cultural resources in New York and New Jersey have been entrusted to us. We greet more than nine million visitors each year. “Palisades,” as our holdings are collectively known, was born in reaction to the relentless quarrying of the Palisades cliffs. The defacement of the Palisades appalled its neighbors, including New York Governor Theodore Roosevelt & New Jersey Governor Foster Voorhees, who together charged ten citizens with the responsibility of assembling lands to save the scenic cliffs, thus creating the Palisades Interstate Park Commission that shaped the Park throughout the 20th Century, and now into the 21st. The unwavering backing of benefactors has been critical in almost every major Park undertaking since then: the first 10,000 acres of today’s Harriman State Park were donated (along with $1 million) by Mary

Harriman in 1910; the Palisades Interstate Parkway became possible when the Rockefeller family, in the 1930s, donated key parcels for the project; dozens of citizens’ groups raised the funds necessary to purchase High Tor in 1943; Archer Huntington donated land adjacent to Little Tor the same year; in 1998, the lands that form Sterling Forest State Park were purchased, in part, with funds from private land trusts such as Scenic Hudson & the Open Space Institute; the visitor center at Sterling Forest was completed in 2003 thanks to a generous gift from U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg of New Jersey. The Park has evolved, and our founding mission of protecting the Palisades cliffs has also evolved into a much broader program. Today’s PIPC offers a wide array of recreational facilities, from boat launches and beaches to golf courses and campgrounds. The Commission also manages eight historic sites, among them Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site, the first publicly-owned historic house in the nation, & Fort Lee Historic Park in New Jersey.

That evolution has not altered our basic philosophy, however. We still protect land to preserve its beauty and provide recreational opportunities in order to promote contact with nature. We still preserve historic sites to share our heritage. In other words, we are, more than ever, stewards for the public. A lot has been accomplished since 1900. Almost every day something is happening at our 28 parks and historic sites. Come enjoy our recreation programs, educational exhibits amd special events, hike our trails or simply enjoy the fantastic scenery.

Submit stories about your own park memories - they may be used in media or other advertisement.


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living with TBI daniel windheim


have been the host of “Dialogues with Dan” for over two & a half years, and over this time I have had the pleasure of speaking with many people of all types. “Dialogues wth Dan” was started as a show about disabilities, and featuring people who are doing great and amazing things for them selves as well as helping others. Back in 1979 when I became a member of the world of disabilities I had no idea how huge it was. I had a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and this was only one disability out of many I learned that existed. On a particular day many years ago I began the web site “Living with TBI”, On this site I have many of my writings; many of my poems, as well as other survivors; links to important web sites on TBI; a Q&A with feedback from others, and information about my books, and Brain Injury types. As the years have passed and my contact with people of varying disabilities has grown, I am seeing that disabled individuals are more alike than different. We are people first . . . individuals who happen to have a disability. We have likes and dislikes; strengths and weaknesses;things we are fond of,and types of books we enjoy to read. Over the last year or so I have been trying to make my web site available for people of all disabilities. Granted, much of the info is geared for people with TBI, but I have added a bulletin board to include others of various injuries. Unfortunately I am thinking that I might be typecast so to speak. People think I am only about TBI, and no more. Okay, the web site still says “Living with TBI”, but I am moving toward the center, to include others of varying conditions. This might be equated to a political figure who wants to increase their constituency, and as a result finds themselves moving toward the center of political thinking. I say “the more people we include in our lives, the greater chance we have to experience success or greatness.”




Daniel Windheim is an author and host of Dialogues with Dan

When we connect with others

, we begin to build community. Between providing Natural Awakenings Rockland & Orange to the community & having wonderful conversations with local practitioners, business owners and community members on Connections with Deborah Turner, my goal is to help people find the connections that will enrich their lives. The show covers a wide variety of topics, pertaining to natural health and green living. Guests have included yoga instructors reminding us to breathe, masterful gardeners providing tips on the best foods to grow, as well as chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, environmentalists, local authors and musicians. Each month, Natural Awakenings has a theme, such as natural foods, living simply, women’s wellness, creativity and balance. My guests often will speak about these themes, but no matter the topic, we always have great, enlightening conversation. As one of the largest natural living magazines in the country, Natural Awakenings has become an indispensable personal resource for people seeking a healthy, natural & green state of mind and being.

At New York’s Natural Awakenings Rockland and Orange, we are committed to providing services and information to you, the residents of Rockland and Orange Counties, to improve your quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here, and in our monthly publication, you will find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.

Deborah Turner is the host of Connections, heard live Wednesdays at 3:30PM EST only on Rockland World Radio


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Yankees Spring Training

e are in a transitionary period right now as the football season has ended and the baseball season is less then a month away. More than ever, and more than I like, sports news is tied into the political/economic world. The US is in recession and the federal deficit is astronomical and climbing as so in the 50 states. Budget cuts are upon us and states like Wisconsin, home of Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers are at war with each other. The UNIONS versus the ESTABLISHMENT on salaries & benefits. In the Sports World its the battle of CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement The NFL versus the PLAYERS UNION and the NBA versus the PLAYERS UNION....The NBA CBA looms large in affecting who will land Carmelo Anthony, NY Knicks or the NJ Nets, or will he stay in Denver? If not for CBA, Melo would 100% be a NY Knick, his choice, however hes afraid to wait until June to sign with NY as a free agent, as he might lose $20 million if the CBA caps FA salaries! The NFL is in large danger of a lockout as the deadline of March 3d looms. The Union wants the lockout so they can file an anti trust suit vs the NFL...Hey NFL, NBA, & UNIONS.. what about us, THE FANS? We pay all of you! We LOVE SPORTS period, dont any of you?..We all have our financial problems and dont want to hear the cries of millionaires playing a kids game most of us would play for FREE...The Nets will go nowhere with Melo or without..the Knicks are pro-

gressing nicely but just might be better off without Melo long term by keeping their good, young players, plus Randolph, the #1 pick, and Curry’s expiring contract..They can sign Tyson Chandler the 7ft 1” center on Dallas without giving up a player, this June! Isnt that what they need? Instead of another “scorer” a 7 foot stud underneath to rebound and play defense..Darren Williams & Chris Paul both want the Knicks for next year, again without giving up a player! The Jets need a more professional attitude. The win over the Patriots was NOT the Super Bowl the Jets thougfht they won. That left them emotionless for the AFC Championship game they lost to the Steelers. The Giants should have fired Coughlin, but if they add an offensive lineman and a great linebacker they can contend..Baseball is coming. The Mets? Its Wilpon vs the Trustee fore Bernie Madoff Oh no! More Politics mixed in with our sports! Argue Wilpons innocence or guilt in the Madoff ponzi scam but one fact Fred cant deny. he lied to the METS FANS!! He said he lost $750 million and couldnt get free agent players. he MADE money off Bernie!! The Yankees? DECLINE They took their eyes off the ball by courting Cliff Lee extensively. they lost Lee then Pettitte and missed the boat on great righty Zack Greinke who waived his no trade clause, agreed to pitch for the Yankees but was dealt to the Brewers for a few prospects. Signing Soriano, a relieft pitcher to set up Rivera doesnt solve the Yankees huge weakness. That being STARTING pitching. Hey, Casman wants to move aging Jeter away from shortstop! Maybe Derek can pitch?

Harvey Ludwin is the host of The Sports Zone, heard live Mondays at 7:00PM EST on Rockland World Radio




The Catwalk Check-Out. In addition to Will’s infamous catwalk “check out” of Kate in lingerie, Will and Kate checked each other out socially from a distance for over a year before actually dating and becoming a couple. With friendship firmly in place, the romance blossomed naturally. Tip # 1: Observe from a distance socially before leaping into a romantic relationship. Then ask yourself, is this someone whose character I can admire? If your answer is yes, then go for it! Act like commoners. Will and Kate initially spent lots of fun time together as “commoner companions,” developing joint interests such as hanging out in the local pub, skiing & hunting. Tip #2: Hang out at your local pub together! No kids allowed! Fun common interests and are the glue that creates closeness and makes a relationship vibrant.

Royal Love Lessons from

Will & Kate


Debra Castaldo, Ph.D.

ith the greatly anticipated royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton only weeks away, many are wondering if the young royals’ love is the real deal that will stand the test of time. So far, their relationship appears to be no fleeting thing. Developed over ten years, they seem to have done everything right to create a solid foundation and ensure a happily married future! We “commoners,” whether old or young, can take a lesson from this royal love story. Straight from observations of Will and Kate, here are eight tips for creating your own royal romance :




Naughty or dry, make it a good giggle. It seems opposites do attract, at least when it comes to humor. The royals learned an important relationship skill early on! Humor is a big part of why they work and how they get through the rough spots. Will reports Kate has a naughty sense of humor that balances his dry sense of humor. Tip #3: Solve differences and conflict with humor! Research tells us happily married couples have mastered this skill! Stay out of your parents’ castle and in your own cottage. The royal newlyweds are wisely planning to live in their own cottage far away from the limelight of the royal palace, and the prying eyes of the media. Tip #4: Place a protective boundary around yourselves as a couple. New couples need to establish enough separation from parents, while still staying healthily connected to their extended families. It will set the tone for years to come. No servants in the house, please. It turns out Will & Kate will be burning dinner and arguing over who cleans up like the rest of us, living their first few years without servants. Negotiating smaller tasks of everyday life will prepare them well for bigger bumps in the road. Tip #5: Become a great team by serving each other, giving

It’s all in the glance.

and taking equally. Negotiating everyday tasks may be boring, but it sets the tone for how you will negotiate the rough spots along the way. Spend time in a hut in the wilderness. The royals’ engagement after a two week vacation in an isolated hut in the wilds of Kenya is very telling about the level of their intimacy and compatibility. Tip #6: If you can survive two weeks in a quiet place together, you probably have the makings of a great partnership! Actually 72 hours will do! Say what you need to say! Will & Kate’s conflict & separation several years into their relationship was important training ground for their future. Not seeing eye to eye about commitment, Kate spoke up for her needs, and they decided to take a break. The result: greater appreciation! Tip #7: Speak up for your needs early on. Be clear about what you expect from the relationship. Too often couples hold their needs and feelings in silence, only to “blow” later down the road. Hold it in, and unhappiness may reach a point of no return. The snuggle says it all. The royal couple appears closely tuned in to one another! The comfortable body language in their engagement photo as well as the physical nuances in videos speaks to their connection on all levels, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Tip #8: Affectionate touches or glances speak volumes to your partner. Tuning in to each other’s emotional and physical state increases closeness and fulfillment big time! Will the Royals have a long, happy marriage? With solid friendship, common interests, humor, a protective boundary around themselves, great teamwork, voicing needs clearly, and staying tuned in with affection and caring, from the looks of things, the future king and queen will rock it for years to come!

- Dr. Deb

Dr. Debra Castaldo is the host of Solution Talk on Rockland World Radio. Her new book, Gifts of Love, is now available at modernmetrozine

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Schedule action items on your calendar even if they are not physical meetings. Many professionals don’t like to add items to their calendar other than y wife and I had a dinner party this past ‘real’ meetings. My calendar is filled with deadlines weekend, and it made me realize once for tasks or goals that I want to achieve. This helps again how very important accountability to hold you accountable by creating that urgency that is in achieving your goals. I had mentioned earlier. It also allows you to work In the weeks leading up to the dinner party, my wife & effectively because you can see, based on the othI did so many things around the house that we have er items on your calendar, how much time you can been wanting to do for years, like spackling, painting, spend on each task. buying new lamps, curtains and rugs. It’s amazing how many things you can actually accomplish when Write down all of the things that may happen if you give yourself a real deadline to meet. you do meet your deadline and all that may or This is something that many professionals just don’t may not happen if you don’t. You can use this list do enough in their career. For example, it’s amazing as motivation in meeting your deadlines. As we all how many professionals procrastinate in registering know sometimes self imposed deadlines don’t feel for professional exams (i.e. the PE exam), but once as urgent as ones such as exam dates. they do, they study like crazy to pass. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes we need the urgency of deadlines to I hope these words will inspire YOU to be more acmove forward. How about creating accountability for countable in your career and ultimately help you to yourself in other areas of your career such as achiev- achieve your goals sooner rather than later! ing a certain position in your company or reaching a certain salary? Successful professionals will reguarly implement deadlines into their routines to hold themselves accountable. Here are some strategies that you can use to start holding yourself accountable :


Share with your co-workers and supervisors what you plan to do in your career. For example, tell your boss that you are currently studying for the P.E. exam, which you will take in April. By doing this, you are making a commitment to someone besides yourself, introducing accountability to prompt you to work harder in achieving your goals. It is one thing to let yourself down, but we tend to be more fearful of letting others down.

Anthony Fasano is the host of Advancing Your Career, heard live Mondays at 4:00PM EST on Rockland World Radio


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Cliff Weathers




A study by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

says that the Indian Point 3 reactor has the highest risk of catastrophic failure in the event of a regional earthquake. The Commission calculated the odds of catastrophic failure for all nuclear reactors under its watch, and found the Westchester nuclear reactor to be the most susceptible to its core being damaged and the public being exposed to harmful levels of radiation. At the typical U.S. nuclear reactor, there’s a 1 in 74,176 chance each year that the core could be damaged from the effects an earthquake (the effects of a secondary events, such as a tsunami are not calculated). But the chance of a core damage from a quake at Indian Point 3 is calculated to be a mere 1 in 10,000 each year. And according to Nuclear Regulatory Commission specifications, that’s dangling on the edge of what it deems having “immediate concern regarding adequate protection” of the public.” Recently, a seismologist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory stated that the New York City area is past due for a significant earthquake. Won-Young Kim told Metro New York that: “it can happen anytime soon,” and that “we can expect it any minute, we just don’t know when and where.”The New York 28



[...the chance of a core damage from a quake at Indian Point 3 is calculated to be a mere 1 in 10,000 each year.] City area sits on top of the Ramapo Fault Zone, which spans more than 185 miles in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. A 2008 study by Lamont-Doherty argued that a magnitude 6 or 7 earthquake was destined to originate from the Ramapo Fault Zone. The study also discovered that there was an additional fault zone extending from the Ramapo Fault Zone into Southwestern Connecticut and running just one mile from the Indian Point plant. However, Entergy Nuclear Northeast, which runs the plant, frequently states that the reactors can withstand a significant earthquake. The Indian Point 2 reactor is rated the 25th most susceptible to the effects of a significant earthquake with a 1 in 30,303 chance each year. is live Monday at 8PM EST.


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9th ANNUAL RED BANDANNA SKATE FOR YOUTH ICE HOCKEY TEAMS AND NYACK ALUMS TO BENEFIT 9/11 CHARITABLE TRUST The 9th Annual Red Bandanna Skate, sponsored by The Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust, will be held this year on Saturday, April 9, beginning 3:00 pm at Sport-o-Rama, College Road, Monsey, NY. Sporto-Rama donates the ice time for this event. The Red Bandanna Skate is a major fund-raiser for the Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust, founded in memory of the late Welles Crowther, “The Man in the Red Bandanna”, who lost his life during the attacks on the World Trade center on September 11, 2001. The trust provides scholarships and supports other not-for-profit organizations whose mission is to benefit young people who strive for excellence in academics, health and character development. These organizations are located throughout Rockland, the greater NY/NJ and Boston Metropolitan areas, across the US and internationally. A Family Skate, for all ages and abilities who would like to skate, will begin at 3 pm. At 3:30 pm, the “Young Stars Game” will kick off the competitions. All youth hockey players are invited to participate. Adults will play a competitive benefit game in memory of Welles in the second half of the program. General admission tickets for the Red Bandanna Skate are $5.00 each and may be purchased at the door. The price of admission also includes the Family Skate. Fee for Young Stars is $ 40 per player. Fee for Adults is $ 75 per player. Fees are tax deductible to the extent of the law. Tax-deductible donations to the Trust are gratefully accepted. To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit : Checks payable to the Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust may be mailed to: Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust P.O. Box 780, Nyack, NY 10960-0780 The Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust is recognized as a notfor-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code and is registered with the State of New York. To participate or for information about the Red Bandanna Skate, please contact Chris Varmon at (845)709-3081 or Varmon5@aol. com or John Scott at (919) 623-1226 or For further information, please visit




[ Do not ask : “Haveyougainedweight?” or “Are you pregnant?” ] Clean up after yourself when you are a houseguest. Even better, help the host with the dishes and remove the linens (aka sex sheets) from your bed if you stay over. Don’t treat everyone like a stranger. If you see your coworker walking down the hall don’t turn the other way, say hi. Don’t talk loudly on your cell phone in a quiet setting. Using blue tooth does not make it acceptable Don’t be rude to the waitress when on a date…or ever. That’s not going to impress anyone! DON’T SEND EMAILS WITH ALL CAPITALS IN THEM.

Do You Have

a Rude Tude?


ude people are everywhere today: in the workplace, at the grocery store and sometimes right in our own homes. Is that rude person you? Follow these tips to avoid making an ass out of yourself. Don’t interrupt other people’s conversations. Your thoughts are not more important than other people’s. Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you.”

Do not ask, “Have you gained weight?” or “Are you pregnant?” Do not eat the last slice without asking if anyone else would like it first. And absolutely don’t lie on a dating profile or in a chat room. If so, you may be appearing on “To Catch a Predator.” Think how much better off the world would be if we just took a moment to have some common courtesy for each other!

Hold the door open for the person that is two steps behind you. Men, do not fear that you will break a lady’s hand if you give her your normal handshake. It is very rude to assume we cannot handle it.

Diandra Kodl hosts Happy Hour, live Tuesdays at 7:00PM EST on Rockland World Radio


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Commander Cody & Johnny Ciao

Oh, the Great Commander Cody! What can closer, I called for specific directions to his house.

I say, except that I was somewhat a fan throughout the years, following this out-of-the-ordinary performer to some of his gigs around the country, never thinking that years later I’d be hanging out with Cody at his home, cooking backstage at one of his gigs & schmoozing at Rockland World Radio headquarters in downtown Nyack. I met the Commander through my good friend, Professor Louie. Louie has worked with Cody in the studio and on the road for years. While producing my Culinary Encounters program for television and the web, I asked Louie if he thought that the Commander would do an episode with me. He asked, and the Commander agreed. Louie set it up so that I would meet him at his upstate New York home. I spoke via phone and drove up days later to a small town north of Albany. As I got 32



You know how these rock stars are—paranoid about giving you their exact location. The Commander, a.k.a. George Frayne, asked that I stop at a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up a latte and Boston Crème donuts; meanwhile, I had a carload of gourmet food that I was going to prepare for him that day, so if he wanted to start his day with junk, so be it. When I arrived at his home he was still half asleep and at the computer. I walked in to a house filled with canvases of his original art, as well as a wall full of old airplane manuals, and a giant horse he was assembling & painting for a spot in Saratoga. We shared coffee and donuts and stories and moments. We even shared the same girlfriend back in the 80s from Marin County, California. Scary as it may seem, that old hippie girl did get around—

fortunately, nothing else got around! We must have been blood brothers or connected from a past life. We hit it off; we filmed him in his morning state of oblivion, and then proceeded down to a funky-ass nightspot where he was to perform that evening. Later on we set up in the spot’s really disgusting, grungy kitchen. I used my own stove, pots, pans, utensils, as I was terrified I might catch something from this horrifying kitchen. [I am a clean freak by the way.] George “the Commander” showed up mid-afternoon and I cooked up a steak pizzaola for him because he really loves his meat. We shot the concert, I fed him, and everything went well. Months later I invited him down to the Rockland World Radio studios in Nyack and he & I, his lovely lady, and Richard Quinn went to dinner at a local spot, where the Commander once again ate a piece of well-done meat. Enough of presenting any gourmet treats to this guy. We went back to the studio and hung out, played music, and really had a good time. I felt as if we were building some sort of bond here, but could I have been wrong? Fickle rock ‘n’ rollers are never to be trusted. Several months later, the Commander was performing with Professor Louie and the Crowmatix at a nearby cantina in upstate NY. I went to hang out with them again and everything was going really smooth. I even introduced the Commander to my friend Nick the Dik and he and George hit it off really well. During the evening I pulled drummer Steve Barbuto aside and discussed bringing the Commander and his band to Iowa where I was presenting another one of my Blues Buffets at the John Deere Classic for CBS. Now granted, when I am producing live shows I generally start by presenting one or two options to the charity I am working with. I wanted to bring the Commander out to Iowa, but the gang in Iowa did not think that songs about rolling reefer and drinking booze were appropriate for this bible thumping community. I had to somewhat agree and called off all negotiations and booked my dear friend, killer harp player James Montgomery & his band. Check out my “Organic & Unplugged” episode with James Montgomery at my site. Commander Cody & Steve Barbuto copped a real freakin’ attitude and have not since spoken to me for booking James instead of the Commander. The reason probably is more ego than anything because

the offer was never firm and I was merely putting feelers out there to see what the charity thought. The other possible reason is Steve Barbutos huge ego. He used to perform with James Montgomery and who knows, maybe bad blood between them. I did nothing but try to revive this rock n roll legends career by having him on tv, radio and perform at one of my events and I got a good old fashioned kick in the ass. So there you have it, ROCKERS GONE BAD for no reason whatsoever. It happens everyday in life. The world is in such a state of imbalance that it is affecting even the craziest of characters, including myself. For more on what I am up to these days go to my new & improved website at

COMMANDER CODY’S STEAK PIZZAOLA Dash of Extra Virgin olive oil 2 cloves minced garlic 3 minced gaeta olives 4 large salted capers - chopped 1 teaspoon oregano 1/2 cup tomato puree Chopped fresh parsley 1 large 16-ounce porterhouse steak 1 tablespoon Romano cheese Sauté & cook all ingredients except steak for 15 minutes. Add steak, cook on low flame for about 4-5 minutes on each side. Pour sauce over spaghetti and Mangia!




“So, one part of the backdrop was a different green from another part of the backdrop which was a totally different green from the green that the safety line operator was painted.” - THE NERDY DUO

Every once in a while, there is something really special on Craigslist (and what it takes to find those things is a story for another time). That’s how we felt in 2007 when we were just starting out as The Nerdy Duo, and came across an ad that read: “Bjork Music Video seeking Compositors, Rotoscopers, and CG Artists”. The directing duo, Encyclopedia Pictura, was nerdy, imaginative, and full of the DIY spirit, all things that we love. They had to be. Even in 2007, not that many small studios were working in HD, let alone IMAX 3D. So, like any creative force, they made due with what they had on hand at the time. They built their own 3D camera rig using 2K box cameras (2K is just a

bit larger than 1080p). They came up with their own method of integrating that footage in post-production. They even had to build their own 3D preview screen, since consumer 3D TV’s were still a rumor on the horizon. It was an exciting and edgy project to just play our small part in. We parked our car in an automated garage around the corner from the studio. “Isn’t living in the future amazing?” “I know, I love having my car parked by robots!” We giggled as we made our short walk. Being in the studio with Encyclopedia Pictura was a wonderful kind of surreal. We laughed and ate Chinese food as we worked out how to build 3D mountains from flat paintings. We were there when they literally broke the

video out of the box. They were showing us a rough preview in 3D that had mis-rendered, giving the video rounded edges. We nearly burst. “This is a mistake?” “You have to leave it, “ “It’s totally magical.” “With the 3D glasses on, it’s like having tunnel vision.” The heady excitement fortunately carried over to our tedious workload. They had a problem with greens. Chroma green is a special shade of green, and unlike the traditional blue, it isn’t present in flesh tones. This makes it simple to separate people from the background. What they didn’t realize at the time was that different manufacturers have very different ideas about the exact shade of green that is. We wouldn’t have realized that either. So, one part of the backdrop was a different green from another part of the backdrop which was a totally different green from the green that the safety line operator was painted. When the computer has trouble dropping out the background, that means that somebody has to go in and remove the background manually. On every individual frame, someone has to cut the green away from bodies, even down to wiggling fingers and toes. We had about 1000 frames (or 30 seconds) to work on between the two of us. Even with the advantage of being able to draw directly over the images with our Tablet PCs, it still took several weeks of mind-numbing pixel pushing to complete. We’re really proud to be able to say that the first thing The Nerdy Duo ever worked on was a video for Bjork (and even prouder that the frames we worked on are the last ones you see). More importantly, we learned a lot from the experience. For one thing, after all that frame by frame work, we’re a lot quicker with keyboard shortcuts now. For another, Bjork wiggles her toes a lot. We can’t imagine how else you would learn that. modernmetrozine



breathing Christopher Lukas

She inhaled and exhaled in short,

puffy clicks, more like the sighs of a Xhosa princess than the fierce, nighttime gusts he had heard from other women he’d slept with. No, his wife’s breathing at night, like the subtle whistling of an efficient siphon in a distant field, was a perfectly peaceful sound. Yet he was always amazed that the human body could pump like that, softly, safely, naturally, minute after minute after minute. Lying next to her in the cool hours of the night, Gregory awakened, heard it, and was reassured that all was right with his world. 36



But tonight, without a touch of warning, her breathing stopped. Startled, but fascinated, he prayed for it to begin again. One, two, three seconds passed. How long could you live without breathing? Five, six, seven seconds. Then, gently as they had paused, the in-and-out clicks commenced again. He took a long deep breath and realized that he had been holding his respiration while she had held hers. Had this happened before? Was it a nightly incident that occurred regularly, as he lay snoring and oblivious on the other side of the bed? Or was it new, special, a danger signal he should heed? Should he wake her to talk about it? Three thirty-three. “Kiss the clock,” she would have said if she were awake. But she was not: she lay sleeping, heedless of how close she had come to apparent death. Or maybe not. Perhaps her body simply regulated itself, periodically, stealthily, when no one was listening. Like the astronomers in Greenwich, who once in a while have to re-tune the atomic clock by a nanosecond. Or the passengers on the Philadelphia to New York express at midnight on the night they change from Standard Time to Daylight Saving. To keep the train from arriving at its destination ahead of the timetable, those passengers are kept waiting on a siding for an hour, impatient travelers thrust into a time of no time, into a warp invented by man. Pausing sixty minutes between the true midnight and a false one, they are made cognizant of the fact that time is not a natural phenomenon, but something devised to keep railroads running. But his wife’s were natural, not man-made, lacunae. How did they come about? Perhaps, they were simply pausing oh-so-briefly in her body’s eighty-odd years’ journey towards death, tidying itself delicately, without causing a delay in the trains, or giving pain to anyone; no inconvenience to the patients who tomorrow would sit waiting for her ministrations in the clinic. But, now, he had heard the clock-makers at work, had been made aware of the midnight ministrations to her physical structure, and he would never again be able simply to turn over and go back to sleep when bladder or restlessness woke him before dawn. He would lie each night, apprehensive, helplessly waiting for the gentle clicks to stop, counting slowly on his fingers, and hoping he never got to the end of both hands before they picked up their perfect pattern again.



A Memoir of Loss & Survival is now available in paperback.

Watch the book trailer at

Available at

Christopher Lukas is a writer, an Emmy-Award winning television producer & director who, for the past 45 years, has worked primarily for public television. He has produced over 200 hours of programming for the public broadcast station WNET in New York City. Lukas’ has published a number of books, primarily concentrating on both end-oflife matters & writing+producing for broadcast television.


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ou turn on your television at the end of a long day, perhaps as a way to tune out the noise surrounding you – barking dogs, crying babies, nagging spouses, the endless drone of the world putting you down, making you feel like something less than a human – so you switch on the idiot box, the boob tube, the nice electronic fireplace designed to sooth your ragged nerves, there to let you forget about the stress of your life for even just the half-hour duration of a typical sitcom. Or the hour of what passes for “news” – headlines that you may have caught during the day, read by a smiling, attractive, well-tailored man or woman paid a lot more than you probably earn in your own job, acting as a glorified delivery person, a harmless friend engaging you in some light chit-chat, except that you end up hearing about someone who killed their neighbor, the careless parent who ignored the warning signs put out by their spoiled, overprotected progeny, resulting in the damaged child dragging a shotgun to school, expressing their frustration with their world by blowing away the shy, acne-skinned kid at the next desk, the golden-haired cheerleader a row or two over, the overworked & overeducated teacher worried about their tenure & decreasing “benefits” down in the front of the class. Lives destroyed, realities shattered at the hands of a child desensitized to violence by hyperrealistic video games and movies, to be forgotten by the beginning of the next “news” cycle. Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, but death is somewhat more permanent a condition.

Or, perhaps you catch a slow news day, end up hearing some lurid details about yet another Republican politician, the one who puts God, country & heterosexuality at the top of their priority list, caught with his pants down in some airport bathroom, soliciting tawdry, sexual dalliances with some guy in the next stall, and subsequently begging their wives, children, constituents and that ever-present God for forgiveness & understanding, never really worried that their pensions, cushy health care plans & job prospects will suffer anything other than a temporary setback, a blip in the stream of crap passing by our lives every day. In the midst of all this “news,” the constant interruptions for “important messages from sponsors” – the whole reason that this electronic dance seems to exist in the first place – the wonderful, sometimes magical aspects of the communications technology, seemingly developed in order to make you feel insecure, incomplete & unhappy – just spend some of those credits on this shiny widget, this useless gadget sculpted from plastic, steel, rubber & the sweat of an underpaid Chinese worker, the answer to the gaping hole in your soul. Except that it isn’t – they’re just more things for you to consume, and if you don’t consume more every day, something is terribly wrong, here, take this pill, the one you saw a commercial for, the one with side effects including reckless sexual behavior, or the desire to commit suicide (yes, those are some actual side effects). Deal with the symptoms, but ignore the underlying cause. It’s the American Way™. And the amazing thing is that we’ve all been conditioned to expect that

this is normal, desirable, something to be coveted. Young people are taught to build their credit, that debt is a positive character attribute, and to expect to build a pile of that debt the moment they can convince their parents to hand over a credit card – which they actually see as a spending card, the debt is something that someone else will deal with, get out of the way, my desire is the most important thing to me, I WILL be happy at any cost. Indeed, an entire generation being converted into slaves from the very moment that they’re away from the protective cocoons of home, happy to be called consumers instead of citizens.

I WILL be at any cost. Well, this writer, this Angry Human, will not bend, will not sell his soul for a pile of silver, will not debase himself for the false prophet of material success. We’re all piles of thinking meat, due to end up as worm food whether we like it or not, and in the few short years I get to call this rock my home, I will express myself about the things I see and feel, I will speak truth to power, no one owns my soul but me, no masters or keepers, no sponsors, no puppet masters for this talking monkey. Come find Angry Human, for a few precious moments, know that you are not alone. David Biedny is the host of Angry Human, heard live Tuesdays at 10:00PM EST on Rockland World Radio




friday april 8

94 Main St. Nyack, New York

showtime 8pm tickets at the door or online at

Film adaptation of George Orwell’s novel of a totalitarian future society in which a man whose daily work is rewriting history tries to rebel by falling in love.






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John Richmond

Rockland World Radio Jazz provides a chance to hear live interviews with great jazz artists and to check out their music. As a jazz musician myself, I try to hit upon key questions and allow the artists to expand on them in order to reveal themselves as people and with regard to their music, such as their inuences, origins, experiences, projects, etc. We play tracks by the artists that will allow the listener to hear what they are about. I also try to give a run

down on the other jazz activities in the area. Many of the featured artists are from the Hudson Valley, others are from NYC or out of town and are passing through as part of a tour. Since I sponsor the Jazz Series at the Turning Point in Piermont, it has been great to be able to interview some of the jazz artists that are featured in the series. Past shows are available in the archives in case you missed it live. Please check them out!


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ed by “Sassy” fairy Alejandra, the crew of “Flawless” Kendri, “Jazzy” Jasmine, Chanel – also known as “Spice” – and “Electric” Gigi are poised to take over the music industry in 2010. Woodley’s touch has helped launch the careers of artists like Sean “Diddy” Combs, Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, Cypress Hill, Big L, The Fugees and Alicia Keys, and he’s poised once again make stars out of this incredible collective. The Rok Fairies are already on their way, having opened up for pop and reggae sensation Sean Kingston, Latin mega-star Zion and been a featured act at the most recent Puerto Rican Day Festival. And with their ladiesonly version of “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” getting over 200,000 views on YouTube, it’s clear people are checking for the Rok Fairies. But as each girl will tell you, the music only part of the story. Be sure to check out the Rok Fairies’ recent interview and guest performance on UNIvsALL Movement hosted by J-Green, heard live every Tuesday at 8:00PM EST.

J-Black DJ 1Stop J-Green

J-Green + J-Black on UNIvsALL

Hosted by J-GREEN with DJ 1STOP


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ALBUM : JASON BLACK Gritty Lyf Music Presents JASON BLACK [The Transformation] Hosted by DJ Cashtro + DJ Smoke1 Featuring a diverse group of artists including Nobi, J-Staxx & BrokenPaid, The Transformation is not your average mixtape. Jason Black, a regular on UNIvsALL with J-Green, has performed several of his tracks live on the show. Be sure to check out the archives for a preview. Download your copy at

The Band : Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Richard Manuel, Garth Hudson & Robbie Robertson


Steve Kelman

One thing that would certainly be welcome after this most miserable of winters is a little green. This was the case, musically at least, in March as I hosted my annual St. Patrick’s program. The show’s focus is on Celtic music and we will enjoy the sounds of The Clancy Brothers, The Chieftans, Tim O’Brien, Eileen Ivers and many others. Be sure to check it out in the archives. On Hudson Americana we explore the landscape of numerous genres of American music as well as its diverse influences. These include but are not limited to folk, blues, country, roots rock, Cajun, Celtic, jazz & bluegrass. In April the show will focus on all sorts of American blues, and in May I’ll pay tribute to the music of The Band. Look to hear these shows early in the month. All programs of course are also archived. Live Schedule | 5PM EST April 5 – American Blues May 3 – Music of The Band Steve Kelman is the host of Hudson Americana live Tuesday at 5:00PM EST on Rockland World Radio

COVER : FLORAL TERRACE This emerging indie pop-punk band from Haverstraw, NY is growing their audience - fast. Currently on tour with Under Spinning Lights, Floral Terrace’s sound delivers a uniquely pure rock experience. “With FT, we dig the fact that we’re kind of a traditional band with no gimmicks on stage,” frontman Justin Olori explains. “We go into the studio with producers/musicians & make the best recordings possible. I think it is going to give our band the ultimate staying power in the long run.” See Floral Terrace live at the Nyack Village Theatre on Saturday June 4. @floralterrace modernmetrozine

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