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Harrison Green Writing #3 May 2, 2010

EC Journal I was in Washington D.C. for three days and I did a lot during that trip. First, when we got there me and my mom met the leaders of the Immune Deficiency Foundation and some other people who have primary immune deceases like me. Most of the people had CVID (Common Variable Immune Deficiency), but there were some other people who had kids with XLA. There was also one couple with a son who had SCID (Severe Combined Immune Deficiency) also known as bubble boy disease. We stayed at a Hyatt hotel about two blocks away from Union Station And three blocks away from capital hill. There during the first day we had supper with the Immune Deficiency Foundation and learned who we were going to be lobbying with and who we were going to talk to. They also talked about what point we were trying to get across and what piece of legislation we were enforcing: we are getting support for a law that would allow medicare patients with primary immune deficiency to get all the equipment and medicine they need. After supper and dessert some staff presented a side show telling us more about what we supposed to talk about and they also presented a skit on what a meeting was like. ! The next morning we woke up and had breakfast with the group again and met up with the other people we were going to lobby with. Those people were my mom and I, Zina and Randy Berryhill and our escort Meredith Zerbe who works for Baxter Pharmaceuticals. After talking to them and deciding when to meet them and where, most people in the group of about 80 people walked over to the capitol (some people took a cab) to take a group picture of the Immune Deficiency Foundation for 2010 in front of the U.S. capitol. (I was near the front because I was one of the few kids who had come to Washington D.C.) ! After the picture my mom and I went into the capital and looked around. It was amazing inside the capitol. After that we went to the Rayburn building and met with one of Representative Rush始s staff members named Chris Brown. He said that Representative Rush would probably accept to co-sponsor this legislation which is great. ! This is my mom and I, Chris Brown, Zina and Randy Berryhill and Meredith Zerbie. !

After a good meeting with Chris Brown we went over to Representative Davis始s office and actually got to meet him! He agreed almost instantly to co-sponsor the legislation and we got a picture with him! It was really cool. ! Then after a quick lunch break we headed out to the Russell building to meet with one of Senator Burris始s staff named

Stephen Bloom. The meeting was great and we got a picture with him. The next meeting went about the same as the meeting with Stephen Bloom and this time we met with one of Senator Durbin始s staff named Sara Singleton (we met with her last time). ! After all the meetings were done we walked around Capitol Hill and then took the Metro to Gallery Place/Chinatown and found a very good sushi place named Sei Sushi. That was really good sushi! But the best of all we went to a cupcake place called Red Velvet. They had the best cupcakes I have ever tasted! ! The next morning we slept in a lot. Next we went across the street to this Starbucks that was literally packed with people. There were about 20 people in line! Then we went to the U.S. Capitol and saw the Senate in action! They were debating the Wall Street Reform. It was cool. Then we decided to do something a little bit weird. We went into the Cannon building and took a picture of every plaque in the Cannon building. Finally we went to Union Station and took a train to the airport and flew home. I think that I learned a lot during this trip including a lot about how laws get passed. I also learned where a lot of the buildings are on Capitol Hill are and why they are there.

Harry's Report of IDF Advocacy Day Trip  

Harry's Report of IDF Advocacy Day Trip 2010.

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