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grapher Hans Wulf. How would you describe the „birth“ of Modelwerk in a nutshell? I just made my hobby and passion my job! What inspired you to establish your own modelling agency? As a model, I often had the feeling that I just didn‘t have anyone there to hold my hand. That‘s where I got the idea to help young people break into this fantastic industry. What‘s more, in the early 90s there were hardly any modern agencies who picked up on the „grunge look“. So there were two big gaps in the market at the time! You were a model yourself. How was the experience for you personally? I always had a lot of fun at shootings and I loved travelling to Milan or London.

Claudia worked as a model herself in the 1990s. Starting with a small group of hobby models, her passion and resilience helped build the largest and most successful modelling agency in Germany. How did the name MODELWERK come about? In the early days „Modelwerk“ was just a group of 15 hobby models. We could all move well - some of us even had dance training! I drummed up the 8

crowds, created choreography routines and organised fashion shows, for example for H&M in shopping centres. One day we were sitting around together and thought: „This baby needs a name!“ „Kraftwerk“ was playing on the radio at the time: „...she‘s a model and she‘s looking good!“ - the idea came to me: Modelwerk! How long have you been working in the modelling industry? I was discovered as a model in 1990 by the photo-

When did you first think that you wanted to be a model? Can you remember your first shooting and your first polaroids? I never actually wanted to be a model. At the time, I did rhythmic gymnastics, which was really active. I was part of the performance team and was German champion several times. I began getting modelling jobs as an athlete on the back of these successes, for example with „Ritter Sport“. A friend of mine was working as model at that time - it was via her that I met Hans Wulf. Back then, he did some test shots with me to get me a booking with „Bon Prix“ - that was when my modelling career kicked off! I used the photos to apply to an agency and worked as a full-time model for a

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