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Articles from Free PDF to Word Blog The Best Mac PDF Editor to Take Class Note and Fill out Forms 2012-04-09 10:04:53 Summer

“My class uses notes that are in PDF format during lecture. I was just wondering what’s a good PDF editor app that has easy highlighting and ability to add side notes on the fly.” – Butter149 This question is from Nowadays, many textbooks used in lectures are in PDF form because of environment protection. And the other day, one of my friends asked me to recommend a Mac PDF editor to fill out a form. So these are the reasons for writing this article. In the following, I am going to introduce you a useful and afford PDF editor for Mac I like very much. The PDF editor for Mac I am fond of is Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac. I like it very much mostly because it allows me to manipulate PDFs quickly and effortlessly. 1. Simple interface. Compared with other PDF editors, Wondershare PDF Editor is designed more intuitively. It means you can edit PDF file by selecting the tool on the tool bar directly. No more extra submenus are hidden there. I do not have much computer skills. But I can edit PDF with Wondershare PDF Editor Pro quickly and accurately. 2. Support scanned PDF. Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which is an advanced technology to digitalize text in scanned files. 3. Advanced annotation. Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac empowers you to annotate PDF files, both native and scanned PDFs, with many options. With an array of conversation bubbles, shapes and highlighters, you can bring attention to important or unwanted text. And additionally, you can highlight, underline and strike through PDF text on the fly. 4. Text editing. On native or scanned PDFs, or specifically, PDF forms, you can easily insert and delete text as if you’re editing PDF text on a word processor. 5. Convert PDF. Wondershare PDF Editor Pro is more than a PDF editor. It is also a professional PDF converter. It is able to convert PDF to editable Word, PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheet, text, EPUB and HTML pages.

Though Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac is so powerful, its price is really low, only $99.95. Compared with the most famous PDF editor, Adobe Acrobat Pro X for Mac (more than $400), Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac is much cheater. And it features almost all the functionality of Adobe Acrobat.

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The Best Mac PDF Editor to Take Class Note and Fill out Forms  

Look for a Mac PDF Editor to take class note or fill out a form? You’re a lucky dog. This article introduces you a powerful PDF Editor for M...

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