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Bhiwadi: The promising destinations for real estate investment Among the few highly developed areas of Delhi NCR, Bhiwadi located just 45 Kms from Gurgaon is no doubt one of the most promising destinations of Delhi. Some of the major real estate players have introduced their finest plotting projects in this place looking at its huge progress. Well, the region’s industrial development, reasonably priced, well-planned infrastructure, excellent connectivity facility, job opportunity and accessibility to Manesar, Gurgaon and Bawal have led to its fast growth. It richly proves why rate of flats with excellent amenities comes at reasonably priced. Bhiwadi has witnessed an influx of industrial workforce due to the permanent establishment of major industries at this place. As a consequence; residential projects have also been designed to qualify as the expectations of this workforce based at this location.

Benefits loaded Region So far there are about 2500 industries operating in and around the Bhiwadi, which encompass the areas of Bhiwadi. Some of the very famous Blue Chip companies have their plants operating manual at this location. The industries based at this place consist of various verticals of industry such as Automobile, steel and electronics. Further growth of industries and scope to raise job opportunities may in near future. Industrial progress in this region is majorly driven by its strategic location and added to it, the peace initiative undertaken by RIICO to monitor the growth process of this area. The area is might be expected to progress to one level up with the total execution of Master Plan 2031 of Bhiwadi, which includes Bhiwadi, Tapukara and Khushkera in totality. The prime focus of this master plan is to intensify the existing Infrastructure like roads, means of transportation, water & sewage facility, education and many other essential services.

Bhiwadi is also a residential hub to the human resource working in its proximate situation too such as Manesar, Dharuhera, Chopanki and Bawal. These areas do not offer a very cost effective living facility that Bhiwadi has perfectly well qualified.

Affordability meets quality If the value for money is the primary contemplation, Bhiwadi fits in the parenthesis perfect. The residential projects are of high quality and one that accompany modern facility. Also because the place is well-connected to other developed areas like Bawal, Chopanki, Manesar, Dharuhera, etc. Hence, its biggest USP that is affordability can be benefits by the work force of that location as well. Also, not to forget its place close by to Delhi Metro Corridor and Japan Corridor Intersection boosts towards smart investment at this location.

Bhiwadi: The promising destinations for real estate investment