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How to convert 3G modem to Wi-Fi hotspot Keyword: 3g to wifi router, 3g to wifi hotspot, convert 3g to wifi, 3g to wifi converter, 3g modem to wifi, 3g to wifi adapter, 3g to wifi portable, Huawei D100 Summary: How to use Huawei D100 router to get the internet connection sharing 3g modem with others at the same time? In the modern society, 3G wireless broadband is more and more necessary, not only for the business, but also for the entertainment activities. And there are more and more people who have already enjoyed 3G Internet with a 3G USB Modem when they go out, but have you ever met the network tethering problem? What will you do if you want to share the 3G internet with others as the 3G Modem only supports one USB device? Can we convert 3G Modem to WiFi hotspot? Of course yes, the technology is more and more advanced along with the development of society, the designers have specially created the product to meet the needs of these kinds of people, Huawei D100 3G to WiFi Router is absolutely quite good. Before we convert 3G to WiFi hotspot with Huawei D100, we should figure what we do next; the first issue to confirm is that the Huawei 3G to WiFi Converter is only compatible with Huawei USB modem, which means we must insert the same brand USB modem into it, such as Huawei E272 3G modem. D100 supports Wi-Fi and provides one Ethernet interface; there are two ports on the device: a USB port for connecting your 3G modem, and the Ethernet port is used to connect a desktop without built-in capability.

Before using D100 3G to WiFi Router, you should log on the manage page to set up the required process, then insert E272, D100 will automatically get the 3G internet, and you will find its signal in the Wi-Fi column of your iPhone. Maybe the best part of the whole procedure is that there is

no need to configure the 3G modem, don’t you think so? Somebody said that one D100 3G to WiFi Router plus a 3G modem could be equivalent to an 3G Router, yes, this totally makes sense, but as most carriers provide customers free 3G modems if you use their 3G service, the cost of a D100 will be much cheaper than a 3G Router and you also don't need to leave your free 3G modem unused. So, that’s the smartest way to share 3G internet connection for the people who already owned a 3G Modem - with a 3G to WiFi Converter. In addition, not only the portable mobile phone, the domestic computer could also enjoy this, just imagine the situation that you and your friends, or wife or husband surf on the internet at the same time, not worrying to snatch the 3G wireless network card, everyone doesn’t interface with each other, which indirectly improve the efficiency of usage of 3G internet. Hence, when you go out with your friends or stay at home, it will be a good idea to bring 3G to WiFi Router to enjoy the 3G USB modem internet connection together. Sharing the 3G broadband connection up to more than 20 people at the same time will be particularly useful and attractive.

How to convert 3G modem to Wi-Fi hotspotto  
How to convert 3G modem to Wi-Fi hotspotto  

How to use Huawei D100 router to get the internet connection sharing 3g modem with others at the same time?