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05. I CaN‘T LIVE WIThOUT ... Ice cold Red Bull! (Nina and Julian) Harvey Haydon‘s underwear polaroids. (Maya) Completely crazy e-mails from Florian which miss the point 99% of the time. (Katharina)

06. BIggEsT FashION NO-gO FOR 2015? Stinking. (Florian) Ballet pumps, like every year. Please burn them... ALL OF THEM! (Eva) Arc boots (Niclas) Note: Niclas, you meant UGG boots, right?!

07. ONE ThINg yOU WIsh yOU‘d KNOWN WhEN yOU WERE aT sChOOL? Mum and dad are actually right most of the time. (Nina) Fries have too many calories to eat every day. (Sebastian) That a beer tastes even better when it‘s an after-work beer! (Carla) What it‘s like to hit the sack with a Brazilian underwear model. (Florian)

08. yOUR gREaTEsT PhOBIa IN yOUR WORK? Test shootings. (Affa) That I haven‘t locked the toilet door properly. (Eva) 55

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