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Welcome to the introduction session of the AT&Talk! community

I am Pam and I work as market researcher at InSites Consulting. I am based out of New York, but I work with people from all over the USA talking to people about a variety of topics from hamburgers to laundry detergent to cell phones. This is the greatest job that I’ve been doing for more than 20 years. And now, I’m lucky enough to talk to you! Together with AT&T we have set up the AT&Talk! community.

InSites Consulting is an independent market research company with branches in Rotterdam, London and New York and Ghent. I work in the New York office.

This will be the agenda for this introduction session:  Explanation about the AT&Talk! community  Preview of what the AT&Talk! community looks like and how it works  Questions and remarks

After a short presentation, there’s time for all your questions.

Goal of the AT&Talk! community AT&T would like to know how they can communicate best with their consumers about all kinds of topics.

We believe the best way to achieve this is asking its consumers. And that is why you are here! The AT&Talk! community is created to explore this in the following weeks.

There are approximately 160 participants joining. And you are selected as one of them! The AT&Talk! community starts today and runs until January 14th. We will have a break during the Christmas holidays (from December 21st to January 6th) but the community will still be open!

If you contribute actively, you can receive a reward up to $100 (coupon of You start with a voucher worth $30, and the more you help us, the higher your voucher will be. Of course, we are looking for quality, not quantity!

What are we going to do in the upcoming weeks? There are several topics which are going to be addressed.

A small preview of what you can expect: Horrible Horror Happy moments Party time!

You are the judge!

You are doing this for a reason! The team of AT&T actively follows the AT&Talk! community, so your opinion will really make a difference. We will of course also give you feedback on what AT&T has learned from you.

How are we going to do this? Several times a week I will put new topics online on which you will give reactions and discuss them with each other. Besides this, you will also receive a weekly newsletter by e-mail to make sure you stay informed.

We expect active participation of you. There is always something new going on, so if you like, you can come online everyday to take a look. No big deal if you miss one day, as long as you try to participate as much as possible. You decide where and when you log in!

Before we take a look what the AT&Talk! community looks like, I would like to know: ďƒ˜ What is an online community for you? ďƒ˜ What do you expect from this one? Use the white bar in the left bottom corner to type.

Put picture of the community homepage here

Let’s take a look now what the community looks like and how the platform works. This is only a preview. On the actual community everything will be much bigger and easier to read.

This is the homepage

These are the 4 rooms of the community. Here you will find the different topics.

In the AT&Me room we will talk about your relationship with AT&T

In the Let’s talk room, we will go more into depth about communication!

In the Get Connected room you can introduce yourself to the other members, just to get to know each other. Here you will also be able to start new discussions yourself.

Did we stoke your curiosity with the Mystery room? We’ll keep it a mystery for now, but you’ll find out soon!

By using the navigation bar you will be able to reach the different parts of the community  Home: return to the homepage  News: the place to find all the latest news but also to meet the AT&T team  Discussions: overview of all discussions  Gallery: here you can post cool pictures or movies you want to share with the other participants.

This is what an opening topic of a new discussion will look like. You can add your response or opinion to the discussion by clicking ‘reply’.

Here you can type your message. You can also enrich your story by uploading pictures and movies.

Once you typed and added everything, push the ‘Post’-button

Question: Can you describe your favorite meal? Good answer:

Bad answer:

“My favorite meal is one with my closest friends and family. I like the taste of home-made food, and would simply go for roasted chicken because I like the authentic taste and the spices that are used.”

“Roasted chicken.”

Fun stuff!

So far the explanation about the AT&Talk! community. Now it is time for all your reactions, questions and remarks! Use the white bar in the left bottom corner to type.

Thanks for all your questions and remarks. I hope the goal of the AT&Talk! community is completely clear.

If you still have questions later on, you can always send me an e-mail: (you will also find my e-mail address on the community)

So a short recap:


The AT&Talk! community is set up by InSites Consulting together with AT&T to communicate better with its consumers Together with 160 participants we are going to discuss several topics on the online community, and this until January 14th. Together we will log on as often as possible to share our thoughts!

In this community you can share your opinion about wireless services & communication and learn from others. Summary

The AT&T team will follow this community. This is the place where you can make a real difference! For your active participation you can receive a compensation of $100 ($30 at least; voucher of

You’ll receive a personal link to the AT&Talk! community in your inbox today. With the username and password you set up previous to this session you will be able to log in and start discovering our community. There are already some topics online, ready for you to discuss.

THANKS! Thank you for participating in this introduction session. From now on we’ll continue our conversation on the AT&Talk! community! You will receive an e-mail with the link to the community. Check your inbox!

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