Modern Insurance Magazine - Issue 41

Page 50


LexisNexis Risk Solutions Roadshow 2019

While it is only now that data and analytics is more widely recognised as an enabler within the insurance industry, data and analytics has always been the basis for this gigantic infrastructure. Today’s insurance providers are leveraging data to attract, retain and service customers; develop new solutions and products; assess and mitigate risks; improve work flow; process claims; and manage financial performance. But the data itself is also changing. Data is now much more readily available, with the volume, variety and velocity rapidly increasing, insurance companies almost have too much to handle. This series of roundtables, co-hosted by LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Modern Insurance Magazine, covers some key areas of insurance that are or have heavily adapted the enormous amounts of data entering our systems; and discusses how data, analytics and technology are being utilised to improve interactions and services within those spaces. Taking place across Manchester, London and Birmingham, these events brought a fantastic panel from across the industry to answer those need-to-know questions, while offering some important insights for you to take away, within the motor, analytics and SMEs arenas. Our reasons for partnering was to generate insights from the industry in order to explore the transformative power of data and analytics within insurance and highlight what more we can do to better understand our policyholders and our business goals.





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