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we believe

we believe that art, design, and creativity can fill a soul we believe in eco-friendly and eco-conscious materials in everything we create we believe that family is whatever you define it to be we believe in beautiful, inspiring environments we believe in making our homes our happiest places and spaces we believe in purchasing things that are made to last we believe in elegance and, also, in messes we believe that entertaining is something to embrace on a regular basis we believe that a community can be found at home, in your neighborhood, at work, or in the world we believe that collaboration is key we believe in urgency, in your happiness and satisfaction, and in making you proud we believe in the golden rule we believe in eating with the seasons we believe in thoughtful parenting through conscious choices we believe in supporting small, local, and independent business we believe in change and surprises along the way we believe we can always be better

together, we are modern-twist 5

placemats modern-twist placemats are the innovative cornerstone to our collection. Made of plastic-free, platinum-grade silicone, our placemats are non-porous, crease-free, food-safe, and easy to clean – just wipe off or toss in the dishwasher. Elegant and versatile, these placemats are at home in any dÊcor from modern to traditional. They make every meal feel special and unique.


linen print

b lu sh

cra nb e rr y

1 4 i n x 16 i n

PM 0 0 8 placemats


d en im

ch ocol ate

g re e n a p p le

se afoa m

b la ck

s ilve r PM009

P M 0 01 P M 010

P M 0 07 PM006

P M 0 03 PM005

P M 0 02


p in e

tan g e r in e

oval linen prin

b lush

c ranb e r ry

1 4 i n x 19.2 5 in




d e ni m

c hocolate

g re e n a p p le

s eafoa m

b la ck

s ilve r

p in e

tan g e r in e










gol d

ros e g old

1 4 i n x 16 i n





silve r

1 4 i n x 16 i n




g old

si lve r

1 4 i n x 16 i n




sil ve r

g old PM060



jardin 14i n x 1 6 in


marble print 14 i n x 16 i n


gray PM040




b lus h

14 in x 1 6 in

bla ck


wh ite




ch ocolate

b lack PM081


hatch 1 4 i n x 16 i n



silve r

ch ocolate

1 4 i n x 16 i n


PM07 1


accent mats Not just for the dining table, our mats are perfect for accenting your home and office. Our gift-boxed set of two accent mats pairs two complementary colorways or patterns and can be used anywhere you see fit. Use one at your desk and another under a favorite plant. Use one on your entry console and one to protect your floor under a pet bowl. Your makeup counter, coffee table, bedside table‌ there are endless uses for these versatile and sophisticated mats.


14i n x 1 6 in se t of t wo + gi f t box accent mats

sp arkle

accent mat set

g o ld & ro s e g o ld AM S 0 9 0

pebb le

linen print cho co late & d en i m AM S 001

w hite & b lac k AM S 020


coasters A perfect gift for the new homeowner, cocktail enthusiast, or entertainer in your life, our coasters come in sets of four and continue to be one of our best sellers. Pair with a bottle of wine, or with a matching or complementary set of modern-twist placemats, and your gift is complete! Our coasters are stylish, fun, and playful, as well as eco-friendly. Like our placemats, the coasters are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. Dress up any party or Netflix binge with a set of these coasters.


linen print

bl us h

cran b er r y

4in x 4in set of 4




d e nim

c ho colate

g re e n a p p le

se a foa m

b la ck

s ilve r CS009

CS001 CS010

CS007 CS006

CS003 CS005



p in e

tan g e r in e


g old

ro se go ld

4in x 4in set of 4




b lack

b lu sh


w hite



pebbles 4in x 4in set of 4


marble print

4in x 4in set of 4

g ray

sil ver

4i n x 4in se t o f 4






g old

sil ver

4in x 4in set of 4




table runners Bringing beauty and function in one timeless design, our table runners showcase your style while protecting your surfaces. Use at home to complete a dining setting, console table, or countertop. These multi-purpose runners also add ease, elegance, and usefulness to hotel rooms, restaurants, and conference rooms. Made of our signature plastic-free silicone, each runner is silky smooth and creates a surface that is food-safe. Now packaged in a gorgeous gift box, they make for a great wedding present or housewarming gift for friends and family.


table runners


table runners

p eb b les wh ite

p e b ble s b lac k

1 4 i n x 72 i n + g i f t b ox


lin e n p ri n t b lack


lin e n pr in t ch ocolate

stre a m sil ve r

lin e n p rint d e nim

TR030 TR002



bucket-bibs New size! New designs! New colors! By popular demand, we have released our bucket-bibs in a new 8in x 10.5in size. Each bib is silky smooth, easy to clean, and adjustable for the perfect fit on your baby or young toddler. We are also excited to introduce an assortment of new designs and colors throughout our collection. To highlight this season, in collaboration with artist Erin Balzer, we present Forest Families. Inspired by folklore and family fun time, these charming creatures are bound to make you and your baby smile. Our bibs are made from plastic-free, food-safe silicone.


ar t i st e ri n b a l zer


b a d g er fa mily lave nd e r

fox fa mily me lon BB031 BB032

BB030 BB033

forest families 8 i n x 1 0.5i n

new s ize

co r n fl ower

h e d g e h og family

b e ar family min t

mama l lama lovel y lave n de r BB022


cu ri ous ot te r se a b lue

p e e k ing p an d a lu cky re d

a rtist ma ia ka rolina de ra at

furry friends 8 i n x 1 0.5i n

new s ize



sweet snuggles 8 i n x 1 0. 5 in new size




monkey bu s ine ss app le re d

dan d y lion fre s h ora ng e BB003

p up py l ove fu zzy g ray

g iraffe g ig gl e s e le ct ri c b lu e

ar t i st he l en l an g

e le p ha nt hug s ca nd y p in k

ow ls electric b lue BB001 BB002





foxe s lime g re e n

b e ar s b e r r y p in k

mealtime sets Our new mealtime, mix-andmatch collection coordinates with our bibs and is as fun as it is functional. Sip sets make plastic cups a thing of the past. Soft to the touch, with adorable graphics, each sip set showcases a scene from our Forest Families release. The matching meal sets come with a bowl and lid that double as a bowl and feeding plate, making them ready for delicious treats at home or on the go. Our popular snack set is perfect for adult or child. These little snack bowls simplify lunches, travel, and snacking anytime, anywhere. All sets are dishwasher-safe and bpa-free.

mealtime sets


meal set

5 in x 5 i n x 2 i n - 1 3 f l oz b ow l + lid /p late

mealtime sets

bad g er family laven d er fox fa mily m e lo n

ar t i st e ri n ba l zer


he d g e hog fa mily






b e ar family min t

me lon lime g re e n


berry p ink

lave n d e r m in t e le ctric b lue






snack set

3 .75 in x 3 .75i n x 1 .75i n - 1 3 f l oz b ow l + lid

placemats mealtime sets

badger fam ily l ave n d e r

fox fam il y m e lo n

h e dge hog famil y cornf lower

b e ar fa m ily mint

a rtist erin ba lzer

sip set

2 .5i n x 2 .5i n x 3 i n - 8 f l oz set of 2


SIS030 SIS032



mark-mats Our mark-mats combine inspiration and education with fun and creativity. Each food-safe mat grips the table and allows your little ones to color outside the lines, while stimulating their imaginations and teaching them about the world around them. Choose single mats, or select from our mark-mat sets, which include three easy-erase, kid-safe markers. Use these mats again and again at home, dining out, and while travelling. This season, we are proud to collaborate with pen + pine on our Nature Guide mats. Learning about Mighty Mushrooms and Dangerous Plants is fun for kids and adults alike. Also check out our new designs in Fantasy Fun + Games, I Spy, and Near + Far.


6 dry- era s e m a r ke rs k i d s a fe

6 mar ke r s


ma rk- mat

MKS6 6 kid safe non-toxic markers

m ark-mat se t

Hand-silkscreeneed coloring placemats. Reusable noncreasing and plastic free.

3 kid-safe markers + 1 mat. Color, wipe + color again.


a rtist pen + pine

nature guide 10in x 14in new s ize

dan ge rou s plan ts

mig ht y mushrooms

s in g le m at + s e t s w i t h 3 m arke rs

MKM015 - single mark-mat MKMS015 - mark-mat set

MKM013 - single mark-mat MKMS013 - mark-mat set


tic tac toe

d in o maze

MKM016 - single mark-mat MKMS016 - mark-mat set

und e r th e se a

s p a ce a n imals

MKM014 - single mark-mat MKMS014 - mark-mat set

MKM010 - single mark-mat MKMS010 - mark-mat set


jung le

MKM012 - single mark-mat MKMS012 - mark-mat set

MKM003 - single mark-mat MKMS003 - mark-mat set

MKM007 - single mark-mat MKMS007 - mark-mat set

fantasy fun+games 10 i n x 14 i n new s ize

s in g le m at + s e t s w i t h 3 m arke rs


U S map

can ad a MKM002 - single mark-mat MKMS002 - mark-mat set

s e attle

san f ra n cisco

MKM017 - single mark-mat MKMS017 - mark-mat se t

new york

MKM011 - single mark-mat MKMS011 - mark-mat set

MKM009 - single mark-mat MKMS009 - mark-mat set

MKM005 - single mark-mat MKMS005 - mark-mat set

near + far 1 0 i n x 14 i n new s ize

si ng l e m at + s e t s w i t h 3 mar ke r s


far m b u d d ie s

n u mb e r s

MKM004 - single mark-mat MKMS004 - mark-mat set

a lp h ab e t a ni mals

g a rd e n p lay

MKM008 - single mark-mat MKMS008 - mark-mat set

MKM006 - single mark-mat MKMS006 - mark-mat set

MKM001 - single mark-mat MKMS001 - mark-mat set

i spy 10 i n x 14 i n new s ize

s in g le m at + s e t s w i t h 3 m arke rs


why our silicone? • Pureness in content. modern-twist silicone is free of BPA, PVC, lead, latex, pthalates. • No chemicals or toxins are used in our products. • 100% food safe, our silicone and ink is FDA approved, and a healthy tabletop choice. • Hand silk-screened designs • Luscious, silky-soft hand feel • Dishwasher & dryer safe • Non-absorbent makes clean-up easy and a germ-free surface! • No memory placemats always lay true to form. • Heat resistant up to 425 degrees and trivets up to 675 degrees Fahrenheit. • 100% recyclable. We make a conscious effort to produce products and packaging that can be reused and recycled. Use your Modern-twist mats to line drawers in your fridge, protect stacked pans from being scratched, and surfaces from getting wet. • Placemats are re-usable + re-writable. You can use a ballpoint pen, and any washable or dry erase marker on our mats. • Our mats have been put through a 1000x wash stress test and still came out looking beautiful!

Contact us: t: 510.318.9068 f: 510.992.0400 e: w: Like us, we certainly like you! Instagram: @moderntwiststudio Facebook: @moderntwiststudio Twitter: @moderntwist Pinterest: @moderntwist


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modern-twist 2019 spring catalog  

Coming in March 2019! Welcome to the modern-twist 2019 spring catalog. Featuring lifestyle products for home, gift, table, baby, and kid....