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Earning a FREE session with Teen Life is EASY This is what you have to do. Refer FOUR (4) friends who book a full session (studio or location) and WE'LL RETURN YOUR SESSION CREATIVE FEE TO YOU (up to $200).  Or you can use that fee towards more products. At your session we'll give you 4 cards to pass out to your friends and if those 4 friends book, your session is FREE!   Sessions must be booked & photographed during the 2014  school year.  This offer expires July 1, 2014. For more info:  ring 410.570.6741  email

What to Bring?

How do you want to make a statement? Since this is all about you we want to showcase your personality and your interests. We will send out a questionnaire prior to your session to get an idea of who you are and what we can do to create the perfect atmosphere for you to be yourself.  In the meantime, here are some things to help get you ready for what to expect

Fashion Tips • Fashion trends come and go like Bieber’s bangs, but here are some looks sure to rock your session • Dark denim flatters all shapes, sizes and photographs better than distressed or light washes. Leave your torn and tattered jeans at home and choose a solid wash for a fresh, stylish look. • Statement jewelry can speak volumes about your personality. Go all out with a colorful necklace, chandelier earrings or stacked bangle bracelets. Worn with a simple tee or solid tank, the jewelry takes center stage. • It’s important to create complete, multi-piece looks for your senior pictures. When planning for your photo shoot, consider purchasing a cropped blazer to throw over pieces you already own and cuff the sleeves for a fresh, professional look that will keep its modern edge years after photos are taken. • Wicker and straw accessories are perfect for summer. Spruce up your pretty sundresses with bangle bracelets or a trendy straw fedora. These must-have accessories look adorable in photos taken on the beach, in the park or in any other outdoor setting. • When it comes to senior pictures, it’s always better to pack too many options than too few. Bring an elastic brown or black belt to cinch dresses and blouses that may look bulky on camera.

A little planning is all it takes to make sure you look fabulous in photos that will act as lasting memories of your high school years. Good luck, and congratulations!

fashion A few wearable ways you can prepare for a sensational session? Weʼve got ʻem:

Apply makeup a bit heavier than usual, and add an extra coat of mascara to make eyes really stand out.

Avoid being overly tanned, sunburned, and having obvious tan lines. Those are harder to color correct and process and will cost more as a result.

Don’t hesitate to rock your favorite accessories and shoes. They are a fun way to show your personality.

If we’re shooting outdoors for part of your session, make sure to bring a friend or parent - we may need their help.

Vary necklines and sleeve lengths for different looks.

Check those bra straps; correcting strap lines later on in processing is costly and difficult.

for photo fabulous hair . . . Fabulous hair and makeup are a must for your super shoot. Here are some great ways to ensure your session goes off without a hitch:

#1 At the time of booking your session let us know if you would like to add-on hair and makeup to your session for that camera-ready look. You’ve already chosen the best photographer with teenLIFE, so enhance your session with great hair and makeup. Add hair & make-up to any session for $150. #2 Come for your appointment with clean, dry hair since it can take a couple of hours for hair to totally dry, and damp, styled hair tends to frizz up and fall more. Dry hair also helps your stylist assess your natural hair and makes it ready for immediate styling magic. #3 When sporting different looks for your photo session, start with your hair down. Because adding items like headbands, clips and things like cute up-dos can leave marks in your hair, it’s better to start down and sport the accessories from there. #4 You may not be used to makeup, but the right application can totally highlight your eyes and play up your cheeks as well as hide any blemishes or imperfections. Since more makeup than usual is better, having a professional makeup artist is a bonus. She can help you with the perfect application to enhance your best features and bring out your natural beauty. #5 Best. Tip. Ever. Important: have your hair cut 2-3 weeks prior to your photo shoot. Your hair will look healthier and hold a style better to boot. If it’s longer than 3 weeks, the ends might look shaggy and your hair gets heavy. If it’s too close to your shoot, even if you like it short, your hair will look even shorter in your pictures.

Professional Hair & Make-up TeenLIFE has partnered with Professional Artists in Hair & Make-up. Add-on to any of our sessions for only $150. We highly recommend Hair & Make-up for our sessions to give you a fresh look!

Digital files

& Modeling & Acting

Our digital file bundles and Portfolio session have significant savings built in for those images that you cant live without. If you need a larger amount of images to be used either for acting or modeling this is a great option for you..





PORTFOLIO session $1,100 Our portfolio session is a great option if you need a larger amount of images to be used either for acting or modeling or portfolio building.

• • • • • • •

90 Minute Session Multiple Outfits Studio & Surrounding Grounds 10 High Res. Digital Files (5) 8x10 Prints 5 low Res Digital Files Hair & Make-up Included

(no product commitment required)

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2014 Teen Life Session Menu