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„Models have to have bouncebackabilities.“ What is the best thing about your job, and the most irritating? People always give you the feeling that they need you 24/7: that‘s a curse and a blessing at the same time! Roughly how many e-mails do you write every day? I think around 150-200. What are you particularly proud of? I‘m proud that I was confident enough to live my dream - and at only 22 years old! I‘m also proud that, in doing that, I‘ve always stayed true to myself. Life is too short ... to be bored. I believe all models ... are happy when you support them and are also there for them on an emotional level. How do you like to treat yourself now and then? Manicures, pedicures and a facial - the whole shebang! How do you keep fit? I exercise two to three times per week and during lunch breaks I train with my personal trainer, Pietro Lucifora. What do you have for breakfast? A wholegrain bread roll with a vegan spread, like pepper or mushroom - or jam. I also like to have a soya latte. What‘s your favourite way to drink coffee? In the morning I always have a soya latte, then later three or four

espressos with a dash of sugar - preferably brown sugar. Your favourite drink? Gin and tonic! Is there anyone in particular you look up to? Yes, there is: Madonna has always been my idol. I heard her song „Lucky

Star“ when I was 10 years old and since then, I‘ve been inspired by her energy and charisma. Do you have a favourite luxury label? „Rag and Bone.“ What three things do you always have in your handbag? „Blisstex“ lipbalm, my passport, Chanel sunglasses. What beauty secret do you swear by? I swear by „Serum“ by „La Mer“.

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