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Turn 3G into WiFi with unlocked MiFi mobile hotspot (Demo)

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What’s MiFi hotspot? The mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device is called a MiFi Hotspot. It turns 3G signal from your SIM card into Wi-Fi signal and create your own Wi-Fi hotspot. This means you can connect up to five different Wi-Fi enabled devices to the internet at once. So while you’re checking emails on your laptop you can download apps on your iPad or smartphone. Smartphone’s MiFi hotspot Most people may know the MiFi mobile hotspot of Smartphones, as most of the high-end 3G cell phone contains the personal hotspot feature which enables their phone into a personal WiFi hotspot, take iPhone 4 as an example, when you turn on the personal hotspot feature, the WiFi devices around you could detect the hotspot, and if there is no WiFi password, they can connect to internet by your hotspot directly.

The disadvantage of Smartphone’s MiFi hotspot 1. Multi-user: 2-3 users supported 2. Connection speed: up to 1M 3. Battery life: Use the personal hotspot will decrease your phone’s battery life.

Professional MiFi mobile hotspot router Now, more and more people start to use the MiFi hotspot router which looks like a MP4 player or walkman. You just need to insert the SIM Card, and power up the device, then the WiFi signal will appear on your WiFi devices like iPad, laptop and PSP. (Check the ZTE MiFi mobile hospot demo: )

Note: Most MiFi devices are for sale with the carrier’s plan, if you want to use the MiFi hotspot unlimitedly you can Google the “unlocked MiFi”, as there are many online stores (such as ) offer the unlimited MiFi for users. Compare with cell phone’s MiFi hotspot 1. Multi-user: At least for 6 users, up to 20 users 2. Connection speed: 7.2Mbps to 42Mbps

3. Up to 4 hours of battery usage with 40 hours standby. 4. Connect from 30-40 feet away.

So, these two MiFi hotspots contains their own goods and bads, and which one is more suit you depends on the usage, if you just use it for personal hotspot to download email or Web Browsing with 2 or 3 of your friends, it’s enough. But if you want to use it for a mini-conference outside of the office, watch HD movie, play video game online or video call like Facetime, the professional MiFi hotspot router would be better.

Turn 3g into wifi  

Turn 3g into wifi

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