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It almost sounds as if everything would have been better without the new media. Don‘t the shorter communication lines have any advantages for your work? Or in other words: what was better then, and what was worse?

Marcus: Previously there was no other way to communicate than the good old telephone and a black and white fax machine. As a booker, you always had personal telephone contact with people, whether it was with clients, models or other international bookers. Back then, the polaroids still came from an actual Polaroid camera. Cameras were a total monstrosity: expensive and bad! Of course, we now also have the advantage that we no longer have to wait forever and a day for everything, like in the old days. Florian: We used to have a bigger budget for the individual jobs and there were more personal castings and go-sees, so I think models were selected a bit more carefully. On the other hand, the advantage these days is that digitalisation has literally saved us a huge amount of paperwork. So a lot‘s happened in the last 20 years. In what way has a booker‘s daily business changed? What was a normal working day like before?

Marcus: The work processes haven‘t changed that much.The telephone was used a lot more in the past! Business has gotten a lot quicker. Now, a decision is made within the first 18

„I would never ask any of my models to do anything I would not do myself.“ few seconds about whether a model has a chance or not. It used to be the case that 15-20 castings were held, as everyone wanted to see and evaluate the models live. The models would stand in queues at studios and agencies every single day. Do you have a few funny stories, situations or anecdotes from back then that you look back on fondly? Florian: Definitely the almostfisticuffs at the fax machine. That always happened if two bookers wanted to send an urgent enquiry at the same time. Whoever was first set the other person back around an hour. In that respect, it was easier for men. Marcus: There was a funny story with a mix-up. A client booked a model and told us „do everything the same as with the last booking!“. You got it. The model arrived and tried to find the client. The client also couldn‘t see the model in the hotel lobby. It turned out that this production was taking place in Athens, but the model was in a hotel on Mallorca. This situation could have been rescued a lot easier with a smartphone, but of course they weren‘t around back then. In the end, the girl‘s booking was altered and she arrived half a day late at the right location.

So at this point it‘s a thumbs -up for new media and the digitalisation of the modelling industry... Other than seamless communication, what else is important in this industry? Florian: For me, punctuality is a value that‘s really important for our work. Marcus: I can only agree with that. I‘d also never ask my models to do something that I wouldn‘t do myself.

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