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13. WhaT CaN MOdELWERK BE PaRTICULaRLy PROUd OF? Of Claudia Midolo, the boss - and the courage she had in the early days ... (Elena) Just have a look at the boards! (Affa) The huge number of specialised departments! (Angelo) And almost everyone mentioned our great team!

14. hOW WOULd yOU dEsCRIBE yOUR WORK-LIFE BaLaNCE ON a sCaLE OF 1-5? Our team is well balanced - the survey resulted in a satisfied 3. Only Meilyn asks: „I‘m confused... free time? What‘s that?“

15. WhaT‘s IMPORTaNT TO yOU IN a JOB? 1. Fun 2. Variety of activities 3. Contact with lots of interesting people 4. Money The winner of our survey: fun! A variety of activities and contact with lots of interesting people were also rated as very important.

16. WhO WOULd yOU ELECT as ThE agENCy‘s CLass REPREsENTaTIVE? Our winner: Sebastian from the Art department! Closely followed by John from the New Faces department. A lot of people would even elect themselves.

17. hOW MaNy FaCEBOOK FRIENds dO yOU haVE? The clear leader is Meilyn (Women‘s department) with over 3000 - just ahead of the artists‘ page! On average our employees have 852 Facebook friends. 57

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