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We really don´t want to hide the true reality of the „microcos Modelwerk“ from you. That´s why we asked the peolple wo actually know best. Thanks to the whole Modelwerk team for honest answers, offering a deeper insight into the agency.

01. WhaT dO yOU assOCIaTE WITh MOdELWERK? A mess! (Meilyn) Family (Katharina) Trouble (Nina) Powerhouse! (Julian)

02. WhaT Is IT aBsOLUTELy NECEssaRy FOR a MOdEL BOOKER TO haVE? Passion (Eva) Balls! (Rafael) Poker face (Beate) Good excuses (Niclas) Ambition, bite and spontaneity - the traits of a pitbull! (Claudia) More than a third say „strong nerves!“

03. yOUR FIRsT ThOUghT IN ThE MORNINg? The go-see list! (Angelo) What do I put on if some hot male models could come in today?! (Carla) The majority express their longing for COFFEE and wonder if they‘ll make it to work on time today.

04. WhaT INFURIaTEs yOU? Cancellations! (Meilyn) Persistent applicants who still won‘t leave you in peace after the third rejection. (Lydia) When someone takes the last bit of coffee without putting on a new pot. (Sebastian) 54

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