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v i s u a l i z e


i m a g i n e

c r e a t e




excellence, in a seamless and professional way for your audience.

“…fade to video…roll video ‘B’…down stage lights/up podium special… speaker

We specialize in bringing the whole show

on cue, stage left…cue teleprompter…

together for you in: meetings, conventions,

3-2-1, go!” Our world is behind the scene.

live events, galas, product launches and special projects.

Whether your need is to

Each show or live event has a purpose,

inspire, promote, educate, motivate, reveal,

personality and audience. At Scenemakers

launch, award, demonstrate, or reward we

Event Productions, we bring experience,

have the expertise to design and produce

innovation, creativity and management skill

anything from a single event to a multiple-

to developin g sh ows an d even ts of

day, multiple-event conferences.

Award-winning I On time I In budget I Visually creative I Stimulating content I Producers of excellence in design & service 3

Set the stage and set the mood. Corporate stages visually set the mood and the theme of any conference, convention, or special event. While maintaining the ability to technically stay ahead of the curve, Scenemakers understands the importance of remaining sensitive to your culture and to your intended messages by developing the appropriate response needed to reinforce branding and to develop show produciotn.

m o t i v a t e


i n s p i r e


c o n c e p t u a l i z e

Every project is custom designed and approached with your desired end-goal b eco m in g th e f o u n d atio n o f th e developmental strategy. Several forms of graphic techniques are employed to best convey the elements of the final product.


r e a l i z e


A well designed event environment will transport a guest to a different place or time that is controlled by you. The right atm osph ere w ill evoke th e desired response if executed with exactness and with attention to detail.

c h i l l


l o u n g e


Sales events need not look like sales events to successfully transform the thinking of your intended buyers.

t r a n s f o r m


e n t i c e

Product displays need not be bland or without character. By employing retail psychology, color, branding, and flow, a properly designed display area can entice any potential buyer.


Your event will be designed with consideration to purpose, flow, message, and interaction by enticing, engaging, and delighting all of the senses. The total experience, unique and innovative, is waiting to happen for you and your guests.

e x p e r i e n c e


i n n o v a t e


e n g a g e


From local talent to marquee names, we bring together just the right personalities, speakers, and performers to deliver your desired message or to entertain your guests.

e n t e r t a i n


d e l i g h t


p e r f o r m


b e a u t i f y

Custom floral arrangements, room deco r, an d table settin g s are designed and produced in-house, en h an ci n g t h e t h em i n g an d aesthetic senses that you want presented. Guests will surely appreciate the quality and style experienced at your event.


e n j o y


p r o m o t e


A talented design team offers solutions in all phases of your graphic needs from inception, to production, to the final site installation. Successful visual communication is accomplished with your desired results in mind.

i n f o r m


p r o d u c e


p r o d u c e


acknowledgements Many thanks to the following who have graciously supplied some of the photo images included in this publication and for capturing the essence of our events with their photographic talents and eye for design and aesthetics. Russ Coover Digital Blue Photography Dalan Granat Skunk Eye 801-836-5696


Scenemakers Event Productions a Modern Expo company 424 S 700 East Salt Lake City UT 84102

Scenemakers Event Productions a Modern Expo company 424 S 700 East Salt Lake City UT 84102 UT 84102

Modern Event Productions  

Portfolio of productions and events by Modern.

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