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Articles from Free PDF to Word Blog How to Transfer Files to iPad without iTunes 2012-03-14 10:03:51 Emma

Are you bored of having to transfer files to iPad via iTunes. I have to admit, it is really a little bit annoying to launch iTunes, drag and drop files to iTunes Library and then sync to iPad. It will cost you at least 5 minutes to do the syncing. Is there a way to transfer files, say, eBooks, songs, movies, documents to iPad without iTunes? The answer could be “Yes, absolutely”. This is the idea where this article comes from. OK, let’s talk about free, simple ways to transfer files to iPad without iTunes.

Transfer files to iPad via iCloud Besides iTunes, Apple offers users another way to transfer files to iPad, that is iCloud. iCloud allows you to download any purchased items from Apple online store to iPad easily. It means all the apps, books, songs and videos you’ve purchased for Apple App Store will be stored on iCloud and later synced to your iPad. See how to transfer files to iPad via iCloud>> iCloud only allows you to transfer these purchased item from your computer to iPad. If you need to transfer some free eBooks you’ve downloaded from the Internet to iPad, you should switch to another way.

Transfer music to iPad via iTunes Match If you only need to transfer songs from your local iTunes to iPad, you can try iTunes Match. Though it will cost you $24.99 per year, it enables you to transfer any songs including these songs exported from a CD in your iTunes to iPad. However, as you see, iTunes Match only transfer your songs to iPad. The above mentioned two ways are Cloud-based ways to transfer files to iPad without iTunes. Compared with iTunes Match, I’d prefer iMate, because iMate empowers you to transfer books, videos, photos even ringtones to iPad visually and backup any file from iPad to computer with 1 or 2 clicks. Click to see how it works>>


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How to Transfer Files to iPad without iTunes  

Want to sync files to iPad without iTunes? Though it sounds a little hard, you can do it. There are many ways to transfer files, like PDF eB...

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