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09. yOUR MOsT EMBaRRassINg MOMENT aT MOdELWERK? These things could be used against me. (Dennis) Nothing embarrasses me. I‘m a modelling agent. (Florian) When I took a model to prison... that tops everything! (Meilyn) Waving to Lothar Matthäus in Milan and thinking: „I know that guy!... Oops, it wasn‘t actually another modelling agent!“ (Claudia)

10. ThE BEsT PhRasE yOU‘VE hEaRd FROM a MOdEL (OR CLIENT)? Oh Claudi.. (Claudia) He no longer model, he is now a pilot plane. (Katharina) Model: „I thought ...!“ Booker interrupts: „Problem solved!“ (Dennis) I prefer to send me only polaroids, because they want to change date and do not work when. Will work twice. (Meilyn) „A homeless guy sleeps below me. I get on well with him, but I don‘t trust him.“ (Niclas) I‘ll pack in all the ‚learnings‘ from the casting week with it, then we‘ll have ‚gesaved‘ the ‚timings‘ and the milestones! (Maya) We need an option - it‘s a life or death situation! (Nina)

11. WhaT dO yOU WEaR TO WORK? The agency‘s old dog. (Translator‘s note: the same word can be used for ‚wear‘ and ‚take‘ in German - this is a play on the double meaning of the verb) (Florian) Underwear - always (Maya) vs. underwear - never! (Julian) I either dress like a homeless person or going to a red carpet event. (Meilyn) Everything that Ms. Midolo doesn‘t like - tank tops, skinny jeans, Dr. Marten boots... (Reza)

12. WhaT Was ThE LasT ThINg yOU gOT WORKEd UP aBOUT? Haha, I want to keep my job. (Sebastian) That‘d go beyond the scope of this survey (Katharina) You mean in the last five minutes? (Meilyn) That someone had parked in the boss‘s ridiculously expensive parking space! That‘s where I always park. (Florian) 56

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