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„ „The first colour copier was nothing short of a miracle for us.“ These days, the value of a model depends predominantly on numbers: whether it‘s the number of pictures per day, sales figures or the model‘s measurements. It all has to be right - otherwise the model is quickly written off. Working in the modelling sector without iPhones or internet just had a different quality.

The pictures are from the agency‘s early days. At that time, Modelwerk was more or less still a baby. What memories come back when you see these pictures? Marcus: I recognise the pictures straight away. Back then there were only five of us at the table and we liked to hang out together every now and then after work. We worked together very closely, and really well. Arrangements flitted back and forth across the table and 16

a legible hand-written signature was definitely a plus! Our first colour copier was a sensation - a miracle, almost. Of course it sometimes got pretty loud, but at the end of the day we all went home happy. 20 years have passed since then: how has the modelling industry changed? Marcus: The internet has made everything faster and more accurate. A booker‘s word used to be worth more than it is now.

Digitalisation has also changed the model booker‘s work: in those days without internet, what was work like in the modelling agency? Florian: We worked with paper cards and sat at a booking table with a Rolodex in the middle. Bicycle couriers were in and out of here like bees in a beehive to deliver model portfolios and cards. Go-sees and live auditions took place all the time. Getting a comp card by fax in photo mode took ten minutes to come through. But it worked, and people couldn‘t hide behind e-mails. Generally, I think things were completed more efficiently then.

„I value punctuality.“

MODELWERK - 20 years anniversary magazine  


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