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New 3G Wi-Fi modem connects laptops, iPads to the net while travelling Keywords: ZTE MF60, 3G Wi-Fi Modem url: ZTE MF60 3G Wi-Fi Modem is a faster portable Wi-Fi hotspot to enable travellers to access the net on laptops, smartphones and tablets via the Next G mobile network. ZTE MF60 mobile hotspot has an inbuilt battery that lasts up to four hours, and allows 8 devices to share a Wi-Fi hotspot that accesses the internet connection via a Next G SIM card.

There are numerous devices like this around from the various telcos, including the well-known Mi-Fi device popular in the US and sold locally by Internode, but the new ZTE MF60 mobile hotspot from the Next G network's market-leading coverage and speed. This device can connect to the network at up to a theoretical 21Mbit/s — which says will equate to a real life speed of anywhere from 0.5Mbit/s - 8Mbit/s. In Australian Business Traveller's experience using Next G modems, the fastest speed generally seen is around. The device (ZTE MF60) has a display on it that gives clear information like signal strength, number of devices connected and battery level at a glance, which is an improvement over the many similar devices available that just have cryptic status lights. The modem costs $221.00 at and has no contracts associated — you just use the included pre-paid SIM card. The prepaid version of the modem is locked to the network, which means it's not possible to put another SIM card from a foreign carrier in it if you travel overseas. We've enquired with what it costs to unlock the modem, and we'll update the story once we've got the answer. If you have an iPhone 4, or a recent Google Android-based phone, you may already have a similar

portable Wi-Fi hotspot function built into your phone.

New 3G Wi-Fi modem connects laptops, iPads to the net while travelling