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The new iPad, you might call it iPad 3, is going to be shipped on March 2012. So in order to enjoy digital life, you might have pre ordered one for yourself or your love. Or you’re planning to get yourself a new one, but do not know how to deal with the old one since it still works perfectly. Ok, no matter how it is going on, you have to admit that before you start to play with the new iPad, you need to deal with the old iPad. 16th,

To help you make most of the old iPad, here in this article, we offered some tips to do with your old iPad. I am sure you can find a way that suits you. 1. Resell the old iPad. Now since you’re going to shell out the exact same bucks for the new iPad, why not resell the old iPad for some money. And then you can add a few bucks to pay for the new one. Now there are a few online store that offer to buy your old old iPad. Amazon wants your old 16GB iPad for $320. Take care! Before you sell it, you should backup the data from iPad. 2. Pass the old iPad to your children. Now there are hundreds of apps for iPad for children o read and have fun. If you have a daughter or son, why not pass the old iPad to them since there are many parents buying iPads for their children. 3. Give the old iPad away for charity. In you community, there must be some people who are in bad situations need the iPad to learn more about the technology and digital life. If you want to do something good for them, why not give it as a present for them. They’ll appreciate what you’ve done. 4. Turn the old iPad as a hard disk. If your computer is full of songs and movies, even books, which you like very much, but have to delete some of them for making room for new stuff, then iPad could be a good hard disk to store your songs, movies and eBooks. 5. Save it as the new iPad alternative. I know that the new iPad will become your new favorite. But you can still turn the old iPad as an e-reader or video player and put it in your bedroom in case of one day you run out of the electricity and cannot continue using the new iPad. -----------------This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

What to Do with Your Old iPad 2  

Do not know what to do with your old iPad, the first generation iPad or iPad 2? Do not worry, man. You have so many choices as this article...