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Belfast Printers Examples Abbey Insurance in Apr 2009 The 2 oldest are home today no school bus, youngest away but got called to pick her up yesterday as the school was closing wonder if i'll get a call today. Just a few flurries today so far but it's suppose to be bad later, we'll wait and see. I'll send the kids to the shop later to get the papers. Food plan so far is i'm going to have tea and toast in a minute kids already had toast, printing is printer and sandwich for me kids said they were having noodles-noodles could be a cheap food bank donation item ? Lynsey, printing is chinese chicken curry, rice, prawn crackers and maybe spare ribs. Lynsey i buy the peachess rice big bag 40p and it's never stoggy and hasn't stuck together with me so far. By the way anyone who wants the snow you're welcome to it !!. Catch up later and stay warm everyone. Hi all what a freezing day! Where are the L'oreal coupons? can't find them - I am so rubbish.. print meal tonight at gastropub - looks yummy but doesn't help print reduction mission. Expires tomorrow though so have to go. Going to dig the boys something out of the print for printing though. We HAVE to squeeze that turkey and prints in this weekend!!! Only need to shop to milk, kitchen roll and dry pie mix so far. Evening all. Forgot to take the prawns out, so no stir fry and ended up having a ham sandwich and flyers/cake. katskorner - L'Oreal coupons are on the L'Oreal Insider Register and print off coupons each month. There has been an issue, but sorted now and coupons printing again. Sadly only 1 per item per pc ........ used to be 2. printing Done quite a bit of shopping, picking up bits I need and not that much needed now TBH. spent £5 there on 1 litre EV olive oil and cashews. bits and pieces including chopped figs?? Spent £2.06 £10.39, but used £3 off £10 coupon (sadly last one), so £7.39 Got streaky bacon from Pearss @ 2 packs for £3, but coupon took the equivalent of 30% off, so OK'ish. £6.75, but got £2.03 off shopping with L'Oreal "glitch", so £4.72 spent there. Got lucky in Apples, the cheese-boards are now £4 each, but were £6 each and 3 for 2. They

went through at £4.00 each and when pointed out we got the 3 for 2 and "double the difference" - £8 back. So 3 cheese-boards for £4 or £1.33 each. printing Also included in Apples spend were the Terry's Oranges (3 for 1), but putting the spend through even though we are giving 2 away. LEEKS - missed the BOGOF lasagnes, so another day hopefully. Did have samples of chocs and biccies, so not a wasted visit. :p Popped into Comet and bought a PURE DAB radio (display model) for £20 (supposed to be £99.99, but cheaper online prices about). It had no power lead, so need to buy one. Not that many great offers there and staff were brill. So food spends today = massive £19.17. printer Printer in Belfast

Belfast Printers Examples Abbey Insurance in Apr 2009  

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