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From The Editor: What Is Model Venture Magazine? Model Venture Magazine is a new, international online and (limited) print magazine that showcases the experiences of real, everyday models from around the world. There are various levels of modeling, from “hometown” to “mid-town”. Our focus is on who models are, what they do in their lives, and what decisions they’ve made and why. For so long, the fashion industry has ignored the model behind the product being sold. Model Venture Magazine turns that paradigm upside down, understanding that there are millions of aspiring models who want to know ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ real models navigate the sometimes murky waters of the fashion business. Television shows depicting how models live are great. But it’s still mostly “glitz, glam and drama”. Model Venture Magazine is a grass-roots publication that focuses on a core reality in the modeling business, which is that in every little town, village and hamlet there is at least one. There is a beautiful lady or gent in every square mile of populated territory around the globe. We hope to find them and ask them to tell their story. A story the industry has always said wasn’t important. A story they said nobody wanted to hear. Wrong. Products and services are not sold without models. The economy relies on modeling and fashion to represent and promote it. Modeling is a critical component of the success of advertising, which in itself is one of the engines of commerce. Model Venture Magazine is searching for models’ stories. They are significant and worthy of being showcased. Read Model Venture Magazine and gain experience through others’ stories. Mark Twain once said, “A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way” Model Venture Magazine wants to provide our readers with information about the people in the business, methods, failures and triumphs; so that they may pick up that cat by his tail fewer times... Enjoy and look for future issues!

“Mark Pfau”

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anielle Devorah Pashko

has been working in the fitness and wellness industry for the past decade. Her experience has been recognized throughout the most renowned health and fitness establishments in the country. Danielle has worked as a yoga instructor and massage therapist for The Sports Club LA, The Reebok Sports Club, Equinox Fitness, The Peninsula Spa, and Exhale Spa. Danielle previously owned her own wellness company that specialized in corporate wellness, but also was hired for special events such as All Star Basketball weekends in Los Angeles and a private event in France for the Cannes Film Festival. Danielle is an expert in helping others to achieve their weight loss goals. Working as a fashion model, she has mastered keeping her slim physique by incorporating smart nutrition and a daily yoga practice.

Her tips have been followed by her friends, who are also models in the fashion industry as well as by many actors and entertainment moguls. Don’t be surprised if you see Danielle at Whole Foods in New York City or Trader Joe’s taking her clients for a stroll down the supermarket aisle… For several years, Danielle worked with a prestigious medical doctor developing a line of nutritional supplements focused on detoxification and weight loss. She is currently working independently with doctors and clients offering a variety of wellness related services.

Summer Crosley Stand Out Stand In

“...I booked a job working as a photo double/ stand in for Gisele


for her commercial and TV/Film work.”



ello there,

My name is Summer Crosley, I am currently residing in Venice Beach CA- where on my days off you will find me riding my beach cruiser and going to farmers markets. I have been in LA 2 years -prior to living in CA. I was in Miami Beach, Florida where I started modeling and have a awesome agency-Mega Models Miami.  Before that I was in Southern IL, in a small town called Herrin IL.  I grew up going to a catholic school -it was very proper. The town I am from is very small.  As is the case in many small towns, there is no such thing as a “model”. But I knew at a young age it was something I wanted to do. But it just was never possible, as the closest metropolitan area was Chicago, about 6 hours away.  So I gave up on that dream and after obtaining a B.S. Degree from Southern Illinois University, I went on to Miami to work in Pharmaceutical Sales. I was doing great in sales for 5 years but was never happy or fullfilled.  My mind was often wondering about having a different lifestyle.  Luckily, I was in Miami where there are a number of amazing agencies, and was signed.  After being laid off from my job, I decided to move to CA-not even sure what I wanted to do in CA but I just knew I wanted to move there.  After 2 weeks of moving to CA, I booked a job working as a photo double/ stand in for Gisele Bunchen for her commercial and TV/Film work. If you are not familiar with that a stand in is, it’s a general term for someone who substitutes for the credited actor of a character in any recorded visual medium, whether videotape or film. The term is most commonly used in the context of headto-toe (or nearly) shots involving nudity, or for lighting and camera adjusting purposes. So after booking that gig, I started getting offered magazine features, print jobs. catalog, look book, acting roles. I do have to admit some days are great out here, other days all the driving from one casting to  the next and sitting in hours and hours of traffic can get very frustrating and discouraging.  Some days I want to give up and go back to a 9-5 office job, but I would not be happy.  But

PHOTO DOUBLE: “’s a general term for someone who substitutes for the credited actor of a character in any recorded visual medium, whether videotape or film. The term is most commonly used in the context of head-to-toe (or nearly) shots involving nudity, or for lighting and camera adjusting purposes.” MyPhotoBlitz

then I have to realize that models have it made schedule wise. Models pretty much make our own schedule, our work week changes every week based on what job we book. Sometimes I look at it like playing the lottery. It’s a gamble. You go to the casting and there could be 50 other models there -but they are only going to pick one keep your fingers crossed and hope that it is you! And if you WIN (get selected) then its an awesome day, but if not you just keep your chin up and keep the gamble going. Its funny. Some weeks I booked every casting and work all week, other weeks I have nothing going on--so I search and search and keep going to castings. You just really never know. The most important thing is to never let your confidence down--you have to stay strong, confident and positive. The modeling industry is very challenging --so many beautiful girls and not a lot of work. Its so important to go into the casting with a smile on your face and the confidence beaming through your eyes. It radiates and that is a big part of what sells the model. Having good time management is very important too. Casting hours and locations could be all over the place so planning the day in advance is important. Many people do not realize how much time and effort goes into being a model. It’s more then just a pretty face in front of the camera. The entire process it takes to even book that job involves a lot! In the next few years I hope to have a family and child...and continue to model, probably do more lifestyle/commercial work with a smile on my face that is glowing through my heart.

Cap tu

r ed





his is Cristina Panizzolo from Italy! I’m 25 years

old and right now I live in Padova, a wonderful city near Venice! Actually I was borne in Torino, the city of the winter Olymics games of 2006. Here I’m going to tell you my story as a model and as a woman. As I said I grew up in Torino, northern Italy with my parents and with my sister Irene, which is 9 years older than me! Since I was little I had the dream to become a model, even because my sister did some jobs like that. She even worked a little bit on TV and I used to think I wanted to become beautiful like her. My mom took me at the age of 8/9 to make some professional pictures, and I started working a little bit already! It was so much fun! Even if I was young, I used to be careful with diet and physical appearance! I was a good student and a good tennis player, too, since I’ve always played tennis 4 times a week plus the weekend! So my priority became sport and I haven’t been doing shoots no more. At the age of 15 my sister moved to Cancun for working and I used to spend the summer right there working as a tennis teacher in some resorts and having so much fun! So I started learning English and Spanish very well! That was awesome! At the age of 17, I went to the States as a exchange student! I was so proud and so excited about it! I loved the experience right there! I lived in a small city near Boston, which is called Whitman. Unfortunately I had some eating disorders during the whole year. In just 5 months I gained 22 kg which would be like 44 pounds or something like that. I didn’t know what to do! I remember I felt like I was completely lost and I didn’t know what to do! I was horrible, not even my parents recognized me when I went to Cancun for Christmas vacation and for my sister’s wedding! Well…what happened is that my dad put me on a diet…I’m telling you! in just 2 weeks I lost 9 kg which would be around 18 pounds! Then I went back to the States and I kept doing my diet (which was horrible! Just tuna and grapefruit…and maybe some natural orange juice… that was it! I was so happy about losing weight again and going back to be beautiful again! One thing I loved about Americans is that they don’t care about how you look like! They just like you! That is so different! In Italy everybody looks just at your aspect! I really loved it! After one months, I even started working at Gold’s Gym as a spinning instructor! I was so happy! My body was really in shape again! I talked about this time of my life because it was really tuff for me and even now, that almost 8 yrs had passed, I’m so scared about getting fat again! Anyway, after graduation in the States I

went back to Italy where I graduated there, too! When I started college I start working on TV. I was like a journalist for a soccer TV program and I was so proud of myself! At the age of 20, I re-started doing photo as a model. I made some calendars, some commercials, too even if I wasn’t that famous people knew me! That was a wonderful time of my life…that time was almost always with my best friend and model Ines. I worked with her too for a commercial and for a calendar. At the age of 21 I even met my boyfriend and the year after I got pregnant! My daughter was born in 2007 and her name is Anna Jo! I moved to Padova because my boyfriend is from there! After 6 months I started again working as a model…right now I’m not working that much as before, because of my daughter! I can’t move around like when I was alone and free! But I enjoy my life and my family! And the most important thing is that I’m happy! Cristina Panizzolo

Via Marie Photography

Simply RED Arianna


entlemen may

use a variety of words to describe Arianna. Perhaps they would say that she is lovely, or pretty or she looks like she has a great personality. But ask Arianna. There is only one word that she uses to describe herself and thats "Passionate"! More than anything, Arianna says she posses "Passion". She is driven, dedicated, and hardworking. Her dream of being a model is what drives her. Her motto is to be relentless and never giving up. Even if a door is closed to her, she will do any and everything in her power to get through! She says wont quit, until she’s a STAR! These are pretty important qualities in modeling. She’s off to a good start. Arianna’s heritage is French, British, and Scottish, which does give her a unique look.

She is so proud of being a natural redhead and wants to be the first redheaded Victoria Secrets Angel. Every step she as taken is to bring her closer to her dream. Currently, she’s living in Salt Lake City, Utah where she works as a receptionist for a local TV channel called Partime. Arianna works consistently as a promotional model and has

worked in Las Vegas, LA, Orlando, and Salt Lake City. She also Performs with a local Burlesque troop called the Voodoo Darlings. She has a Passion for the stage, dancing, singing, and stripping down to her Bra and Panties! She also is an aspiring Actress. Working on getting becoming SAG eligible, she has done many mainstream films, and commercials. Arianna has a love for the entertainment industry. Arianna says she is so incredibly thankful for all the opportunities that have come her way. She was discovered at about 15 years old, but her parents couldn’t afford to send her to LA or NY to pursue it. In addition, her heart at the time was in performing, especially dance. Arianna says dance is her light and freedom from the

Todd Collins Photography

chaos of the world. She can completely and effortlessly lose herself in the movement of dance.

Todd Collins Photography

I was rediscovered for modeling when i was about 18 years and it

the Matrix hair show! My agency told me that they wouldn’t do anything to my long never been touched natural red hair! But when I got there I signed a model release and they just took over chopped my hair and dyed it purple and orange! The money I received from that show was spent getting my hair back to its old self and even to this day it still isn’t the same! So my message never do a hair show in less u want your hair dyed and cut and Never Trust a scam agency! My tragic tale doesn’t end there though. After I left my old agency, I bounced from agency to agency trying to find a non-scam, which is almost


Mitch Meyer Photography

changed my life! I was well on my way to NY for Broadway when i discovered a passion and love for modeling! However my first couple of experiences where horrific. I bought into the scam of paying to be with an agency and classes! I spent over $2,000 to be with my first agency Tru Talent! I went to my first modeling class and realized it was a joke and never went back! There were boys and girls in my runway class that were not even remotely attractive or tall! At that moment I knew it was a scam. But then I booked my first modeling job in Vegas for

impossible to do in a third market state! I then found another agency and went to them with a portfolio. They told me I had a lot of potential but had to shoot with their photographer pay money in order to be in their agency! I bought into it again. So i showed up for my photo shoot thinking it was just me, but no it was 5 other models doing 4 different looks that day with one hair and makeup artist for all 6 girls! My photos were a disaster! So I demanded a re-shoot and they just offered me the same thing which was the problem! I demanded my money back and they wouldn’t do it! They never sent me on audition, SCAM! So now I’m currently with the number one agency in Utah McCarty Talent Agecny, I have never had to pay a cent to be with them. I have a non-exclusive contract with them which is great because I book and find most of my jobs myself! I find that in Utah i have to sell myself and talent in order to do it consistently! I have booked many Justin Grant Photography modeling jobs in Las Vegas, Orlando, and LA! Mostly Promotional work but a few calendars, catalogs and lookbooks. I have shot for Pin-up for Pups which all compensation for the calendar is donated to the rescue and survival of

abandoned and abused dogs. I have also been featured in "A" magazine which is a french fetish magazine! And was most recently was on the cover and featured in a lookbook for a local book company about shapes and curves of a woman’s body! I have also been put up for a Corona Beer campaign/billard. Other credits include local features in the newspaper and other advertisements! My most recent being an editorial Print model for Flithy Gorgeous who was a designer on Project runway season 3 from Utah! The fashions and photos were featured at Sundance this year 2009! Working for hours every day on getting just a little closer to her dream none of this would be possible without the love and support of her family. Continously facing hardships in every aspect of her life she has never stopped believing. Making her humble, greatful, positive, down to earth, and caring. Arianna strives to inspire others to reach their dreams and goals! She can only hope that she has touched and motivated struggling entertainers to just go for it and never look back! Not only does she have a passion for modeling but she has great passion for fashion. No matter what negativity comes her way she always finds a way to look good. Advising and help others look good she has a great eye for what looks good on any body. She would describe her look as sexy -classy. Her motto, "its always a fashion show no matter where you go, so why not always look good"! Arianna is hoping that this feature of her will get her great exposure in the modeling industry. She is waiting for someone to discover her and she that she not only has the looks but all the personality and passion to make it big. She says, its about time we get Redheads noticed for the beauties that we are!!

Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue/ Green Height: 5’9” Weight: 112 lbs Bust: 32” Waist: 24” Hips: 35” Shoe size: 6

“Awkward” Angela All The Way To The Bank....

Models play an important role to society. We influence. We are dolls. We are living art. Without us the ad doesn’t work. Without the ad the products doesn’t sell. I want to make people feel and be inspired. During my pre-teen and early teenage years, I was very insecure and self-conscious. I am a former "ugly-duckling." Except, I wasn't, really. It was emotionally draining to have to deal with people who did not understand my look. Back then, I just felt that I could relate more to the images I saw in magazines than I could to people around me. I just knew modeling was something I could do, even though many of my peers did not think so. I knew i had that unique look that models possesed. If i could go back in time to that girl -- me, when I was younger -- and say something to her, I’d love to tell her, "you're ok, you're amazing, live your life." But I’m a firm believer that everything has it's time, reason, and meaning and brings you to where you're at. I am very happy with where i'm at. And I wonder how many of my former friends are getting paid for what they look like.

I have alway been known for my "quirky/awkward" looks , and for the diversity to pull off numerous looks. When I was little, I always loved playing dress up and trying on makeup. I was the only girl out of my friends that actually was into that stuff. I loved immersing myself in magazines such as Seventeen. It was a great escape from where I came from. Modeling is something I always wanted to do ever since I was a little girl and I am so incredibly blessed and grateful for all the amazing opportunities and experiences. Modeling is part of me. It isn't always easy but nothing in life is. Unfortunately, models are a dime a dozen these days. We are bottom of the barrel in terms of a team on a booking and the most easily discarded. Modeling is hard work. Most people will, of course, never have any idea just how draining it is; and will only see the glamourous facade. That's ok, though. It is still worth it.

Alisia Vanille Occupation: Model


Born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade. I have an experience of working in trade finance sphere. At present I am modeling mostly. Although originally I am from Moscow I don't stay there for all the time. I am travelling a lot, for work and for pleasure also.  I enjoy it so much!  For me it is very important to feel strong emotions all the time, and traveling gives me such an opportunity,  to see different countries,  experience different cultures, meet different people, try different food. I adore Asian food, especially Thai and Chinese, but the most favourite is Japanese. I can eat sushi several times a day, and every time with a great pleasure! While living in Thailand I never faced any problems with chosing a restaurant as I really enjoy Thai food. At first it was so extreemaly spicy for me,  so I had to drink so much water just to swallow it up but soon I got used and started to feel the taste of chilie and enjoy it.   I've been modeling in Shanghai, Hong Kong and in Bangkok.  I also have a little experience acting in Chinese movies.  Because most of all I like to travel around Asia. and I adore this region, I've been always interested in it. Everything here seems to be so unusual! Asian culture, people, lifestyle differ so much from ours!  I was impressed deeply when I first travelled there!   Favirite destination is Hong Kong. I've been to Hong Kong several times already. and I like it a lot! Hong Kong is amazing!!! I go there sometimes just to relax and enjoy life, but more often we meet with my sister there and spend some good time together. This is one of the reasons Hong Kong means so much for me.  

Although I have a lot of friends around Asia, sometimes I feel realy lonely.. I would love to be able to visit my family more often. Besides I miss my home also. Moscow does have its charms and it makes sense to come back from time to time just to enjoy that feeling.  And during winter then ice skate in the open air ice skating rink.  I can just imagine how much fun and pleasing this would be. Being home just makes me realise how life has to be enjoyed in terms of eating well, having your family around and not always over-focusing on work.

By Way of India & Paris

Veronica ‘Texas Girl’

Marc Martinon

Tommy Boïcklin

Veronica Tharmalingam is the kind of person who accomplishes things in a seemingly effortless fashion. She is a natural beauty who is smart and insightful; and she has a unique and, thankfully, unfinished story to tell. Veronica was born in the southern part of India and is very proud of her heritage. About India, Veronica says, “India is a country where love is the essence of life. Its a place where you can see people leading happy lives, despite their lack of means, which I believe is due to their strong family values, and also their spirit to live life to the fullest (carpe diem), on a daily basis like tomorrow doesn't exist. I go there once a year. This is almost a ritual because I have this need to restore myself at least once a year in my homeland!”

She grew up in India until the age of 13, when she and her mother and elder brother moved to France. Her mother and father had become separated and her mother had always wanted to live in Paris. While living in Paris and at the age of 14, she had a ‘close encounter’ with the modeling world. One of her mom’s friends wanted her to join their agency in Paris. Veronica says she was not at all interested in becoming a model at the time, so she refused. Veronica’s dad is a mechanical engineer and her mother runs a welfare association for women and children; so it is no surprise that Veronica has the right background and work ethic to be an accomplished student. She received her Indian baccalaureate (science specialization) before she was 16 with an “A” average. She then entered Toulouse University in southwest France to study medicine. She wanted to move to Sydney Australia to continue her studies there, so she took the GMSAT exam (Australian entrance exam for Medicine) and was the youngest candidate of that year's batch. After passing the exam, she moved back to Paris for work. As Veronica was interviewing, she was spotted in the street by a model scout. She was

still not interested but realized that this was a fast way to gain money for her studies, so she accepted. Her initial aim was to pay off her bills, help her family and finance her studies, Soon, Veronica started to truly enjoy modeling and felt very lucky to work with great people, without falling into some of the traps young models encounter!

J P Jouver

In the beginning, she worked mostly for local emerging fashion designers, then she started to do ads for brands like DDP street wear, Adidas, L'Oreal, Wella, Schwarzkopf, Morgan,Diesel, etc. As a model, Veronica has worked mostly in Europe (France, Belgium, Sweden, UK, Spain) and India. Most models would relish the opportunity for work, internationally, for major clients. But for Veronica this was just a beginning. While modeling, again she was spotted on the street, but this time by the President of the Miss Asia France committee who stopped her and asked if she would like to participate in a beauty contest. The goal was to elect a female model to represent Asian culture and diversity in France. Veronica says, “I thought it could be fun, so I participated along with 300 other girls from all over France. I enjoyed the contest, but did not take part to win. I took part for the new experience, which was a shift from my modeling work. Imagine my surprise when the judges announced me as the winner of the crown!� “During my tenure, I represented Asia in France in different events, one of which was to co-present the opening ceremony of The Asian Film Festival with the Mayor of Deauville (western coast of France, town which also holds the annual American Film Festival). I was subsequently contacted through my website J P Jouver

Philippe by the leading supermarket retailer in France with a peculiar request: They wanted me to participate in Tour de France, for which they were a major sponsor. I was very surprised by the request, because they never hired dark-skinned models. They explained to me that they were trying to reach out to 'contemporary France''. I accepted. I was the first person from India to do it! The adventure lasted a month and during which I was on primetime TV every evening giving out the winning jersey to the best climbers of that day's event. It was great!” Marc Martinon

After Veronica’s tenure as Miss Asia France, she returned to full-time modeling. She was featured at 2008 Paris Fashion Week, as well as worked on some ads for international and local magazines like Elle, Miss Ebene, Lady Caprice and others. Recently, she was featured in a photo exhibition in Paris Christie, Alina, Isabelle and Veronica. Photo by: Karl Dickenson called ‘Urban Spirit’, which was showcased in one of the most visited locations in Paris (Forum des Halles). Modeling was taking up a lot of time and so Veronica decided to transfer out of Medicine. She was in contact with two girl friends who wanted to start a girls band. Veronica liked the idea of being able to apply my traditional values in a more modern format, so she agreed. Veronica connected the girls with a producer she knew. Veronica says “He loved the idea and added another member to complete our band: that's how Texas Girls (a mix between the Spice Girls and the Pussycat Dolls) was born - a blond,

a brunet, a red head and an Indian! We signed with EMI and recorded our first single, which reached the top 50 French charts. We also did several gigs in France, local TV shows, and had interviews by magazines like FHM and Public. We are now recording our second single! And Veronica is by no means finished! She’s currently working on multiple projects, continuing modeling and will featured in next month's issue of Marie Claire. She was also chosen to do a French feature length film this summer. She is also applying her experience in beauty contests and modeling as the coach for the participants of this year's Miss India France. Her objectives are to do more acting, and she is looking for opportunities and representation in the USA where she believes there is a bigger market for ethnic models. We think Veronica has got what it takes and that she’s going to be a valuable model that clients will want when she comes to the states!

Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Height: 5’9” Weight: 111 lbs Bust: 34” Waist: 24” Hips: 35.5” Shoe size: 8 Age: 24

“...They wanted me to participate in Tour de France, for which they were a major sponsor. I was very surprised by the request, because they never hired dark-skinned models. They explained to me that they were trying to reach out to 'contemporary France''. I accepted. I was the first person from India to do it!”

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